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March 2, 2009
Holy cow! When I was suggested ~kalkulation I was blown away by their entire gallery! I chose kani crane because this artist was also suggested by =kangel and they sent me this piece!

The perspective in kani crane is just so amazing! I couldn't get enough of just checking out that background and finding all the little things that are hidden in there. Loads of effort can be seen in this piece! I would just love to be atop that crane looking down, that would be so amazing and I am jealous of that character. Really, take a moment to check out ~kalkulation's gallery, it is just so amazing!
Featured by Damaged927
Suggested by azarath
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kani crane

kani crane
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Isaviii's avatar
another episode of.. omg soooo inspiring
TheSteveIrwinFan6836's avatar
Hopefully she gets down okay. I mean, going up on the crane like that is very dangerous! :)
the world gets strange ontop of small very high places, especially when you toss fish-eye lenses in.

Excellent job capturing those feelings in this.
Xalxicanoze's avatar
Terrifying but cool
DarkSlayerSmith's avatar
the 3 vanishing point perspective itself just for the environment background is really good
Crunchyishere's avatar
It’s beautiful just like your other art pieces 👏👏
Ultimate-Degenerate's avatar
Took me a while to realize what was really going on.
xavgui's avatar
did you think she was giant? because i did
Ultimate-Degenerate's avatar
Yep. Then, I realized she was high up on a crane, far from the ground
horrible007's avatar
this angle is amazing, the background also is
TotalLazyArtist's avatar
shijay88's avatar
amazing fantastic!
r2om's avatar
Fantastic piece!
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
STUNNING!!!!!!! Perfect work on perspective and details!
snatti89's avatar
love this so much!
Lunarur's avatar
How to even background ????
zenkai97's avatar
beautiful, really beautiful
melodyofdeaddeanders's avatar
torivan6's avatar
wow thats cool Oops! Nuu 
this is pretty cool, i love the perspective :D
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