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Bookworm, in love with dragons.

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LotR, Dragonheart, Avatar and many, many more...
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Monty Python's Flying Circus
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Nightwish, Sting, Mylene Farmer, Blind Guardian and many more ^^
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Siewca Wiatru/Zbieracz Burz, Temeraire series, Legend of Drizzt series etc.
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Salvatore, Tolkien, Sapkowski, Kossakowska, Weeks...
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TES, HoMM, Assassin's Creed, Sacred, Thief, Minecraft... (there's not enough room :P )
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pencils (HB,B) and computer (Krita, Wacom)
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Fantasy (dragons!), horses, computers, musicals

Redraw poll vol. 2 :)

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Future plans

1 min read
Won't dare to say it's a "near future", but hopefully won't take forever xD So I just published the promised second poll about redrawing my Temeraire series dragons, but most likely the winner(s) won't come first in queue of planned works, since ever-vigilant Micaerys noticed my collection still lacks two of named breeds - Mohawk and Naskapi, both being North America natives and mostly referenced in stories, not in main saga, thus they didn't catch my attention (stories were never published in Poland). I also have some other ideas for things to draw (things that are not dragons for a change), so maybe will intertwine them with working on the Temeraire pieces. I know I have also the Wings of Fire series started, but since I still haven't read the second arc (only books up to "Winter's turning" were published here so far), I don't feel the urge of completing it - not while ideas from other books are sitting in my mind.
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Hi there :) If anyone was wondering, I'm not dead. Just got several things going on and thus I haven't been updating my gallery. Even sitting down to write this post took me at least two-three weeks... I won't be bothering/boring you with standard issues of "my job intensified and I have less time", since that's kinda common. Instead: first thing - the tactical error I made. I've been reading about the "Last Trial" musical for quite some time, but I was quite sceptical about it. I knew the books of Dragonlance Legends and I didn't really believe they can be turned into a stage production without loosing it's climate (there's too many characters, too many plot lines). But some time ago (no, not "recently") I thought I'll just check it, as I was in mood for listening to something new. Long story short: for about a month I was listening to it at least twice a day (just as music playing in headphones as I was working). And it still rattles in my head all the time. In the link I gave
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Okay I'm watching you now, I adore the dragons you drew to the Temeraire series 🧡 Thank you so much for drawing them as it really helps to invision them better while reading (or hearing) the books! I currently finished the book where they are in Australia, need to pick up the adventure sooner or later haha. Also love your FR art! So, why haven't I followed you yet? Something I can easily fix! Please keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

I'm really glad you like the series, it took quite a part of my life to create it ^^ I hope I'll be able to continue working soon-ish and that the works will still be to your liking :)

Love your art, I had an idea for a world(It was originally a HTTYD fic but I decided it's better to make my own world, it's more like Temerarie(but much different) maybe you can help me flush it out? (I'm a huge dragon fan and really want to make this a good story and I want to flesh out who I will make)

Also, Happy Late Birthday(And I'm happy to be a watcher!)

Thanks for the wishes :)

Sure, I can help with your story - English is not my primary language, but due to all the books I've read, I think I'll manage somehow. What is it you need help with?

Well, there is an idea I've wanted to do for a while. One where dragons are in fact, not supersmart animals that can speak to humans, are not demons, but are used as war animals and construction animals. I read a fic of HTTYD where the dragons never left and the world benefited greatly form their uses in war and building cities, underground canals and so much more.

The dragons in my world have been completly conquered and domesticated, to the humans they are no longer considered demons(at least not to those who have felt their wrath in battle ;) ) their eyes are mammalian and they have playful personalities, the dragons are the size or horses, any giant race of dragons was wiped out(as the humans considered them to big and wild to control) the dragons in this world are fierce and magnificent.

But what I really want to do, is finally create Roman Dragon Riders.

I'm conflicted as to whether to make it with the old Roman Empire or with the Romaioi(Byzantine Romans) and the Kivian Rus.

Maybe because I've always wanted to see Centurions bond with a dragon, and the irony is, that they use them as war beasts(like Cataphracts)

Both Roman cultures(Latin and Greek fascinate me and with dragon labor and cavalry) I imagine Roman or Romaio science and architecture would advance.

Plus there was a scenerio someone showed on youtube that if the Roman Empire did exist then the Russian Empire would have never westernized and would have instead become more like the Byzantine Empire in culture and science, plus the other scary thing is, they would both be allies(Imagine World War I but with the Romans and Russians)

So before I go any further, I just want to know, which one makes a more compelling world.

I guess I want to make a sorta Band of Brothers in the medieval era, but with dragons and it being more like LOTR.

Happy Birthday, fellow dragon fan! :icondragongrin: