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Patient Zero
'Beneath the eyes of man,
Time is naught,
Save for an illusion...'

Disappearing without a trace,
I see into reflection's eyes,
Darting swiftly away,
Lost, within a trance;
Dreading the affliction
Of the spell you've cast on me...
When I was cast away,
The darkness piercing
All that was left
Of my shallow everlasting heart...
It has since betrayed me.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 2 0
The Wounded
Do you bleed when you are cut...
Or do you get cut when you bleed?
And do you leak when you cry?
Do you scream when you are wounded?
And do you gasp for
o n e    l - a - s - t    b r e a t h
As you die...?
Why do you still believe all the lies?
Sick of living in this halogen hell,
People doing scary things,
The world has fallen into chaos,
And our hearts are flooded with agony...
Every time I begin to drown,
You pull me back above the water...
All we can do is carry on
Through this burden of blood and sin;
Carrying the world on our backs,
Holding each other close,
Suturing our twin wounds,
And marching ever onward...
Each time that you stumble and fall,
I will be there to catch you...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 4 4
Permanence, Ravaged
You have marred my beautiful heart,
Before it could even truly blossom;
Left it covered in scars...
And still I fight this battle,
Day in, and day out...
Forced to continue onward,
War-torn and ravaged,
Dragging the weight of these thousand burdens
Behind me, weighing down my heart,
Until it is far too heavy to carry;
The stones weigh down my wings,
And I cannot do this any longer...
You are but one of them,
And yet, that alone is enough
To keep me going, until I collapse
At your wretched feet,
You vile... unfeeling... creature.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 8 2
Hell's Sea II: Heaven's Ocean
Every time I close my eyes,
Drifting further into dreamland,
Just to see your beautiful face,
Still haunting me to this day,
Even after so much time...
I am taken back to paradise.
And it's you...
The one sweetest escape,
From my heart's darkest place,
When sadness comes pouring in waves...
Timeless echoes drift in and speak,
Leaving me only a tiny glimmer of hope.
And it's you...
When I would give anything
Just to cleanse all the pain...
The only thing keeping me going
Is the thing that kills me the most,
Chasing faded slivers of ghosts;
My soul eternally craving
Only one single thing...
It will always be you.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 8 3
Hell's Sea
So much to say, not sure if I should,
Even time could have never withstood
The kind of poison you hide,
Can't be swept away by the tide...
Now it's become crystal clear
That I'm not wanted here...
You never thought you'd be seen through,
And that's just what I do...
My heart holds thousands of lies,
Each one brings me even closer to you...
They say that true love never dies,
But I've seen it die in your eyes...
The one thing that you never knew
Is the way I still see right through,
Straight into your empty soul,
Knowing you will never be whole...
When you are without me...
Some things just weren't meant to be...
For once you've sailed on Hell's Sea,
There is just no redeeming,
Not by true means, nor dreaming,
Anything mortal hearts can construe...
As our souls are stained blue;
I am lost, my heart torn in two...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 6 2
Halcyon Noose
Tangling within the silvery tendrils of your karma,
As the black fire glows darkly,
Consuming everything within its path...
Gnarled branches,
Woven from witch's tresses,
Beneath the silver halcyon moon...
Tentatively guarding this
Petrichor sepulcher
Where my heart was laid to rest...
Now you're just an empty memory...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 5 0
I just can't seem to find the words,
Or anything at all...
At the bottom
Of this bottomless pit,
Where only despair can bloom...
Discourse and agony,
Slipping quietly into my psyche,
Slinking through my brain...
Rotten as the flesh
We all must feast from...
Casting shadows
Against the bleak black darkness
That fills and consumes my tainted heart. 💗
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 12 0
The Ruthless Truth
So lost in your damned love,
I don't want to think about you,
With your cold fire,
All deep;
D i v i n e . . .
Hanging from the jaws of death,
On a silver string,
Connected to the moon
By the stars that flow through our veins,
Entwining like nooses...
Consuming my entire soul,
One piece at a time,
'Til it's the only thing
Keeping me alive;
It's killing me,
S l o w l y . . .
For now I'll lick
Your poison laced lips;
I'll eat your lie...
Carving it from your wood-laced heart,
As a termite would...
But what is a mere woodlouse
To a mighty oak?
When they all
Fear the flames
The same.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 7 5
Among The Haunted
The dreams...
They still come...
They still haunt...
The way...
You still...
To do
Is flaunt...
The way You
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 5 0
I Fall
I fall asleep,
Wrapped warmly in your love,
I go to the place,
That dwells deep inside your heart,
As I carry you always in mine...
Your velvet voice;
My favorite lullaby.
I fall to pieces
Every moment that is spent without you,
Here with me, by my side,
In my favorite place-
Lost in your arms...
An eternity until that very first time we met,
I had no choice;
Forever unable to say goodbye.
I fall in love,
Ever more deeply each single day,
With your unique charms,
Your subtle smile,
When our eyes catch each other from the corners,
I lose my voice;
All reason leaving me as you hold me close...
And everything else fades away.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 7 6
Space Between The Stars
You’ve tainted me with your terrible darkness;
Pure desolation...
And the entire time,
I fully enjoyed the ride.
That will never
Come true,
Not for me.
In this world,
I am truly alone
And all there is, is
I was already a prisoner,
They just put a cage around me...
And I’ll wake up screaming...
Every time that I start dreaming...
Each night when I drown in the ocean,
Over and over, until I am cleansed of my sins,
I wonder...
Will it take a lifetime of drowning to do that;
Can time really wash it all away?
It is futile...
There is
Too much
The stars...
Come, watch me,
As I smile this horrible smile
For you...
It's always for you...
Your words
Drip with venom,
Plunging into my heart.
Then you act
Like you're the victim,
I'm so sick of it.
You are selfish,
And shallow;
Your heart feels hollow.
I always know
Exactly what I'm saying
When the words leave my lips,
Traveling to my fingertips...
It may not always
Be the truth,
It is no lie.
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 10 22
Untamed Wilderness
Each night, I worship you,
Wishing you felt this way too...

