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DDR Arrow Cursor Skyblue Edn

A year ago, I was looking on DA for a DDR arrow cursor... couldn't find what I wanted!!! So, I decided to make my own! :D

Found the image off of google cut it out and blah,blah,blah finally after lots of hours of resizing... the finished product!

Yet again~ Non-animated caz animated cursors use alot of ram -__-;

Other Editions:


To install - (Windows XP)

1. Download the ddr arrow file
2. Unzip to where ever you want or C:\WINDOWS\Cursors
3. Then go to Control Panel > Mouse >
4. Choose "Pointers" tab
5. Double click each of the pointer type you would like to change!
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But... this is incredible!! Why are there not many other comments?! D:

Well done, dude ^_^
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ment " :XD: "wrong emotion icon XDDD