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Daddy Bedside


Been playing with some friends about the notion that our adult OCs are all former college buddies now dealing with fatherhood issues.

Top to Bottom Left to right order:
Horus and Whitney are DarkKitsunegirl
Novel, Sheep and Cleon are NightMargin
and the rest of the dorks belong to me. 

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What is Ysef holding? Is that a voodoo doll or something? Also I gotta love Tellou's shirt and I never thought that Ysef would even rest his head anywhere near Telllou, let alone, his leg XD. This is so great
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The golem doll actually originally belonged to Whitney. Let's just say she never gave it to him willingly. 
And you're right, canonical Ysef never rests, and even if he did would never rest it anywhere near Tellou. But this is an AU verse and I just want a babified Ysef being a sleeping cutie. 
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Well it was very good job of turning Ysef into a babified sleeping cutie. I love the fact that Alunwey is taking a picture, probably thinking that she'll never get another moment of that cuteness.
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