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Actually its more of I'm still working on Necromancer but haha that stuff's not going to be seen anytime soon again because it's all comic layout hair pulling and drafts and color pallette choosings so I'm indulging in Silhouette to offset that upset and whoops wouldn't you know it there's a year worth of RP doodles I haven't put up yet and another idea that I'm just running with while I still have the steam to do it.
Honestly at some point there's gonna be a massive landfill sketch dump because I'm a horrible sketch hoarder.

COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.
Man 2017 was brutal for the US, wasn't it.

Since there's too many bad stuff that's gone through the year i'm gonna spend the next 15 minutes trying to list the good stuff that did happen last year.

1) I have a regular paying job. I currently work at Soapbox Films and they do marketing for animated feature films and they have dogs around the office. Win Win. Biggest claim to fame is that I got to design a huge glass stain graphic and the title graphic card for the Muppets Take the (Hollywood) Bowl sometime early fall of last year. Commute's pretty long but it has helped me immensely in one particular aspect. 

2) Paid off some debt
This one isn't so much as a feat as just an acknowledgement and appreciation to my family helping me out, I'm not so much debt free as I am no longer hemorrhaging with the interest buildups. I'm not drowning anymore but im still treading water, so there's reall 

3) Met NightMargin as she was doing a Los Angeles con <3 

4) My laptop which sustained me over 5 years with freelance and help, finally conked out from a faulty motherboard. Fortunately it happened at a time I wasn't desperately in need of it (like freelance or during my summer classes), and I'm back to an actual desktop setup again. Feels pretty weird losing the mobility, like I'm actually settling roots now to where I live. And speaking of random roots, I own a baby succulent plant that didn't horribly die like the last three did in '16 and has in fact thrived. 

5) Travel wise I've only gone as far as Palms Springs and Las Vegas, the former as a company vacation thing and the latter as a 3 day family getaway. Highlight was giving our pa two treats: letting him ride a ferrari driving at 100+ mph and then flying on a tiny helicopter with him and my brother.

I put a seriously low bar last year for myself, not so much on a lot of improvement just on finally being able to 'start' Necromancer.

So what's in store for this year?

I've completed a few pages but I don't want to start uploading them until I've made a buffer set so things can upload on a consistent basis. I also need to start looking into a place /to/ upload them to so any suggestions of where you all read your comics would be appreciated. 

Now that I have a computer back, I have to churn out a new portfolio so expect some more sequential artworks down the year. 

That's all I've got in mind, I'm trying not to think too hard on what I'm supposed to do and getting bogged down by too many goals. 

Hope you all have a grand new year. 
Hi everybody, long time no write.

Phew, been a long while since I updated people on what's happened to me here so let's see:

-job hunting, sister moved in with me, some freelance work, and lots and lots of crying due to financial stress, not the best mindset to be in to making art so I've only done a few pieces and lots of doodles shared privately with friends.
-Near end of 2016: I got a job! My sister got a job as a storyboard revisionist so she left her old position at this small studio called Soapbox Films and I took over that 1 man art position.

I got a job! It's been great in that I'm getting some consistent income coming in again. I'm not rolling in the dough but I'm not drowning in financial misery. It also means that even when my roommate moved out to pursue her career, I can actually afford to pay a higher rent rate and I now have the apartment to myself and my sister. (definitely makes having friends/family over less awkward inducing).

Biggest claim to fame atm: If anybody's heard of 'The Muppets take the Hollywood Bowl' event that happened in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles at Sept 8-10, I got to do the title artwork for their opening and the giant stain glass lineart for the finale.
Working at a full time gig has it's ups and downs, the biggest hurdle has been that I've been doing some 3 hours' worth of commuting daily and while its a time buster, I've been using all that time to work on my Necromancer script. I couldn't make it work back in 2016 because there were too many plot holes for me to feasibly draw out all the pages that I would be satisfied in putting in all the drawing hours.

The only hiccup to this whole ordeal is that my laptop died on me TvT;;; 

But at the very least, I can borrow sister's computer to draw out my layouts and I'm hoping before the month is over I'm going to upload the first couple of pages.

