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Current Residence: Nashville, TN
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Favourite cartoon character: Wakko Warner

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Weird Al
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Resident Evil 4
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charcoal, pastels, computer
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art, costuming, video games
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As you may have noticed, I posted a series of sketches today, and plan to post photographs of the final image as it progresses along. I thought it would be interesting to give others a sneak look at not only a piece as it develops, but also a peek at all the stages that my work goes through from original design to finished image. I first discovered this idea when Mike and I self published our art book, Diptych. I did a 2 page spread of the development and evolution of one of my earlier pieces, By Light of the 3 Moons. Not one of my strongest pieces, but it was the easiest one to find all the sketches for its development. Anyway, keep checki
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I want to thank everyone that helped with the naming of my latest piece.  While the final title was not a suggestion from a single source, I got great ideas from everyone and it helped me come up with the title. The title that I settled on is "Siren of the Sylvan Garden." Paul
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I came across one of your drawings on Facebook and loved , I'm also suprised to see you're a fan of the wheel of time, it's the only series I will ever read!
 OMG your work is extraordinary!!! Excellent shading and coloring in my opinion dude. :)
Hey, you probably don't remember me but we spoke a few years ago at Mid-South Con. A number of things have happened since then and I'm happy to inform you that I'll have a table at Anime Blues Con next year mostly because of you. Thanks for that.
nice one mate, visit my profile too, [link]
Hellooooo! Its me from ren festival!!!!!! Remeber I saw you in that art store and you told me about your wolf drawings? Also about the evil winning and the good winning of a game? I think Final Fantasy?
HEYYYYYYYYYYY Met you at the Ren Fair in Atlanta!! Had the nice long talk about books..... and uhh, life... yeah ok the chick thats told I should be Zelda... its me. Anyways, thought I'd drop by and say HELLO! again, and hopefully I'll see yeah again when we come back to the ren fair on the 20th =) And I PROMISE Ill be wearing my ears this time.
Man O.o I am almost drooling over your amazing art, mate! I love it :D
I, myself, is kind of an aspiring artist, but an artist as in a writer. A science fiction, fantasy, mystiscm writer :)

If you want to, maybe sometime we could do some kind of art together, like something illustrative or something else? :)

By the way, I love the Nightmare, Zen and Shades of Guilt pieces! :)

Stay creative, and healthy,
- Lukas