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Kammiea's Full Info
The "Squeal" to Light is Eternity itself, yeah, meow.
The story of FF4's, well KluYa's and his peoples's home "world" (actually a "magical" floating island, well was inside a translucent sphere originally, miles high high up above the DC 1 world's, Green Terra's lands, originally from Alsatia, by SCs it's stuck in the Void) long before it was ever destroyed.   
Description of the story of Kammiea:  
An unseen hidden force has set root in the peaceful "world" of Kammiea. A group of souls will forever be intertwined, tied by fate to save their troubled home or suffer in the ultimate end. Can their "world" be saved, or will it all be doomed forevermore to the force that now plagues it and what happens when unexpected help arrives??  
The Narrator of this story is Stephano Pendragon</b>, yea, ahh.
Kammiea's Cast:    
:iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 1 0
Ted, Marry, KluYa and ZeMus by Kalea--Jade Ted, Marry, KluYa and ZeMus :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 4 0 One Soul, one Bond by Kalea--Jade One Soul, one Bond :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 3 0 Cosmic Soul Goddess by Kalea--Jade Cosmic Soul Goddess :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 1 0 Charloite Labell = Dark Rose by Kalea--Jade Charloite Labell = Dark Rose :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 5 2 My Guardians by Kalea--Jade My Guardians :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 1 4 Stick Xiao by Kalea--Jade Stick Xiao :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 1 0 Shirtless Ziro~~ by Kalea--Jade Shirtless Ziro~~ :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 2 2 Sailor Pink Quartz Wolf by Kalea--Jade Sailor Pink Quartz Wolf :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 2 2 Lady Stellalena NiiSae by Kalea--Jade Lady Stellalena NiiSae :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 2 0 ''I can help you, but why I can't say.'' by Kalea--Jade ''I can help you, but why I can't say.'' :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 3 0 Silver Light, Water Goddess of Alsatia by Kalea--Jade Silver Light, Water Goddess of Alsatia :iconkalea--jade:Kalea--Jade 1 0
These are my works hope you like them. I love this so much!
I love Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon and I am proud of that! Yay! ^^…

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The things I love most! :D I can't wait to read ~xLights story I just faved! Yay!! :p I really love Final Fantasy and Sailor Moon, and other things too. Now in folders! ^^ (O //// O) :)

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Kalea Jade, Age: 24, Mortal
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
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Character Descriptions:

I love drawing and watching Sailor Moon, playing Final Fantasy and Dark Cloud (too death over this series) and other things too, so that's all. I would love to draw my very own comic called ''White Cloud, parts I-IV'' but I've been having a hard time doing it. I also love cats. Now I'm drawing W.C. again thanks to my best friends :iconsolo3511: (Sean Sky), :iconqueenofthegems: (Sara Murray), and :iconlbcprower: (Eric Chinchilla)! I now have ''so much better''stuff up now too AND I own a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! Also I am getting better at drawing on it. :iconcecilharveyplz: :iconsailormoonplz: :iconffrydiaplz: :iconserahfarronplz: :D ;P :) ^^



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P. In which Til ends up in Kammiea's time

1. Ze, Klu and their friends find in the lake AuroraPawa, who is the ancestor to Klu's aunt Rose

2. The strange man he met leads Til to the city's main streets, he finds he isn't alone, that Zane and Max ended up here too, but how they don't know

3. Ze and them help out Aurora, mean while in a dark place LacRiShea awakens from her slumber and breaks out of ancient her long seal

4. Klu and them with Aurora, are surprised that she can summon magic wings, an ability unique to callers thought to have been lost many ages ago.