Dunno what else to say but if you guys have questions or where or how I'm gonna upload stuff, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll try to be more active here again in DA. 
Q 2016 by kalkie

Tagged by :iconparaparano: Better late than never XD;;;;;;;;;

- Post these rules. 
- Unveil 8 random facts about your character. 
- Tag 8 other Deviants and one of their characters.

-Parents are unknown, but he is definitely half fae and human. This allows him to be sensitive to areas of aether (be it fae or ghostly territories) but he can't do much about it. But it does grant him some immunity to charms and illusionary spells that faeries typically cast (which means he can see through glamour and glamour doesn't work on him) . But because of his unusual parentage and being raised by a traveling circus, he was scarred and tattooed as a child to try and emphasize a more freakish nature. He's learned to accept and make the best of his appearance.  

-When Q first met Tellou, Tellou was extremely withdrawn and antisocial at the time. But because Q encouraged and tempered Tellou's crazy hijinks and exploits, he brought out Tellou's better personality, and keeps Tellou grounded throughout his life. Q is the 'human aspect/ego' that influences Tellou as Alunwey represents faes and the super ego while Ysef represents demons and Id. 

-Q is Tellou's first adventuring partner. As Tellou discovers the joy of exploration, Q also discovers the joy of loot and bartering and profit. Tellou's red earring actually comes from their first successful adventure raid.

-Q had multiple rewrites to his history and relationship with Tellou, from being Tellou's first 'bound demon' abused for shits and giggles, to a demon given as a manservant in Tellou's later years to finally just being a half fae human with his own agency. I've gotten rid of the problematic aspect of being a bound servant or even as a pretend servant to Tellou in earlier drafts, but kept the struggle that Q always felt about people fearing him or admiring him merely because of his appearance. 

-While Tellou studied more necromancy under another master, Q got his equivalent of high school and college level education running an assortment of businesses like ghost writing essay papers for rich but lazy prep boys.

-Q may be gay, but he's a bit of Ebeneezer Scrooge in his focus on money first and looking for love last. 

-He's the guy financing/enabling Tellou's quest for immortality: Q figured while Tellou's risking his neck unearthing tombs and unleashing portals, he might as well pick up a couple of artifacts here and there Q would be more than happy to sell off/sell back to the right buyer. In exchange Tellou gets funds and also information to tips and leads. The pharmacy store Tellou and Alunwey live in was a wedding present from Q. 

-Q cannot cast magic, but he can activate magical items. His bird familiar originates from his favorite walking staff and functions as a speedy messenger.  

Hi guys, hope you all been having a good first few months. 

Nothing much major's been happening over at my end here: my sister laurbits has moved in with me since the end of january so we've been doing a lot of work and tv/movie bingewatching together, and so I finally got around to seeing Young Justice and Rick and Morty, both series I highly recommend to those who want cartoons and surprisingly in-depth look at character relationships.

I'm currently doing part time work with a bunch of friends who are working to create a pitch pilot episode doing more of the general art assets like backgrounds and minor animations which is nice dusting off the old flash program.

I'm still looking for more work in the meantime if you guys want to help i'd appreciate it alot if you could commission me or reblog/fav my commissions page.
I just got back from the holidays spending the end of the year/new years weekend with family and the clan back up in Norcal, and then getting ready to work on a new project with some friends. I'm still in the midst of processing my year's plans and resolutions but wanted the last entry out of the way.

In the meantime- plans and resolutions- what do You people have in mind for your 2016?
I had to read my lil ntbk of 'good things that happened today.' Kinda sad I forgot a lot of good things over the course of the year vs the bad things. 

I pretty much can only sum up the year with the thought that 'never have I been so grateful to the people around in my life right now.' 

To start with, it's horrible in terms of finances: with no stable income and erratic work and dead ends and rejections both in the art and non art fields for me. I'm struggling and I'm only squeaking by this year by the skin of my teeth, luck, friends who give me work and my parents' help. Not exactly a great way to end the year.

