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Kalephrex - Commissions are [OPEN]

For future reference I will update this post when I close commissions and when I re-open them.  All payment transactions will be through PayPal.  Payment will be issued upon delivery of the final product.  The client will decide if I am allowed to post their commission on my page.  All prices are estimations and are subject to change based on the complexity of the project.  Details on each service will be provided below.

Sketches and Ideas - This service is for people who have vague ideas of what they want.  I will design with 1-3 visual sketches whether in 2D, 3D, or some other style that will match the client's description to the best of my ability.  The product will be a result of brainstorming and the quality will vary.
Expected time to completion: 1-3 days

Basic 3D Model - This service is for people who have a sketch or a strong idea of what they want.  I will design 1 3D model with low to moderate complexity and details.  Price and time required will change based on how much starting information I am provided.
Expected time to completion: 2-7 days

Advanced 3D Model - This service is for people who have a very specific idea of what they want.  I will design 1 3D model with moderate to high complexity and details based on the prompt.  This tier typically requires a strong line of communication and it is recommended that clients have at least a working knowledge of 3D models and how their design fits into 3D space.  
Expected time to completion: 1-2 weeks

Other - This service will generally follow the rules of the other tiers as listed above and will adapt however it applies to pixel art, 2D art, design, etc.
Expected time to completion: Varies greatly

For all commissions, please note that I plan to work with the philosophy that you are the architect and I am the builder, meaning that I will trying to create your prompt as exactly as I can and any major or thematic problem-solving will generally be left to the client.  Additionally, before ordering a commission please do keep in mind what I have previously demonstrated of my style and capabilities.  Certainly, there will be room to change and expand but requests that are out of my range will be turned down.  For project-specific questions, email  For general questions, leave a comment below!
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