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The old church near the river

By Kaldrinn
I wanted to depict another peaceful scene in Kaélis suburbs, here is an old little church in a very green and peaceful zone during autumn :meow:
And also for the ArtGuild 's monthly challenge "Traditional / Folk" ! :)

Kalisia went here to enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of such a serene place, and draw and note things in her sketchbook of dreams :D

I tried a new painting style here, and I like it :D Also learned to make trees better !

I wasn't satisfied with how it turned out at first, and it was hard to get it right, especially Kalisia's face, it's so particular and precise and hard to get right x) (Didn't manage to >o< ) but in the end, even if it's pretty sketchy, the mood and details are here and I like it ! Love the color palette :heart:

Want to use this picture ? Ask me and first !

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wow j'aime beaucoup le décor ici!
Et surtout les couleurs que tu as utilisées :D
Kaldrinn's avatar
Merci beaucouuuup :huggle:
J'ai essayé de donner un ton chaleureux style début d'automne coloré :D
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I love this piece of yours, Kaldrin! The vegetation ended up looking great! You did an awesome job! :D
Kaldrinn's avatar
Aaaah thank youuuu Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] :heart: 
PictureOnProgress's avatar
It must be quite daring to start sketching stuff while sitting on the edge of a tall building o:
I hope Kalisia has very good balance.
Kaldrinn's avatar
Not that much I think, I already did it, and it's not that tall, falling from here wouldn't hurt her that much :D
But she has a good one I guess, she's a little sporty ;P
PictureOnProgress's avatar
Then that's a tiny church indeed.

Sporty lady! O:
Kaldrinn's avatar
Yeah it's not as high as churches you commonly find in villages in real world :D
Still a pretty impressive building though :)

Yeah, a little xD And her boyfriend is very sporty so she got influenced x)
PictureOnProgress's avatar
I wonder if that means very few people can enter .-.

Makes sense. People who you are close to can influence your behaviour.
Kaldrinn's avatar
I don't know, it's an old kinda abandoned church :)
It was left here because of how beautiful it was and the atmosphere it was giving to the place :D
PictureOnProgress's avatar
Ah, then it probably doesn't matter :o
Makes sense. There's a couple of old structures around the capital I live in for similar reasons.
Dark4nge1's avatar
This is so sweet and I haven’t seen anything quite like it before Clap Hug 

How did you know where to put her so that it would turn out so beautifully? :D (Big Grin) 
Kaldrinn's avatar
Thank youuu :huggle:
I just did it as I saw it in my mind :D
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