But take away just this one aspect and everything else is pretty grand:
I am just so humbled and happy that I have the friends that I have; friends online who will never stop listening to my vents, who give me encouragement and support, friends in real life who come to visit and drag my ass out to see the sun or help me out whether its moving my sister's stuff or helping me get a 2nd monitor for my work. Friends in my roommates who help me look for work, share their own life/work experiences and food (o man the food they make <3), friends in my online classes who bolster each other up. 

I'm still eating three meals a day and relatively well- asian markets are fugging wonderful and their 99c bargain produce bin.

Even though I missed out on the later half of this year, I've already managed to memorize all 3 sets of the 48 Yang Style Tai Chi form thanks to a great teacher and amazingly kind and encouraging classmates (one of which was a sweet lady who liked giving me a surplus of her veggie harvest over the summer). And during the summer, I actually had toned leg muscles from doing Kpop cardio (deflated now unfortunately);;

My sister is here in LA with me! We currently live in different places due to work and timing. It's a mix bag of feelings tbh: before we graduated high school I thought she'd always be nearby and in my life and we'd work together on making awesome comics like we used to. Cue college, different states, years and experiences and ambitions for our own projects, things obviously cannot go back the way things were. But Im still glad she's here (and in the same time zone), and she's just a phone call or a shuttle ride away.  

Despite it all, I actually did do comic layouts for 3 issues of an indie comic series and then did 175 BW pages of manga for another client. They were decent folks and the positive thing I will glean from the experience is that it made me more confident at my skills and love for visual storytelling. I also did two zine illustrations for the amazingly awesome Izuma.  

I was slow as a snail and I kept getting left behind by my group, but I trekked up from the entrance of Griffith Park to the Griffith Observatory, then to the Hollywood Sign, and back. In 6 hours. In the middle of the day, during the summer. >8C

Speaking of visual storytelling, compared to the last 2-3 years my storyboard portfolio is finally starting to become something that feels more personal and more to my interests. And compared to last year, I've been selected and had more opportunities for more feedbacks and reviews from workshops and CTN, and had two storyboard tests and one recruiter in a big studio did forward my boards but no job. But two smaller studios had expressed interest in contacting me next year for freelance work so fingers crossed.  

But in the meantime, I'm actually doing collab work with someone on their big project. I am over the moon that they wanted me in to help so I cannot freaking wait to get it done and see the project when it is finally completed. 

Looking over this I can already see what my next year's resolution might be. But I'll save that for the another post. 

Happy Holidays everyone. 
Tagged by :iconvikingmera:

The purpose of this meme is to give artists, and story writers, a chance to explore their characters, as well as let others know about them (and ask about them?)
it's just for fun so don't take it too seriously. And keep in mind that lots of artists have unfinished stories - but got characters they want to show - so not all the information may always be accurate in the future.
This is an exploration of character meme.
I decided to use one of my own characters as an example. Feel free to copy-pate and remove my answers and insert your own!
And please, if you think of any other question you wish someone asked you about a certain OC, feel free to add it in! the longer the list the better! 
So please enjoy yourselves!
- Mera

1) Pick an OC of yours.
2) Answer the questions as your character.
3) Allow people to ask further questions in the comments bellow! (optional) or suggest another character! (optional)
4) Tag someone you'd like to talk more about their OCs. (Tag-backs are allowed!)


Character: Quix de Tellou
Age: 35
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Heteroromantic definitely, sexually ??? atm  
Occupation: Necromancer, treasure hunter, pharmacist
Era/world: Magical, Victorian-esque time period of an alternate Earth
Story process: (drafts, finished, in process?)
In process


1. Who are you?
Mssr. Quix de Tellou. A humble pharmacist by day and necromancer by night.  

2. Would you say you're a nice person? if not, why?
Of course I'm a nice person! A very jolly nice person indeed! Alunwey! Am I not a nice person?

3. Tell us about where you live.
Well I can't tell you /specifically/ where we live, but we do live somewhere in one of the more commercialized districts of London. We have a lovely little pharmacy shop on the ground floor and we live right above our own establishment.

4. Tell us about the world you live in! (this may change in the future if the oc is in drafts)
The world I live in...? Do you mean to say of the Earth itself, or that of the different realms and creatures that live alongside us humans but many of which fail to perceive? Some consider it a blessing or a curse, though I consider myself of the more fortunate lot, otherwise I would not have met my wife in the first place.  

