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Enkyran (Blaiyde true-blue variation)

This epic single-edged sword has the ability to channel energy from its user into every blue apparatus to grant him/her a powerful arsenal of creativity.  The handle circumscribed above the hilt can freely rotate within that circle to unlock more versatile attacks and style points.  It takes someone with a cool, solid conviction to effectively wield this weapon!  Please share, like, and comment!

p.s. I screen-capped this from the actual software that I used to make it and that explains the quality
p.p.s. I'm planning on making this 3d when I get the time so look forward to that!
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Excellent work. The design of the swords are very detailed. The artwork itself is very clean. The only thing i would do to change it is the bottom section of the handle. The design is very clean and well done, but i would shadow the out line of the black parts so that its easier to see. Try using a light bluish outline for the black area to give it a bit of the 'energy look'
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Wow, great concept! :)
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Really neat design!
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Thanks!  I try.   :)