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Where do nightmares come from? Are they figments of our imagination, or physical beings that exist in our world? These creatures come out at night, and feed upon our dreams. By doing so, they sustain themselves, but also twist our peaceful dreams into frightening visions that terrorize our sleep.

Prints of Nightmare are available on my personal website, [link] . I have three sizes available, 8.5X11, 11X14, or a full size, signed numbered version that is 18X24.

Please email me with any questions that my gallery doesn't answer,


Kaless Aradan
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May I use this for non-profit?
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I'm unsure if the creature is vomiting onto her, or she is doing whatever onto it.
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wildly detailed but not scary--really impressive
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awesome composition.. super intense.. :D
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Beatiful detals :D

ps What is Nightmare fear? Huge! :D
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Powerful image. I could definitely see this as an album cover.
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This is sooo great! i can feel the horror of the approaching nightmare. wow.
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This is amazing I always having nightmare every night and it always watching me everynight when I was sleeping. But this is really good!!
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Good Lord, it's like that episode on Supernatural all over again... XD

Great work, thoug!
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This is amazing o.o
and now being bored I shall do something really stupid and its probably not even true

appa there is a type of demon called nightmare, which usually sits on its victims not allowing them to do anything at all and.....I've compl forgotten the rest ._.
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Wasn't that the kind of demon that was killing the emperor in The Nightingale?
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Excellent rendering of the concept!
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Absolutely terrifying
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The big question is; how do you deafeat a Nightmare?
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Great piece of art
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It's a two way street i feel.
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Now that's awesome work <3
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From an episode of Supernatural! :P looks nice ^^
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