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MEW horse

By Kalemon
A big horse with big Mew in big armour etc. And colours! What is this madness!?

Been wanting to experiment with colours for a while. Could have gone worse. Backgrounds is yet again pretty meh and mostly just there to set the scene for lighting and things. The gun is based on some industrial machinary I've used.
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Is this pony from a fic or just something you drew up?
Kalemon's avatar
just a random horse.
kolbaski's avatar
Is she a raider or a mercenary??
DoughnutJoe's avatar
That's an angry looking horse. I like how the look of the gun kind of parallels the expression on her face.
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Message from Kkat:


Impressive!  Also, that weapon looks quite a bit like I pictured the albino hellhound's magical energy cannon. :D
RoyCalbeck's avatar
Now that's badass.


Blitz2423's avatar
The part of my mind that likes Borderlands is saying "Incoming Badass!"
The part that likes Fo:E whats that Energy Cannon.
The part of my that likes MLP is thinking "To think this was spawned from a show for little girls."
Every other part of brain is say "GET THE HELL OUT OF THEIR WAY!"
Darksunrise957's avatar
Makes me think of Borderlands.
My Little Borderlands. XD
(Or My Little Meatbicycle? )
WolfTheWyvern's avatar
This does not look like a mare I'd like to cross. I don't know what a MEW is, but it looks like it'd turn whatever it's shooting at into dust. 
Kalemon's avatar
MEW is just short from magical energy weapon... And I'm glad thats the image you get from it.
WolfTheWyvern's avatar
It reminds me a lot of the Tesla-Beaton from New Vegas.
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Awesome artwork Kalemon, excellent expressions as usual. Lots of great muscular details and the MEW looks fantastic. Not quite sure what the MEW is from, but it looks fantastic.
Kalemon's avatar
Thanks. The gun doesn't really come from anywhere... it's my own design based on some industrial machinery. Wanted to make it look very bulky and more of a tool than a well designed polished weapon.
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ArchaicSpark's avatar
why cant I pony like you? ):
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really nice! Im totally not for the FO:E thing but your lineart is really dynamic. The gun looks totally awesome! The muscles might be a little overkill, but they look good doing it!
Kalemon's avatar
Thanks. Heh... the muscles are bit over the top but I wanted to do a buff big pony for a change along the lines of Hired Gun or Brim.
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