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Triceratops Grimm (RWBY original Fanart)

With a splash of ankylosaurus and a hint of stegosaurus, this triceratops grimm is modestly designed to strike fear into huntsmen everywhere.  Based off Rooster Teeth's incredibly animated series, RWBY (created by Monty Oum) and made with the free drawing program, Krita.

Remember kids, give credit when you use found artwork.  Thanks!
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GladionEmonanaBoi's avatar

...Is the lightning idea taken from Dinosaur King, by any chance?

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Wow I haven't seen that show in a loooong time.  Maybe subconsciously but not intentionally :)
GladionEmonanaBoi's avatar

It's fine! It still looks cool either way!

Personally, I like the lightning idea!
But maybe instead of being like actual incinerating lightning, it just bypasses Aura to paralyze people so they can't avoid its charging attacks?
Just a thought, love the design though!
Kalephrex's avatar
Cool idea! I'm always looking forward to people getting more creative with their shows and stories.  Thanks for the feedback!
DinoDragoZilla17's avatar
This looks awesome! The only problem with having dinosaur grimm in RWBY for me, though, would be that the characters would be destroying them! I think that the lightning thing would work better with a Brontosaurus grimm, but this is still an awesome concept.
Kalephrex's avatar
Cool insights.  Thanks for the feedback and I still hope that dinosaur grimm will make an appearance in the series!
ZahlenO's avatar
Hmmm... not a fan of the lightning idea: seems rather random. Interesting nonetheless
Kalephrex's avatar
Thanks, you make some cool RWBY art, too!
roukaryu's avatar
All. The. YES!! This Grimm is absolutely amaze-balls! If only they had this in canon!
Kalephrex's avatar
RWBY's got several seasons planned for the future.  I still have a chance!
roukaryu's avatar
True. Well here's hoping :)
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