Every single day
I want to run away,
But for you, here I stay;
Red pain won't fade to gray...
Into my wounded soul,
It comes falling, pouring,
I can never be whole;
I'm far too busy adoring...
The only one I care about,
Does not return my love,
Of that, there is no doubt;
It's clear with every shove...
There is nothing but isolation
Within this lonely heart,
Feeding into my desperation;
As our worlds are torn apart...
Hanging my head in shame,
Though I am not to blame...

Please take me with you,
Into the wilderness,
Of vivid eyes, so blue;
In a world without tenderness...
Completely dead inside,
I carry on, past this divide,
Sailing across the abyss;
Just for one stolen kiss...
There is no way
For me to reach you,
Please don't go away;
Of this, I beseech you...
Somehow I'll figure it out,
Until then, I must go without
You beside me, yet always with me;
These broken dreams can never be...
And I still wonder why
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 7 12
For she can only ever love you
With half of her morbid little heart;
For the other half was stolen,
Taken by a ghost;
A hallowed phantom of the night...
He covets it in shadows,
Breathing down her neck in the dark,
For the moment when she will be his...
For all eternity.
An eternity of stars glowing in her wake,
As she swims through crystal caverns,
Haunting forgotten shores;
Vying only for an escape
From her melancholic illusionary daydream...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 11 18
Alaundre by KalineReine Alaundre :iconkalinereine:KalineReine 17 23
Laugh Tracks
L a u g h    t r a c k s.
Laugh lines.
What is the punchline?
Is it me?
Is it you?
What is it?
What are you?
What am I?
The distant
L a u g h t e r
Of clowns...
A pure state of euphorical being.
Silken gossamer spider webs,
Etched into every fibre
As it tempers the ultrasonic waves,
That my soul rides, surfing across
A cosmic tsunami
F l o a t i n g
Inside my head...
Poured into a thousand paper cups,
Crushed into ashes,
Spread across flower beds,
S c a t t e r e d
Throughout the forest
Of your psyche;
Tasting your essence,
I drink from the poisoned glass.
I gaze into the mirror,
And I see
The ghost of a young woman,
With laugh tracks for laugh lines,
And the face
Of a woman of olde...
The maiden hath become
T h e    C r o n e . . .
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 11 3
The Eking Elk
Open seas,
Closed heart...
Soul like a forest...
The cold static
Burning into my eyes,
Looming like a noose around my neck,
My blood turning silver
In the bitter moonlight...
As I comb along the beach,
Drenched by the mist of the tides...
I've always said...
One day I'll get tired of fighting,
I won't care anymore;
Now that time has come,
When the dark night of the soul
Shall fully take over...
Pulling me deeply into total darkness,
Drowning in all of the unused ink,
From the things I did not create...
Twisting out from between blank pages,
Eyes purified with tears,
Soul stretching across the depth of eons,
Spent waiting in patience and vain...
The elk prince approaches, patiently,
With gnarled spiders' legs as antlers,
The great dream prince greets you;
Eternity in it's entirety...
Heart hollowed out
Mocked by moon cretins,
H A T E D . . .
Seeping in from the dark,
Drinking from the final hourglass,
As I carve the moon from your heart...
:iconkalinereine:KalineReine 10 12
Here you will find all of my latest stuff. I remove some things from featured, from time to time, but... You can find them in the folders on the left. Here you will find:
-Poetry, prose, and occasionally stories
-Artwork (mostly digital)
-Occasional photography
-Other random junk


Kaline Reine
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
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Morphie Fox Icon by CherushiMetsumari Facts About Me:

☆ My name is Kaline and that is what I prefer to be called.
☆ I love art, literature, kitties, foxes, video games, nerd stuff, pirates, the ocean, pizza, lemonade, & anime ♥
☆ My zodiac sign is Leo/Cancer cusp. I'm an introvert, also an empath, and my personality type is INFJ.
☆ I am a professional writer and digital artist. I have been writing and drawing for 10+ years now.
☆ My favorite colors (in order) are pink, black, cyan, light blue, teal, grey/silver, and purple.
☆ I am Pansexual and Panromantic.
☆ I love Industrial, Nightcore, Metal, and Pop music.
☆ Please don't be afraid to talk to me! ;w; I'm really nice and love making new friends!
☆ I love Ace and Sanji (from One Piece) more than anything in this world.
☆ I love Ace, Sanji, and Zoro (from One Piece) more than anything in this world. :love:

That's it, enjoy my work, and have a nice day! :iconrubcheeksplz:
Well it's been 11 years. Time flies. A lot of you are probably wondering (or maybe not) what happened to me, and why I've been different, aloof, distant, absent, etc. I kind of feel like I owe all of you an explanation to my continued absence and lack of art, aside from the occasional poem. I've had a hell of a year, suffice it to say 2018 has not been kind to me at all... But I am striving to rise from the ashes.