5. Til and co learn from Spyro via a Holo Sphere (which Reina helped him record) that Kalea sent them through time to try and save Kammiea from it's future tragedy ever happening, afterwards they head to a bar and meet SamuelYoiKa

6. Ted and them are worried that Klu's powers will soon manifest in full force and Ze realizes he's fallen in love with Peche

7. Til finds out the man from the grotto is his lost father Aga, named Tae currently, and that this island is Xiao's birth land by meeting her as a kid, she's still loves fish candy

8. Zane learns that he has a half baby brother and it's ZeMus and he also learns that his father is actually into men

9. Ted and Marry help Klu get Aurora into Cydonia Castle with Max's help via a hidden passage, to see his aunt and uncle

10. Til meets FuSoYa and Amie and learns that he is by right a planet bound god, but has little power, Zane meanwhile looks forward to meeting ZeMus in person, while Max helps Tae with building new crystal powered technology during all this

11. While out with Peche and RicDo, ZeMus meets Zane and is shocked about his appearance

12. Til, while hanging out with child Xiao, meets her older brother LiiChuYaPen, and realizes why in back his era she was sad about being in the manor more than she let on, he decides to insure her brother survives the incoming ruin

13. Furious that he didn't know about his half older brother, ZeMus storms into his home, Higurashi Palace to see his parents, meanwhile Zane checks on Til and Max, ends up meeting AliceLii in her Kammiian guise, she greets them openly

14. Lordess LacRiShea makes her next move, to bring forth her first General, codename: ShadowKiss, the first ever Super Demon has awakened

15. Til and Zane spend time together, on a date, wondering what will happen, now that they sense an evil pressence of a General once more, but this time it's foreign to them

16. Klu and friends learn that AuroraPawa is the first caller witch from eons ago, ShadowKiss with full memory hunts down for her twin sister, while Aurora regains her summoning powers

17. Tae's wedding anniversary with Alice is the next day, he decides to get her something that can actually be useful, meanwhile Jack is having a hard time hiding his feelings from Sam, which isn't anything new to Janis

18. AliceLii senses that LacRiShea has broken free once more and things are only going to get deadly from here out as her worries grow, days late, meanwhile Jack catches his father Koh inside his kingdom and wonders if his mother is here too, which is never ever good

19. Zephyr arrives on Kammiea, wiyh his watcher Sung Li at his side, to help the others prepare for Kalea's coming, by reinstilling faith in her that her people have now lost, especially the current generation

20. Til learns that it was his father who not only created the swords he and others now use but also that he was the same man from when he was the Sun Kingdom's heir down below on Green Terra, he now realizes that his parents being here is millennia after his "death" due to a difference in time flow, that Kalea was right, always has been
**Main cast:

TaeLoiPen (Aga): A drunkard, sword using, cat loving, fun, go lucky, strong, grandfather, best friend of Jack, originally from Alsatia's White God Realms, yet, no one but Jack and Sam (also possibly AliceLii) know this fact alone.

King Jack Higurashi: ZeMus's father, Ze hates him, but he won't say why, yet, Jack himself is a musician and has powers over Darkness and Ice, and loves the cold weather times.

AliceLiiPen: Lord Tae's wife, the priestess of Entity, is able to see the future, but differently from KluYa himself can, is a free spirited and spunky young woman, she too has her own secret as well. 

▪▪▪ AuroraPawa: A mysterious high blooded Kammiian Caller Witch placed under a powerful sleeping spell for the last 16 billion years by the Goddesses of Alsatia, in the attempt to send her to a time where a young man by the name of Jack would greatly need her special powers. Now in present time this young Caller Witch has awoken to a new time and place with no memory of her past. With only the knowledge of her name, what she is and the vague memory of a man named Jack, AuroraPawa must journey to find this person while learning to control her powers in effort to prevent herself from becoming a black blood of her own kind.  

***three men from the*** far far far long  that no longer exists *** future***: Til Pendragon, Zane Winters, and Max Oatsworth, believed to be the Goddess's sent to save everyone, yuup. 

Ted Loia (TilDarrPen): Klu's cousin, who takes after their grandfather, by that well......  he drinks as much as him, maybe more so, wants to become the best engineer in all of Kammiea and far beyond it one day and to marry MaiRin, once had a girlfriend named Cammey.

Prince ZeMus Higurashi: Klu's, Ted's, and Marry's best friend, dreams of being a pilot since childhood, (eventually) Peche's boyfriend/husband, has really high respects towards the Silver Goddess herself: Kalea Jade, me. 

FickleLaNoo: ZeMus's rival during the Pilot Training classes, hates SamuelYoiKa for some unknown but deep reason, yet won't say anything about it to his parents or friend, he knows about his missing sibling, had great respect towards his father.

