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Elven Kingdom Academy


Hey there people, long time no see! Les franchouillard(e)s, regardez un peu plus bas (en gras)

I haven’t been idle all this time; in fact, I was working on a game! And chapter one is now finished, yay!

You can find it on !

Here is a description:

Dark times are coming to the Elven Kingdom of Queen Elanil…

Play through a kinky adventure featuring lots of elves getting soundly spanked! Explore the Royal Palace, brave the Dark Forest and its newly-awoken monsters.

Discover the Royal Academy and its secrets, strict teachers and classmates to befriend, romance, and more!

This release contains the prologue and chapter one – the Academy

Chapter 2 coming May 2022!


  • A fantasy adventure full of characters to interact with!
  • Over 50 different spanking scenes
  • Choices that will affect the story
  • Monster to fight, secrets to unfold!
  • A developing story!
  • Gallery with over 100 pictures to unlock! 
  • Achievements and high scores
  • English and French version

This release contains the prologue and chapter one — it’s free! See the rewards if you want to support ^^

Pour les francophones, le jeu a une version française! Vous pouvez changer la langue dans les préférences. La traduction a sans doutes quelques problèmes par-ci par là (de genre, surtout, vu que le fichier de trad’ ne donne pas de contexte), mais elle sera mise à jour si je trouve quoi que ce soit ^^

I'll be back on my commission backlog now!!!!!!!

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Myds6's avatar

Wow, this is AMAZING. I appreciate all the energy you put into world building beyond just the spanking mechanics. If we ever see those three bullies again, can we spank the one who stands on the left? LOL.

Kalidwen's avatar

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm planning on adding some scenes here and there, there could very well be something in stock for the other Blazing Sun girls ;)

Myds6's avatar

Nice...maybe other humiliations in addition to spanking? Such as getting thrown into something icky (but not dangerous) before or after spanking? Like a cafeteria tray of creamy foods, or the trash can where everyone dumps leftovers. Anyway, I was shocked at how addictive the game is, and I know how annoying it is when people keep asking for things, so I'll stop now. :D

Kalidwen's avatar

Something to explore in the future ^^

Big fan, thanks for all the work! No wonder you were gone for so long! This time, I would recommend not being absent for 4 whole months (progress posts, for instance) because I seriously thought this whole thing was dead after a while.

Kalidwen's avatar

Thanks for the kind words!

Yeah, the plan is to make a devlog every two weeks or so to update people on the progress ^^ First one should go out this weekend!

HolyMolyManiac's avatar

Awesome Stuff. My first play-through went better than expected lol

Looking forward to May.

MrTheCount's avatar

Awesome. Nice to hear from you again, was wondering how you were getting on as it had been a while!

Darianblood's avatar

Wow, this is a real thing? I Have to check it out :D

Kalidwen's avatar

Of course ! Have fun ^^

gameone54's avatar

Wow looks fabulous. Looks like you have been very busy.

Jedgie's avatar

Love the Game! cant wait till the next Episode comes out. As specially liked the bully at the Academy ;)

Kalidwen's avatar

I'm glad you liked it!! I'll make an update every two weeks or so to keep people informed of the progress of chapter 2 ^^

Jedgie's avatar

Btw how mans Chapters are planned if i might ask or is that still a secret?

Kalidwen's avatar

I think 4, maybe 5

Jedgie's avatar

I will follow that. cant wait to get my elves Ass into more trouble and punishment of course ;)

Let's go! Super excited for this 😀

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