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Challenge - White

We're having an art competition over on the Discord

Back in the day on animeotk, El Manto Negro (is he on dA, I wonder?) used to provide templates and people had a go at making something cool out of it; so I thought I'd try that out!

Feel free to use it for yourself and have fun with it, of course! You can change/erase/copy whatever your want :)

Transparent version here
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leviathan571's avatar

A great opportunity to make something spectacular! I remember El Manto negro a great artist too!

bahow's avatar

Nice template, very clean. I might do something with it :)

Kalidwen's avatar

I hope you do!

26qq308's avatar

Oh, I remember those. XD Well, I wasn't there for those, but I remember seeing those pics. I wish I could've participated in such a challenge.

Kalidwen's avatar

Same! I wish I'd had a go!