Marry Shy (MarrYiKu): best friend of Ted and KluYa, has a big crush on Klu, but doesn't say anything about it, it is one sided, loves writing fantasy stories, Noi is her most biggest idol.  

PecheClie: ZeMus's girlfriend/wife, mother of their only son, Dill [DillOnn] ((Still working on him, and Matt too though)) she has a younger brother named Donny (DonnClie) and a baby sister named Corinne (CorinClie), and worries about Ze's relationship with his father: Jack, more than she lets on, she deeply loves nature and water. 

KluYa RedSheer: Fu's younger "brother", father of Cecil and Golbez in the far far future, (cousin-ish to Anthony and Trinity Cross), was former husband of the Rainbow Goddess Cecilia, gold ranked engineer (after graduating from the Academy) and the Seer of his peoples.

Lordess LacRiShea: An unknown powerful and strange woman with an odd colored skintone and eyes, who's after Tae and Jack for reasons unknown yet only to herself or so she still thinks.

*Supporting Cast:

Lady RosePaWa RedSheer: Tuu's wife, KluYa's mother, (narrator of Silver Chronicles much later on), a powerful Kammiian Witch (Oracle/Historian) of Cydonia Castle, resides in the very top of the building's center tower, twin sister is named Puddle.

SamuelYoiKa (Sam Yune): Jack's best friend, lover/soul mate, and owner of Tae's most favorite bar/grill & inn, he wonders if Janis knows about him and Jack sometimes, but is too scared to ask to her about it up front, he always makes Tae pay extra cash and Ted to fix anything broken, especially if one of them broke something.

Queen JanisRaa Higurashi: Jack's wife, Ze loves his mother very much, she is a good friend of Sam's, worries about ZeMus daily, knows of Jack's big hidden secrets.

▪▪▪ RaKeYoNai:  A high blooded Kammiian and a well known builder and architect, who lives in The City Seg 2: CroSa, whose skills are that of an artist's. Good friends with Tae, Jack, and Sam, but sometimes worries a lot when something minor happens to his friends and family for little to no reason. Half of the time, he always seems to be right. He has a really deep love for White Kammiian dragons.   

▪▪▪ XaiLuneNai: RaKe's wife and sweet friend of AliceLii and JanisRaa, she loves dancing to the music Jack makes and is a great gardener, speciality is: flowers, strawberries and blueberries, loves the FlowerSans.  

KohSaiXeTa: An odd man with very strange powers connected to very deep Shadow Magics, who is after LacRiShea, but only he knows why and who she really is and what powers she actually holds, he is considered a weirdo by the others of the population.

Sir TuuYaPen RedSheer: KluYa's (and Fu's) father, doesn't get along with Tae all to well or his older brother Noi, but can tolerate Jack, surprisingly, though shockingly, he has slight anger problems, can't see without his glasses either.

FuSoYa RedSheer: Rose's and Tuu's oldest son, wise for his young age, sweetly loves Amie KiShia, reading and long walks, the father of Xiao herself.

NoiDarrLoia: Ted's father, a famous writer and artist, very talented, old friends with Jack and Sam, loves his father very much, worries about his son ofen, is scared for Tuu's mental safety and sanity.

JaeZellLoia: Noi's wife, a great cook and house cleaner, worries for Ted because of his habits and Klu because of his strong Seer powers, misses TilliAnna daily still.

▪▪▪ RicDoNai: Ra's and Xai's only son, able to summon the White Kammiian Dragons of the Ancient Legends, but how is unknown, some say he is cursed, yet others blessed, regardless his powers are still untrained and untracked.  

▪▪▪ MaiRinUi (Mairin Ui Broin): A low blood with the rare special ability to talk to the FlowerSans of Kammiea's forests. Long time best friends with RicDo and Peche, she also has another deep hidden ability that will soon be revealed to all within time and she is deeply in love with Ted Loia, misses him lots in the far far far future.    

