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Roll Me Like A Blunt Cause I Don't Want To Go Home by KaleidoPiglet Roll Me Like A Blunt Cause I Don't Want To Go Home :iconkaleidopiglet:KaleidoPiglet 0 0 Remake of Grypwolf's Primitive Call by KaleidoPiglet Remake of Grypwolf's Primitive Call :iconkaleidopiglet:KaleidoPiglet 2 0 Psycho by KaleidoPiglet Psycho :iconkaleidopiglet:KaleidoPiglet 1 0 I'm Losing My Mind by KaleidoPiglet I'm Losing My Mind :iconkaleidopiglet:KaleidoPiglet 2 0


Kaksin aina kaunihimpi. by KalmaKamala Kaksin aina kaunihimpi. :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 6,433 874 Lugia by DangerousCanine Lugia :icondangerouscanine:DangerousCanine 7 0 Odyssey and Hope by flowerpowerstock Odyssey and Hope :iconflowerpowerstock:flowerpowerstock 387 33
did your mom pick out those clothes?
I used to wear my heart on my
sleeve but I don't wear sleeves
anymore so now I have it tucked
underneath my bra strap because
all the pants I own have fake
pockets - and I don't like purses
so I can't carry my empathy with
me anymore (but if I'm honest,
I had always tucked it in a pocket
at the bottom of my bag anyway).
I used to wear flowers in my hair,
a blooming crown all the colors
that I had bleached from my skin,
and now all that's left are horns -
delicate and wilting but still bejeweled
in glittering thorns, red with the
blood of every bitten tongue—all the
words I've ever choked back now
dancing across my glasses and even
I can't see past them anymore.
Clothing and jewels dangle from
every corner of my room and there
are days where I wonder if I need
all of it - days filled with black leggings
and pink sweaters and white shorts
and red bras and matching thongs and
earrings I have no piercings for and
a thousand rings even though I
only wear one (I wear it on my middle
:iconhedonophobe:hedonophobe 84 17
once more with feeling
just tonight,
i will reduce myself to instincts.
when your hand settles wide and warm on the curve of my hip
i will allow myself to ease into you,
to sink into this infrequent surety -
to feel small,
(just now, just tonight)
and lay my body and my vulnerabilities bare,
trembling and receptive to your heat -
your solidity -
your mercy.
i will be reverent,
(just this, just once)
enamored of each breath,
each plane and edge,
each soft channel between
each heaving pair of ribs -
i will allow myself
(just once, just once)
to consume you,
to find myself
(just this, just please,
just -
:iconleahshae:LeahShae 66 16
The Deathworkers Agency
The most annoying thing about death is all the paperwork involved. Every morning, Lyle and I make the trip to the warehouse to sift through today’s files and see whose soul we get to summon and send into the light.
“Harold Lassiter, aged eighty-six,” I read from the list of names. “Heart attack. Leaves behind a loving wife, Katherine, and a German shepherd, Goober.”
“Maya Hernandez, twenty-one,” Lyle adds. “Car wreck. Leaves behind a little sister, Leslie, and an absent father. I think I remember her mother somewhere…” He glances around the massive warehouse, at the rows and rows of filing cabinets detailing the fates of billions. Other interns scramble around us, trying to make sure they get to all of our clients on time. Hanging above, a clock the size of a semi truck ticks away the seconds.
I remember first walking into the warehouse at Deathworkers Agency. The place is so big that, in my three years here, I have yet to fi
:iconfrizzymissizzy:frizzymissizzy 87 20
Just Two Girls
Sometimes I wish I knew what true darkness was. Other times I could swear I see it in your eyes, in your shadow, in the empty beer bottle still hanging from your fingers. But right now all I see is your ceiling.
"Do ya think aliens are real?"
I turn my head toward you but you're still staring up. I trace your profile with my eyes and pretend, just like with every other time, that you don't notice. I blink and turn back to the ceiling. A shaft of blue light streaks across it.
"Yeah," I whisper, more or less. It is hard to tell.
"Same," you say, like a sigh. Your voice is always breathy but it's also low and I'm pretty sure I could fall asleep to it. "Like, everything's just so big. It can't just be us, right?"
You slur your r's. It's cute to me but I'm probably bias. If you were sober I'd tell you but you only accept compliments drunk—you also forget them. I will never tell you but that's because I'm selfish and cautious and way better at being sober than you are.
I think if I tel
:iconmiistical:miistical 34 9
.:Vent:. Scream by Glitchyy-Mutt .:Vent:. Scream :iconglitchyy-mutt:Glitchyy-Mutt 3 0


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Roll Me Like A Blunt Cause I Don't Want To Go Home
Just a little doodle I've been working on today... I kind of want to make an entire story that revolves around her... Not entirely sure yet.
Remake of Grypwolf's Primitive Call
This was for an art project. We had to write about an artist that we liked and recreate their art style. This was the first time i had ever attempted shading and a background in any of my pieces on a digital platform. I think it turned out fairly well, and to this day i am still very proud of it.(sorry the quality is so shitty)
Completely inspired by Post Malone's song Psycho... No regrets. This is one of my all time favorite drawings I have ever done.
I'm Losing My Mind
Nothing super special about this little doodle. Took me about 16 minutes to scribble it all out, but this little nut turned out pretty dang diddly darned good. 😘


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Theres nothing too special about me. Just a 17 year old in Iowa drawing for a hobby.
Ive been doodling since I was about 10 years old, and havent stopped since I learned how to put a pencil to paper and make something cool from it.
I do have a deep connection with wolves, not that ive really seen/met one or anything, but it does explain why i draw so many. (Spirit animal, perhaps?)
Overall I'm kind of silly, stupid, and never really take things seriously. 👍👌


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