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Alter Ego Logo Revamped

By Kalisama
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EDIT: Finished digitally inking/vectoring it! Woo. It's kinda hard to do grunge with nothing but the pen tool =_=.

Burble. I just finished reading the book on creating stories and I must say sometimes the translation was rather harsh. *brain melting* But I did learn a thing or two about paneling...

So I'm in the process of a major site/story revamp/update, and I thought to myself it was about due time to add personal touches to ye 'ol logo.

I liked the old one, but it felt a bit too stiff for me. I needed something still gothic, but at the same time aluring and somewhat girly, and definatly grungy!
So I took the elements from the old contest winning logo design that I liked, and I spiced them up a bit.

I must say I'm pleased with the outcome, even though the 'g' was making me angry.

Done in pencil. :heart:
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sailorsilverstar's avatar
really is an awesome lookin font you should see if someone could make a complete set and have it be downloaded ^_^
Kalisama's avatar
lol one day maybe...
Mr-Dummy's avatar
what is it looks amazing
Kalisama's avatar
Thank you. It's for my original story/online manga.
Mr-Dummy's avatar
whrere can i see it?
Kalisama's avatar
I'm in the process of redrawing it at the moment. But I do have a couple of old pages here in my gallery, as well as text scripts.
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JimTS's avatar
Where can I download that font?
Kalisama's avatar
XD always one in every crowd ne?
JimTS's avatar
Hey, there are lulz to be had, and so had must they be. I can deny it no more than the... thing... can deny... the other thing that it can't deny. I guess.
Tania-S's avatar
Great work ^^
Neko-Chiba's avatar
Thats so awsome!! amazing work!!
chaotic-chick's avatar
i think it's a great design, lovely work
koooldawg's avatar
oops i ment "with more pages" :(
i should never trust my fingers to type :P
koooldawg's avatar
nice. i likey. it would look great with my pages of alter ego. :p
just kidding, but i would like to read on. :D
Kalisama's avatar
XD soon...maybe...hopefully. I'm working on it. (Thanks for your support :heart: )
sayo's avatar
AngieChen's avatar
O_O WOW pencil? Looks liek ink to me! COOOL xD
Sofa-Hime's avatar
it looks cool, i really like it, maybe ill do something like it...
Sofa-Hime's avatar
cool! first comment
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