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Favourite Visual Artist
Van Gough and Picasso...I'm pretty sure.
Favourite Movies
V for Vendetta, I think.
Favourite TV Shows
Soul Eater
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Brad Paisley, Lonestar, ...a lot of people.
Favourite Books
Maximum Ride series, Shadow of the Dragon, The Mortal Instruments, The infernal Devices, and a many other books.
Favourite Writers
too many to list._.
Favourite Games
*shrugs* it depends.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
reading, drawing, writing
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Thanks a lot for the watch! :hug:

:hug: You're welcome! I hope you felt more, because that's what I'm anxious to see!

I mix up needle felting with digital drawing, both are passions of mine c:

So you'll see both on my page :aww:

Thank you so much for the watch, I appreciate a lot! :D

I love your dragons <3 They're so cool looking.

Thaaanks I am very happy now <3

You should be proud, too! <3

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