5. Got any family? friends? tell us about them!
Unfortunately I no longer have any direct of kin; my parents passed away when I was a very small child, and I moved from one group of caretakers to another growing up. But throughout the years I have made some friends, Q having been the longest and most trusted one who ever put up with the likes of me.  

6. What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?
...In my experience seeing and dealing with the fantastical, it may not be a stretch to say there may be beings far beyond the reach of us mere humans.
That being said, if there are so called 'gods' out there, I doubt they sincerely care for the prayers and pleas of humankind.  

7. What are your aspirations / dreams / goals?
That's really easy- I'm searching for Immortality!
Specifically- It has to be perpetual youth, no soul attachments to objects, no curses, no soul sacrifices or bondage for eternity to some random diety, no drawbacks likes reaction to sunlight or garlic or strange afflictions periodically, no time magic loop-

Essentially all the perks of immortal but none of the cons or requirements for obtaining said immortality?
Well this /is/ a lifelong aspiration. I never said it would be easy.   

8. How do you react to a fight / battle?
Do we really have to resort to violence? Nothing good ever comes out of any physical altercations. But if I should be forced to, well- That's why I have Ysef around! 

9. Do you prefer going to a party or staying home?

It depends on who's inviting and who I'm with- I do enjoy a party now and then, especially alongside Alunwey.

10. Do you have any special abilities?
As a necromancer, I can perceive and manipulate Ethereal properties and energies, summon them, bind them, imbue them into corpses and bend them to my will.
I could also foresee the future, though it isn't always reliable and requires a lot of favorable factors to execute.  

11. What is your biggest secret?
It wouldn't be a secret if I told you now, would it? 

12. Favorite animal?
I once had a very cute piglet. 

13. So, anyone you are romantically involved with right now? or crush on? What are your views on romance?
I love my wife, Alunwey, very much. She's the light of my life. 

14. Ok lets be honest, the people wants to know what turns you on/find attractive.
You need to start with the eyes. They say the eyes are 'windows to the soul' (haha) but no, its not about their soul it's how honest they are with you. It's how when you see something sparkle in their eyes when they share a laugh with you or see something amazing for the first time, and how they look at you....

like you're beautiful on the inside. 

and well there's having a lovely face, nice lips, a nice pair doesn't really hurt-

(gets slapped on the head by the mrs.)

15. What is your hobby?
I suppose drawing could be considered a hobby, but its really just a skill I picked up doing my anatomical studies back in college... 

16. Who do you hate? Any enemies / rivals / etc?
I hate my necromancer teachers for different reasons. 
I hate people who threaten my life or those I care about very much. 

In terms of enemies, hmm...well this profession of mine unfortunately means dealing with a lot of the unsavory kind. 
As for does come to mind but I doubt they think of me as their rival. Pompous bastard. 

17. What is something you just don't understand? (with people, your world, something else?)
How an 800 year old demon has the disposition of that of a rather spoiled and immature child.

18. Describe yourself in five words.

"The man who lives forever." 

19. Any personal things we should know about you? Any quirks maybe?

Despite my nighttime profession, I'm actually not that fond of handling all that blood and decay. It's the smell really that's bothersome.
I like to sing as a way to concentrate better, would that be considered a quirk? 

20. How do you deal with grief?
...If you can forget about the source of your grief, then there's no reason to be sad anymore. 

21. Have you lost anything or anyone dear to you?
I lost my parents at a young age. Let's leave it at that. 

22. What are you like when you're happy?
Alunwey says I tend to have a skip in my step and a lot more flair for dramatics. 

23. What is your worst fear?   
Dying of course, and then coming back as someone else's corpse puppet. 

24. What are your views on sense-reducing substance? (alcohol, drugs, etc)
Alcohol- best drunk with friends!

25. What are you like drunk? (if they were scenario)
If you thought I was a chatterbox now...

26. Tell us about your culture!
My culture? 

27. Tell us your most cherished memory!
The day I married Alunwey, of course.

28. Tell us your biggest regret.
When I brought out Acri'amol from his sealed state. 

29. Tell us about your worst memory.
Losing my parents, of course.

30. Tell us about your current problem!
When I took a rather grumpy demon under my household, I took him in with the notion that he would deter any future problems henceforth. Nowadays he seems to attract more trouble than before, and if we were to deal with it, things tend to explode. 


