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014 - Decaprod


The Brawler Pokémon

Ability: Torrent / Sheer Force

Hidden Ability: No Guard

Height:  3'07"    1.1 m

Weight:  72.3 lbs.    32.8 kg

StatsComing Soon

Pokedex Entry:

- It would flash its bright red patterns to attract competitors. If the battle becomes more challenging, the red patterns grow brighter to show its hostility. When it absorbs enough water its arms become more dense and powerful. 

 - It enjoys battling Psychedeloct just as much as it loves fighting together with it. In times wherein Decaprod faces an incredible opponent, Psychedeloct will always be there to help. 


Turgrub  -----> Decaprod (Level 16) ----->Hauleking (Level 32)


Decaprod is a combination of the words "Decapoda",  an order of crustaceans such as crayfish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, and shrimp. And the word "Prod" meaning to jab. 

Decaprod is inspired by the  Harlequin Shrimp , is a species of saltwater shrimp found at coral reefs in the tropical Indian and Pacific oceans. These species are commonly spotted in Philippine seas. 

Decaprod © 2020 Kallechuchi 
Please do not copy, steal, and use this artwork.

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Awesome pose!!! This looks great!

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Level Up Moveset:

Evolve: Storm Throw

- Pound

- Tail Whip

- Water Gun

7. Defense Curl

10. Rock Smash

13. Aqua Jet

16. Rollout

20. Power-Up Punch

24. Brine

28. Steamroller

32. Brick Break

36. Waterfall

40. Bulk Up

44. Power Trip

48. Dynamic Punch

52. Aqua Tail

56. Focus Punch

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I like the idea of it being a shrimp while also lacking pincers
Kallechuchi's avatar

oh yess. Harlequin Shrimps don't use pincers as most crustaceans do because they have flat claws. Kind of like spatulas wherein they flip their prey continuously to weaken them.

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ah cool. It's refreshingly different either way, didn't realise harlequin shrimp had little spatula paws, haha

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One of the best shrimp fakemon I've seen! Really love the design!

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