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A Journey in Space and Time

By kalizin
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Should this be colored or left as lineart? Leave a comment below!

One of the best spaceships on TV and it's made of wood, that never seemes to get damaged. The background was based off of the computer screen in the TARDIS.

Doctor Who (C) BBC

References: [link] , [link] , [link] , [link]
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I know every one else wants to see this colored, but I love the graphic look of just the line work. Yay for the TARDIS! Great work
kalizin's avatar
Glad you like it!

I think some time soon I might post along with this a colored version so everyone is satisfied
LaurenWiles's avatar
I'm using this TARDIS for my tattoo I'm getting on my birthday. It's a pretty epic design that I've got going on.
kalizin's avatar
It is fine with me, but if possible send a picture when it is done!
LaurenWiles's avatar
ok I will. I already got the line art started. I'm putting his fob watch design behind it, so if you want to see I can send you a pic of what I've got done.
kalizin's avatar
That would be amazing!
LaurenWiles's avatar
ok i sent you a picture
LaurenWiles's avatar
I think I may just get this tattooed on the back of my neck.
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I like the nice thick line around the TARDIS. And the VWORP. Nice job. :)
strayspoon42's avatar
by far one of my favorite spaceships! this is excellent work!
emmybm15-TBFE's avatar
cool galafreyan words and a football collio and i love the Tardis
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Exllcent work on the tardis
Exoe's avatar
Featured at [link] for my Feature Friday Journal
kalizin's avatar
Thanks! I'll have to take a look
sarah-reed-richards's avatar
i like this very much i would color it myself lol
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