THE OC CHALLENGE One of my 2015 resolutions is that I would do a proper piece of every one of my OCs. 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) I plan on redoing this challenge with more contemporary pieces.

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OH GODS :iconimdeadplz:

Finally caught up to :iconqlockwork-ii:'s Nuzlocke Challenge Comic: "It's a Hard Life".

It's bad, like GAME OF THRONES BAD.





THE OC CHALLENGE One of my 2015 resolutions is that I would do a proper piece of every one of my OCs. 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) I plan on redoing this challenge with more contemporary pieces.

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Because all the cool people are doing it.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
11 years or so (I think I started around October)

What does your username "kalkie" mean?
Back when me and my sis used to do live RP/ 'make believe' as kids, we took on names such as 'Anne Macintosh' and 'Kalkie McCoy'. Where I heard/got the name from I honestly can't remember.
Describe yourself in three words.
Tired, Hungry, Odd.

Are you left or right handed?

What was your first deviation?
Introduction by kalkie
Well I wanted to make a good first impression!

What is your favorite type of art to create?
Doodles and doodles of digital art and silly RP reactions atm. 

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
That's a toughie. Animation, Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion, the list goes on. 

What was your first favourite?
Basic Colored Penciling by espers
First fave and it's to learn how to color.

What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
Lots of useful references or resources, friends' works and their OCs, some comic pages, and some fanarts of series I like. 

Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
This is hard. 
Definitely at the beginning of it all Endling, then for anyone I'm ecstatic to see an update from could be Unknown-person, rufftoon ktshy, makani.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Aside from all those idols, I would love to meet my ex OCT-now-friends peeps in the flesh. I dunno if skype videos count |<. But the ones on the top of my list are: DarkKitsunegirl NightMargin Izuma ParaParano VikingMera 

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
DA gave me a career path and friends up the wazoo. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Digitally I worked with Photoshop and now I have Clip Manga, OpenCanvas and now ToonBoom Storyboard Pro. 

Traditionally always been pens and watercolors, but its mostly taken a backseat since I no longer own a printer/scanner and currently broke to buy one |<.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Give me a wide space to draw or paint with food and drinks at the ready.

What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
Escape from Nevara OCT, the results of my second round with Zeurel. I was dreading being up in the air for 16 hrs without knowing the results and then I get the news via all my siblings banging furiously on the bathroom door while I was on the can. 


THE OC CHALLENGE One of my 2015 resolutions is that I would do a proper piece of every one of my OCs.
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) I plan on redoing this challenge with more contemporary pieces.

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from taqateqe
to kalkie
Hi there,

just looked at your artwork and it looks really cool.

You got an unique style .

I just came across a site that offers a free upgrade for DA

It worked for me and I got a 12 months upgrade, great, might lead to some extra exposure too.

You might check it out as well: <-- DO NOT CLICK THE LINK

Take care everyone!


THE OC CHALLENGE One of my 2015 resolutions is that I would do a proper piece of every one of my OCs. 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) I plan on redoing this challenge with more contemporary pieces.

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Thank you for dropping by! You have found my deviantart page or as I like to call it the giant art archive- the 'dump everything here from finished pieces to doodles as a tracker of my artistic development'. XD 

First off thanks to you all who are very very kind enough to fave both my new And my old work

(like holy cow-you actually went clicked through the gallery pages and went 5 years back wow)

and those who just recently watch me and continue to watch my stuff.

I'm currently very active over at but this year I'm striving to upload more pieces at the same time here, and put down the doodles I've left in my comp that need to be archived here. |D

So what's been happening?