I really don't like posting about my personal life stuff too much anymore, because I always worry people will think I'm attention-seeking (trust me, as someone with severe social anxiety, attention is the last thing I want lol) or whining about first world problems and shit like that aaaand because it'll probably just make my haters happy (who cares about them though). But... I need to get a few things out there to my friends and fans regardless.

Earlier this year, I was put in a really awful situation by trusting the wrong people YET AGAIN. When will I ever learn? Society anxiety along with other mental problems and people do not mix well, apparently. Who knew? Oh that's right, I did, and I let myself be bullied and guilt tripped into it anyway. I'm not going to go into too much detail over it since it would be upsetting for me all over again, but... I still won't let a bad experience with it (or several tbh) stop me from helping people and being kind to others. Not everyone is the same.

So I got baker acted shortly after that whole ordeal... Directly because of it, actually. Nothing like spending some time in ye good olde psych ward. I totally didn't go crazy at all. :crazy: Ahem... But I am doing better from that now. Anyway, moving on...

Remember my precious beloved kitty cat Blaze, the one who was born in my lap that I told you all about before in a journal because I was so excited and loved her so much? (Some of my older watchers on here will probably remember her.) Well, she passed away last month. It turns out she had the mutated version of FIP and got very sick very suddenly. I rushed her to the vet but there was nothing they could do for her except make her more comfortable and allow her to go painlessly. ._. She had to be put to sleep. It's especially sad because she wasn't even 4 years old yet. I held her the whole time and comforted her as much as I could. When I hugged her, it felt like she was hugging me back. It was very sad. I miss her like crazy, but at least I still have her adorable kittens and I promised her that I would take care of them. And I meant it. ♥ She was a great mom and they are such cute little sweeties. ;w;

I also had two major surgeries very recently... The first one was to get a wisdom tooth removed and my fractured jaw fixed back into place after something that happened many years ago. Apparently it was worse than I thought and had gotten to the point where my jaw was being slowly pried out of place which resulted in a fracture, and I was told if I hadn't gotten the surgery, it would have eventually broken completely. I have some pretty neat X-rays of it actually and it's healing well so far.

And the second was eye surgery to hopefully fix the cause of my rapidly deteriorating vision so I might be able to see normally someday... But not for a while. Right now, I'm really light sensitive and my head is killing me (from this AND the jaw thing, if you were wondering lol) and I cannot see at all until it heals, which they aren't sure how long it will take exactly. For those who didn't know, I've been legally blind for a long time, and although I could still see somewhat, it kept getting worse and worse, in recent years to the point where it wasn't even safe for me to drive anymore or do most of the things I used to.

It was due to a rare hereditary eye defect that I inherited, and for a long time they didn't know what it was. After many years, I finally found a doctor who could identify the cause and I've gotten it taken care of now. Wish me a quick recovery, so maybe hopefully I can get back to drawing if it heals ok. It will take time and later I will still have to wear glasses but eventually if everything goes right, my vision will be somewhat normal and I could actually see normally for probably the first time! I'm a bit excited about it but also nervous since I don't know how it'll turn out.

This is also why I haven't been drawing... Because I can't. It's kind of hard when you can't even see the screen. xD I mean, even before I could see vague outlines of things, but it was mostly just extremely blurred shapes and colors. I've only been able to write by memory of where the keys are on the keyboard (I've been typing since I was like 6 or 7, first on an old typewriter and later on computer keyboards) and using a screen reading program to read back to me what I've written so far and also to read messages from others to me or whatever is on the screen. So even my writing has slowed down a lot due to that. (And general depression from everything else and just not feeling like working on anything lately either.) If I fave any artwork lately, it's because the title or comments or something grabbed my attention and I've been faving stuff so I can go back and look at it later once my sight hopefully comes back.

One thing I am happy about... I have finally been working on my novel! :D YES, it's the one with Morphie and Kaline, although Kaline's name has been changed to Kalaya because I wanted her to be able to develop into her own unique character. I have new refs to draw if my eyes do heal correctly from the surgery and then I can show you maybe. I haven't quite finished the first chapter yet, but the current wordcount has reached 6,000 and I'm very proud of it. ;w; Wish me luck with the rest! I'll need it. xD

Other than that, I don't have much else to say. I will be scarce for a while due to the time of year and all of these other things that I've mentioned. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a positive more upbeat 2019. ♥ Thanks for sticking around.

-Kaline ♥


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