Leons Hale (LiiChuYaPen): Son of FuSoYa, older brother of Xiao {Yup, Xiao of Dark Cloud, in this she's a ~cute~ kid, she's like 8 in looks } and later on (White Cloud Legacy) he's an engineer, but not as good as Ted and KluYa, it seems, maybe, does not have strong magical abilities but is good at the spear bladed arts of fighting.
Kammiea's Cast:

Arc 1 ☆☆☆☆:

'Good guys'

TaeLoi (Aga) - top engineer/Warrior/big Drunkard

AliceLii - Priestess

Jack - King/Musician

JanisRaa - Queen/Dark Priestess

Sam - bartender, ally

RaKe - an architect

XaiLune - housewife/gardener

AuroraPawa - a Light Caller Witch

'Bad guys'

Lordess LacRiShea - sorceress, Lacrimosa is disguised out to kill her own son, yeah

Shadowkiss - her first underling, General

Hooded Man - LacRiShea's partner, ConSo hidden in black robes


KohSaiXeeTa - a mysterious salesman, he's actually Jack's father trying to stop his ex wife and crazy twin brother, and yes he speaks with a silly accent

Stephano - witness to everything - narrator

Belladonna - watching over Aga and Alice, asked by Stephano since he can't reveal himself, even though she's greatly weakened now
Languages of WCL series:

{{{Alsatiaiin/Kammiian (mostly) words: 

ALouRaii = Kammiian in Alsatiaiin 

ALouu = Kammiea in Alsatiaiin 

Alou'Cee = Black Kammiian in Alsatiaiin

ASeSa--Mii = Silver Lunarian in Alsatiaiin/Kammiian, Seleneian

DuRaSis = Alsatiaiin/Kammiian name of "Entity" (Belladonna)

Nus Xia Tir = Kammiian/Silver Lunarian for "Lacrimosa"

Sil'Mises'Kal'Pel'Jde = Kammiian for "Silver Mistress Kalea Pearl Jade" 

Rue = Possible/Destructible, Mortal, Kamm/Lunar/Vampire

MaRue = Impossible/Indestructible, Immortal, Kamm/Lunar/Vampire

Aga = three, 3, Light, Alsatiaiin/Other (Seleneian)  ((sword etc real world))

Egou = four, 4, Dawn, Alsatiaiin/Other (Seleneian) 

Cgai = five, 5, Dark, Alsatiaiin/Other (Dark Lunarian)

Tagii = six, 6, Dusk, Alsatiaiin/Other (Dragon) 

Trolue = Troubles in Alsatiaiin/ "Demon" (Werewolf)

Luvi = Love, Soul, in Kammiian

Luva'Soe = Spirit Bonded in Kammiian

Un'Luvi'T = Hate, Soulless, in Kammiian

Aurr = Gold made, all three (for now....)

Agie = Silver made, all three (for now....)

Aeuie = Copper made, all three (for now....)

CalliaDeene = Deep Suspended Sleep in Kammiian/Sil Lunar

KalloNuu = Lightning Fast, in Alsatiaiin 

YunNaa--LeeshKa = Capital city of Kammiea, near by Cydonia 

ChannDrawee Lake = A popular lake for swimming [etc.] in YunNaa 

MeKiToo = Kammiian for "The Lunar Whale"

EiSanaKii = a Kammiian bonding (soul/heart) ceremony [basically a wedding]

CecMaiToYa = Kammiian name for Cecilia

SeiSolYa= Kammiian name for Cecil/ Scared Blessed Light

HaeMuttYa = Kammiian for Golbez/Dragon's Shadowed Light

FeRosiYa = Kammiian for Phoenix's Eternal fire}}}

○Sil Lunar (purely) words: 

Lun'Na'Mee = Ashley's home world 

Ii'TashLa = A magical bracelet/necklace/circlet that can scan high energy levels 

ReHasy = Doorways

LeHasy = Archways

YenSai = Goddess

YonSui = God

YunSoi = Deity

Jhet'Leya--Maa = Her Grace, etc.

Jhat'Leyo--Mii = His Grace, etc.