Been 7 months since I've moved down to LA and I've been meeting a lot of new friends, old classmates in and out of the animation industry. Financially I'm still struggling, but apart from that one major headache, I'm doing just fine and I currently live with a roomate and her cat (as someone who's never owned or lived with a 4 legged creature under the same roof, its a new experience). The thing I'm sort of pumped about is that I feel like this is the year I'm finally gonna get stuff done- years of planning a certain comic, doing boards and looking for work as a storyboard artist, learning to drive XD;;; I'm still stressing and worrying about things but a small part of my head really believes I can do it this year. Wish me luck!


THE OC CHALLENGE One of my 2015 resolutions is that I would do a proper piece of every one of my OCs. 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) I plan on redoing this challenge with more contemporary pieces.

Artistic Assistance/Help :iconartistshospital:
OC tourneys: :iconoctfollowers: 
Hello everybody- belated happy new year! :party:
It's been a hectic 2014, from looking for work, moving down to LA and meeting more people both old and new faces, as well as levelling up in friendships online (you all know who you are).

Man it's been awhile since I wrote a proper journal so I feel erratic typing this stuff down.

The situation that I feel I am in hasn't changed much, and emotionally its tough when you equate your worth as an artist to the money that you make. 
So this year I want this to be the year of Kalkie Gets her Shit Done.

I've started a little self challenge which involves drawing well made pieces of my OCs as a way to appreciate myself a little better.
That means I'll be posting more actual work in here more and trying to be more active again on DA.  

I have other projects in mind but I'd rather not say them right now so it'll be a surprise.
So been pretty inactive over here in DA with the occasional art dumpage amassed over from tumblr. But massive thank you for those over the last couple of months still faving and watching me and throwing an occasional llama XD

But anyhoo just wanted to give a heads up if there's anybody heading over to Burbank this coming 21st-23rd for the Creative Talent Network Expo give a hollar-who knows we might bump into each other! :D

COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.
So major big news all around since last post and musings

First of all: Skullman Grog, the game I've been working under for the last year and so, has officially released their tech demo a week ago!

The other reason I haven't been able to post immediately when it came out is because: I'm preparing to move down to Los Angeles, and man it's hectic.

I've been invited by two friends to go down south and live with them and with the blessing of my bro and ma, I'm off. We're actually going down this July 1-4 to start hunting and applying for apartments, then need to come back and pack and weergh u@;

Please try out the game and feel free to post your thoughts on the matter, feedback will help us develop the main game to be an even better one, we the team already have our own thoughts on what needs and will be improved on. And also I'm wondering if you guys would be willing to help my move financially if I post up commissions?

Lastly thank you to all my followers and favers who watch this account. I will try and post more artwork down the road.  
(and oh how appropriate- also on the sixth month of year)

I just woke up thinking about how many years has it been since I made a promise to Izuma to making a particular comic-and it's already becoming six years. (4 actually when you read the timestamp but anyway-) 

That's six years of meeting people online for the first time, having to admire people and their skills and growing and surprisingly people admiring me back. In over six years I've seen people
-transition from high school to college
-graduate college (that includes me)
-looking for work, working
-move places
-form relationships (friendships, dates, etc)

It's really really lovely. :3

-SPORADIC SELF-EVALUATION TIME- skip at your leisure-
Since I'm now pondering my six years there's are definitely a whole bunch of people I really wanted to get to know more of at the time, but I had this bad mentality of 'I'll only become worthy of their attention/friendship when I am this competent of an artist/if I draw XYZ then they'll notice me' which is actually a very toxic and self-defeating kind of thinking that ties my self worth as a person to my skills and abilities. I've definitely had my up days but today I can trace the source of many a bad day to this train of thought, especially when I moved to art school and the pressure from drawing as a hobby to it becoming my career and source of finances. 

There's no quick easy fix to changing years of mental landscaping, but for now I find the more I relearn myself, figure out who I really am and what I love (and that's okay), and focus more on my strengths rather than my weaknesses, the happier I'll be.*  

*so instead of
-'man I should quit drawing 'XYZ' because nobody faves it/the (comp, line, colors) are all wrong', it should be 'I love drawing XYZ, how can I make this better?'

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150)  <--I think i'll be redoing this one from scratch. It's been gathering dust lately. 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

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Hullo DA peeps

Just a little blurb filler here, hope you're doing well, drop a comment if you want to say hi and how are ya and have a nice day :D

COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.

