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It was brought up to me by my boss yesterday cause he's thinking about holding a contest on there.    I have a different opinion of the site as a designer than he does as a consumer.

So what do you think?  Waste of time?  Great way to make a name for yourself?  Great way to build a portfolio?  Great way to get your shit ripped off?

Jinsanity Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011  Student General Artist
That /seems/ like a great way to get your projects done if your in a hurry and would like to spend some cash.

However it just sounds iffy to me. You pay...$295 at least for a 7 day contest to see if you like just one.
You could find a designer yourself, and could prob get it alot cheaper.

And the whole pay more, the more designs you get to choose from.
Now is it random people doing the designs, or is it designers from the company itself doing the designs?

After watching the video I was a bit worried that what you see if what you get/pay for
but reading the f.a.q. says they can revise once you pay still so that at least is good for the consumer.

As a designer though, Id feel better if someone picked my personally to do their logo instead of that "potluck" thing.
What happens if the person doesnt pay enough and your entry doesnt show up because of how many they can look at. I would say yeah, good way to start building up a portfolio if your actually doing as many contests as you can but...

Seems like a big waste of cash to be honest. I know you get your money back if you do not like any but who's to say there wont suddenly be an issue and you cant get your money back.

Im rather iffy on it xD
KalisCoraven Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2011
Ok, I think you may be a little confused with how the site works.

The "more you pay the more designs you see" thing means, more people will enter the contest if the prize is bigger.

You don't HAVE to pick any designer, which is what worries me, because basically you can get a bunch of images, pick and choose ideas you like, and then have an inhouse designer combine those ideas for hourly rate. It's like a free way to give your company designer a starting point. O_o

As a consumer asking for designs, it's perfect... You don't have to pick anything, you can get a good idea of what you like and then take the concept to a designer. It's like saying "Here, steal my work"

I'm sure a lot of people find designs they love and they pay for them and all is well. However, I'm sure that many more just use the site for getting a bunch of thumbnail concepts.
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June 22, 2011