Kaistra = Hell, The Abyss, (religious term), Shit, Fuck, Damn, Whore (swear term) 

KaiSlra = Heaven, Land of Peace, Light Realm

ViccTa = Power, Active, On, Off

Clie = Light

Clia = Darkness

Clio = Twilight

Cliu = Dusk

CliXiAo = Dawn

CliYae = Shadow

Rei'Tu = Alert

Ken--Dia = Intruders

Ro'Ve = Pain, Loss, Loneliness, Scared, Nightmares

Za'elis = Dreams 

Za'elis'Suo = Daydreams

Vami'Ose = Confusion 

AmaShe = High Sage

MaShe = Sage

She'Mi = Sage in training, Sagelok

TatoRa = Wait, Stop, Hold, Stay

KyRe ZoTar YenSen = Pray to the Pure Lights and Rejoice

NamSeAii = Hello, Hi, Hey

NamSeUaa = Goodbye, Farewell, Later 

Nas'SaDa'Ne = Silver Lunarian for "Cat Peoples; eg, Nekos, Nekoens"

ViLettTii = Prayer

Fe--DessDah Va'I = Fear of understandings

VenTue = Primitives

L'Inrr = Why

Uo'Ru'Lus = The Evils

Lun'Na'Mee Wi'Ei'H = Sil Luna's Hope 

Tel'ish = To Bathe 

N'alo'S Deis = No AI

F'alo Deis = Low AI

Y'alo Deis = Medium AI

C'alo Deis = High AI

Je'Elles = Food like Substances

Dyne'J = Reactors

Ker'Ise'O = Databases

So'Unie'Ma = The Blessed Ones

Su'Onie'Ta = The Cursed Ones

Su'Anie'Sha = The Tainted Ones

Si'Ynoe'Za = The Lost Ones

Ann Ast'Tron--Emma = Holograms; basically 

Kel--NoVarr = Soul bond, Star crossed

Kel--NaVorr = Spell bound, Eternally close, Everlasting

TaVaLon'F = Failings, Failures 

SelEneAa = Crystal Makers

Vesii'Per = Magic, or Magia <Magica>

A--Lam'Phe = A magical sphere

Nev'Seyl = Focus, a life long job, Posts

Affer--Misha = Good luck/Be careful/Keep Safe in Silver Lunar 

Jeem--Ha'Dar'L = Crystals

Sa'La'E = Keys 

Para'A'Ionm = An important person

Sty--leta = equal to Bitch, Bastard, Slut

B'Rebii = Barrier 

HKayMori = History


Aeri = Aero, air magic; Wind like {Winda, Windo, Tornadoira}

ThunRaiEn = Thunder, Lightning like {Boltry, Boltria, Quakery}

Fie'Era = Fira, flame magic, Fire like {Flameo, Flamea, Lavario}

Bliz'ArdJia = Blizzraja, ice magic, Snow like {Icega, Icejia, Waterra}

Holy'Lit'Ea = Holy, Lightria, pure like {Pearlera, Dia}

《Wind = Aira (spell chant - Aeri, then level name)

Thunder = Boltra (spell chant - ThunRaiEn, then level name)

Fire = Burnle (spell chant - Fie'Era, then level name)

Blizzard - Icega (spell chant - Bliz'ArdJia, then spell level)

Holy/Light = Whitejia (spell chant - Holy'Lit'Ea, then spell level name)

Cure spells Lunar version:







Esuna = Osuna

Meteor = Rock-fall

Flare = Duo Flare

Ultima = Tri Ultima

Requiem = Deo Requiem

Life = Rebirthra

Death = Rebornso

Rise/Arise = Rerise》

Ali--Shana Lacie = Ashley's mother's name 

Va'Lie Lacie = Ashley's father's name 

SeNa'Ki Lacie = Ashley's neice's name, thus she's Kalea's cousin, Sikkia's rencariantion

Lee--SoMai'Ta = Name of TinSouRee's husband 

TinSouRee = Name of a powerful Miko (Priestess) 

BarZennDao = name of the Tin's Keeper, her Ally 

KanEoSenna = name for a very famous researcher

JhenZi = Teacher of Magics/singings/dancings/Mlee Combat classes

Doe--MarLae = Name for Lun'Na'Mee's capital city/Palace, Fortress 

Doe'M = Lae's Holy Knights, Platinum Soldiers, or Lae Warriors

El'eCrona = A city dignified for it's musical arts

Tae'Vaa--Roie = A village surrounded by a forest mostly made of many colored crystals 

Sri--ValStahlie = Another city dignified for many study on magics/other worlds, eg Dimensions ○
Working on art for Light is Eternity today:

Here's the cast list journal link:…
Til is the former Hero of the Spirit Atlamillia and a Guardian of Kammiea's Silver Goddess: Kalea Pearl Jade.
His world has been peaceful for many years until an unseen hidden dark force suddenly threatens Kammiea.

