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World of Warcraft Tribute : Winter's Bite

My entry for :iconudoncrew:'s World of Warcraft Tribute book!

Thank you, guys!
Based it off my frost death knight. I love death knights.

Check out (and buy) the book here…
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I always admire good frost death knight art, having one myself. I can't find the words to describe how incredible this picture is.
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haha thanks!!! yup i love my dk  ;D
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What's her name?
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Hey, just a heads up that someone used this as their Twitter Account pic :) Just wondering if you knew about this or not.…
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Wow thanks...I did not know that..I guess I don't mind as long as they aren't using it for profit or passing it off as their own work..but yeaaah, thanks for letting me know! ! ! :D
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You're welcome :D
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Request to use this image on a Death Knight-Guild's website?
O.O looks like my nelf exactly.... XD yes!!
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haha cool!  =D pink hair ftw yeah
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This is fantastic!
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thaaaaaaaank you ;D
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That is awesome, angry warrior ladies out to fuck things up really are my favourite. Keep up the good work!
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:D hehe thanks!
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jawdropping work of art, GREAT JOB!
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The colors, the artwork, everything looks awesome. The only thing that seemed off to me was the size of the sword. The hilt and blade seemed too small compared to what DK's normally wield but overall badass artwork!
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Thanks!!! :D I'll probably do another one soon with my dks latest mog, and some huge ass axe lol!
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