Artistic Assistance/Help :iconartistshospital: :icondacademy:
*I know it's the 8th but SHUSH it's still New Year's Week to me

Hello friends old and new, thanks for still sticking around or deciding to watch me.

We've got a whole new year upon us, and I've got my own New Years resolutions I've decided on, and one of them happens to be getting back to the groove of doing watercolors again.
Now I've just discovered in my dusty pile of traditional stuffages a large watercolor sheet that's got 20 little boxes all penciled out. I have already forgotten why on earth I've penciled it out but it presents itself with a opportunity for both you and I.

So the first 20 commenters (on DA and tumblr collectively) who give me links to their OCs or characters refs gets a free watercolor portrait tonight.
Please be nice: if you've made a comment on one site already don't make another on the other site. 

Happy New Year!

1) :iconstitchwerks: Done
2) :iconmerumori: Done
3) :iconcydnee-b: Done
4) :iconfictograph: Done
5) :icondarktail67: Done
6) :iconroneombre: Done
7) :iconizuma: Done
8) :icondragontrap: Done
9) :icondarkkitsunegirl: Done
10:iconkaiserwilliams: Done
11) sass-o-matic (tumblr) Painting
12) :iconlou0: Done
13) :iconcynicalraven: Done
14) bahsatan (tumblr) Pencil
15) :iconancient-sun: Done
16) :iconsir-toon: Done
17) :iconvikingmera: Painting
18) :iconparaparano: Pencil
19) :iconsporeredland: Pencil
20) :iconalerane: Pencil

Sooo October's shaping up to be a massive production of productivity.

Last month I wrangled me some money for the con down in LA in November: The Creative Talent Network Expo (or CTN Expo) and I am stoked excited, and majorly flustered. 
Highest priority right now is to get a portfolio put together and printed out on top of resumes and cards, etc. Then there are the new projects I have to take in both in work (oooh storyboard and comic gigs. Sweeet) and personal (Finishing up my Tankadere comic-don't really care anymore if it will be accepted I just want this finished and done). 

Oh and On Top of all that, I'm taking on a personal art challenge- seems a lot of folks call this the Inktober month (swear I only heard it last minute otherwise I'd prob have joined in on it) Instead I decided my challenge for the month would be to actively make BGs and color- so making illustrative colored shots. 

October is shaping up to be a huge art palooza of drawings and hoping it'll all pay off big time, financially and skill development wise. 

Fingers Crossed. 

1) ParaParano Mizuki and Joseph sketches + chibi edward COMPLETE
2) SuperBunnyBun Tellou and his new assistant, Bunny! + surprise lineart COMPLETE
3) Izuma Amie lineart COMPLETE
4) merumori Pending
5) Latofoot Fabio the Witch King Soft Shaded Color COMPLETE

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.
Wow, summer's come and gone, and still financially surviving thanks to my game artist job and some freelancing gigs. 

Biggest summer accomplishment I think was that I managed to wrangle enough commission money to buy my own ticket for the CTN Animation Expo this coming november. So the next couple of months I should be gearing towards building a really nice looking portfolio. 

But does anyone know color monitor- printer calibrations? The last time I did some printing of my digital work it wasn't the best it could be. Would love to get some help on that thank you.

What else what else?

In terms of animation and comics, both are still are little in the backseat since I'm currently prioritizing having a fatter bank account/saving up for rainy days, etc and networking. BUT that doesn't mean I haven't stopped puttering and doodling and thinking about that. At this point in time I'd rather just stay mum about it and when it comes, it'll come but gods I really don't want to wait till the end of the year to start it so there's the deadline folks. 

1) ParaParano Mizuki and Joseph sketches + chibi edward COMPLETE
2) SuperBunnyBun Tellou and his new assistant, Bunny! + surprise lineart COMPLETE
3) Izuma Amie lineart COMPLETE
4) merumori Pending
5) Latofoot Pending

THE 150 ART CHALLENGE (24/150) 
COMICS A Directory of all the comics I've worked on on this site.
ANIMATION SHORTS A Directory of Animation shorts I highly recommend you guys check out.