Suddenly Til finds his fate forever intertwined with a group of young souls who must risk their lives to save their world or all will be lost.  

Can their world be saved or will it all be consumed forevermore by the darkness?

Find out in the “World of Kammiea”!

To help with visuals:

Prologue -  

       The Rose Manor, once named Cydonia Castle, was once a very beautiful sky high, pale red rose crystal colored castle of great marvel and structure, now a dead lack luster shade of it's old former shine, floating in the dark endless void, with only those aligned to the Silver Godddess herself and some friends now living there, it's fate is about to change, thanks to a set few, whose destinies will reshape it's tragic future.

Til Toan Pendragon, one of her lady's ever immortal Guardians, the second strongest amongst them all and only 27 years in looks, was in her study, the drawing room portion, lined with artworks, cleaning up trash-balls when he noticed a dark spot under the staircase that lead up to her bedroom, where she currently slept, he decided to check it out quickly, then get back to his taskes at hand, so he approached closer slowly kneeling downwards.    

His gloved fingers had slowly encountered a small gap in the now cracked flooring, which allowed him to lift up the small dull marble made panel beneath the crystallized built staircase above. Below there was a fairly large dark cavity. Til plunged his hand in, and grabbed out a long flat cold object. After having brought it back into the light, he observed all the details. It was a framed portrait made of some precious really old glimmering wood.        

He had never seen the man before whom was represented in this now long ancient painting, but the portrait gave him a strange impression of great familiarity.  Who was this youthful man with short yet rebellious pale-tan, powder-blue highlighted hair, with large bright sparkling silver-blue tinted eyes, a fair complexion, a face of purity and rare perfection, with an angelic expression that his ironic smile so strongly denied?
He must have once been a strong warrior, as noted by the large fancy sword on which he leaned on with a nonchalant elegance indicated as his back was against a pillar. His clothes were made of orange tones, gold, milk brown silks with pitch black ends, a heavy cape of soft faded violet, silver trimmed velvet hung on his neck by a deep ruby crystal gem in cased ​​clasp that concealed His left arm and his legs fully.    

Til soon raised his head up. He was no longer in the drawing room of the Manor in Kalea's study area of the right-wing tower, but in a translucent, thick walled almost glass made grotto of pure incomparable brilliance. Around him was an immense city with blue-silver-ish reflections spread out wide, full of noises and various peoples all about, like ocean waves.  

The far off distance architecture was incredibly fine and of a true serene purity, the buildings seemed to be carved by the hands of a deity or an artist or maybe even magic itself, lots of glittering jewels decorated the structures adorned with slender white marble, garnet, and crystal pearl bead lined columns alike, in the heart of it all was a huge floating red crystal built structure like a grand palace with flowerbeds at its base. Through the sheer ceiling of the cave, Til could see the closely immense "two twin" moons slicing against a deep starry sky of translucent dark blue velvet. The cracklings of silver, gold, blue, pink, and green energies traveled around in the air above his view in streams, a bit further out from there was a gorgeous serene near perfect circular lake.           

The ground itself was milky white and yellow orange, almost a copper or rust gold like in color, covered with iridescent reflections, and sometimes indistinct shapes appeared for a moment before changing into tiny specks of many sparkles that shifted in many colors like a rainbow. A musical tone resounded in the near distance, a magnificent, gorgeous, light crystalline song, which soon filled Til's heart with such great joy and peace. Here the air seemed to be filled with thousands of perfumes and happiness, the soul felt a deep profound peace and seemed to melt into an eternity.    

Til had soon closed his eyes to feel the intensity of the mere moment more intently as he leaned back a bit, but then when he had opened them again, the man from the very portrait, that he no longer had in hand now, was right in front of him as he stood still breathless in sheer surprise and wonder as his eyes went wide.  

A thought then entered his mind, as he breathed in calmly and got back up. Wait. Just when or rather where in all of existence was he now!?  

While Til was with the unknown strange man at the hidden ancient grotto. At the lake on the outskirts of town, something was happening to a group of five close friends, as a bright light surrounded the whole area.
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