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Liquid Crystal Consciosness
Isolated behind this glass
I watch without tears
As my lonely life passes;
A story I've heard,
once long ago,
Trapped behind a glass sheild
That blocks out all the pain.
Only the lives lived in crystal
the liquid crystal consciousness
Can bring my soul back to my eyes.
Their lives are so real, but distand,
So my guard drops,
Their fears and passions consume me,
Moving me in a way my own life cannot.
In this tower of stillness
where I feel no pain,
The rays of light from the screen
can still pierce my heart.
A river of tears falls from my eyes
as my mind cries out...
For the arms of a figure I can never embrace.
Why there is no feeling in this life I despise
I do not know, but,
without the fictitious creatures
that live in the screen
there would be nothing left of my life
from which I could take any meaning.
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Children, listen...
...and the world is full of children
who've forgotten how to grow,
simply seeking out attention,
in attempts to feel whole.
In the madness of this playground
I've managed to realize
that there's no one here to raise us,
we each will live and die.
Though the ages of the children
range from none, past 103,
there's not a single soul among us
that will ever seem adult to me.
We have children for our rulers
never learning how to share,
treating other human beings
like mere toys, things unaware.
We have children for our parents,
For if you've never seen their tears
then they've not yet lost their parents,
Who in turn, just have more years.
Everyone wants coddled,
to be picked up, held, adored,
and while responsibilities are shouldered,
we all wish to put them down once more.
In the end there are no answers,
only guesses of small minds;
the fairy-tales of children
that have no parents left to mind.
They tell us there's no Santa.
They tell us there's no God.
But what is real, and what is ficti
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Waters of the World
Another day we struggle
to keep our raft afloat,
not seeing all the others
Who've completely lost their boats.
It's hard for us to reach them,
These other souls in need;
In reaching out we unbalance
The safety we've achieved.
Bailing water by the gallon,
We keep our nostrils clear,
But smell the salt inside the sea,
Our soaked clothes remind us it is near.
And we're all here drowning
In the deep waters of our daily needs,
Never progressing, never moving,
As we bail water constantly.
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In the depths of my depression,
You're my only source of light;
A single spark in this darkness,
I need you to be bright.
Don't let your light be dimmed by fears
Or any sense of doubt,
Keep it bright and to your light,
My true self will be drawn.
In my need I may once fear
That light which may first burn,
But once I've finally reached you,
We both can be reborn.
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Your lips were sweet and silver
As the light glared off their sheen
At once both soft, but firm
With your tongue dashing in between.
With my eyes tied to them tightly
Your skin was all quiver
As my lips passed down your spine,
Each soft kiss caused a shiver,
Your moaning told me you were mine.
With the sheets gathered neatly
in a pile full of knots
I lay beside you, happy
I could kiss away bad thoughts.
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My Mistress
I mistook you, my mistress
For a thing of flesh and bone.
I never seemed to realize
You also felt alone.
As my lips crossed your boundaries,
As we melted, skin to skin,
The only thought inside my head
Was, "Let's do this again."
I cared only for your pleasures
Superficial, physical, free...
And I abused your body's assets
To appease a superficial need.
In my angst I suffer
As you surely suffer still
Not having a single answer;
My greater needs unfulfilled.
I mistook you, my mistress
For a thing of flesh and bone
That I may hide my questions,
And pretend I'm not alone.
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I cut myself on paper
So that no one sees the wounds
And I will not be left wondering
If my life ended too soon
But I still awake each morning
Wondering how long I’ll be here,
Each day seems so much longer
Than the months that passed last year…
“You’ll be fine.”
Said the great divine,
“All your troubles fade away;
If you take my hand
I’ll help you understand
This mad world and all its ways.
Should you come to me
Then it all will be
Great for all eternity.”
But I just shook my head
Turned away and said,
“That’s a bit too long for me.”
You know the hardest thing to cope with
Is the fact that it all ends.
There is no way to appeal,
There’s no way to make amends.
And the whole world is left crazy
Because the moments are aligned
So that people urge their passing,
Yet wonder why they have no time.
As I walked away
From the gods that play
With our feeble mortal minds….
A chill ran through my hand
As I realized
All our lives have
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This is how you repay me?
In falling tears and shattered dreams?
I gave you all my feelings
But in the end you’ve failed me.
I stood strong in your presence
But I no longer feel you there…
Now I’m left here; now I’m drowning
In this ocean of my fear…
At one time our lives were perfect,
During that time we did no wrong.
The world around seemed untroubled
And the problems were just gone…
I closed my eyes just for a moment
And suddenly saw the truth,
When I’m with you I am blinded
Look at the world; there is your proof.
While we’re lost inside your faded glory
The world is suffering outside
We crawl inside ourselves and smother
All of mother nature’s cries.
But she’s not the one that’s screaming,
It’s the people crying too
For this world’s unjustness settles
On the many, not the few.
This is how you repay me?
In falling tears and shattered dreams?
I gave you all my feelings
But in the end you’ve failed me.
I stood stron
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Christmas in Los Angeles
We sing from the valley,
We sing in the cold,
We sing because we’re merry,
And our tales we’ve now told,
We sing this as we’re leaving,
We’ll be now on our way,
We’d love to stay longer,
But we’re too cold to stay…
Fare thee well to the baker,
Fare thee well to the store,
Fare thee well to the waiter,
The mall and the store,
We will miss you all greatly,
As we go now and sing,
We will carry our presents
Through this cold Christmas eve’.
It has dropped below 60
And we’ve bundled up tight,
But we’re freezing our buns off
On this cold winter night.
As the sun goes down slowly,
We tremble with dread,
It’s so cold, the high 50’s,
So frost’s now a threat.
Fare thee well to the baker
Fare thee well to the store,
Fare thee well to the waiter,
The mall and the store,
We will miss you all greatly
As we go now and sing,
We will carry our presents
And wish for the spring.
We have sung of the praises
Of the newly born king,
He was bor
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What's Left of the Real World
Sleepless nights I find online
Bring naught but pain when waking time
Comes round to force me out of bed,
Woe upon my weary head...
Soon I'll travel far away,
Where the internet will not hold sway
Over my sleep and hours of day...
Till then I'll work to stop on my own...
But my veins reach out
For the Ethernet wire,
I can't help but plug in
In my quest to be higher,
I sit and stare without a care
For what's left of the real world...
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Your Wings Are Mine
One day we’ll fly
When your wings are mine.
Living in the brightness of childhood’s sunny days
Never having a worry, always finding the time to play.
We had everything in life that we could ever need.
Our parents’ love and affection flowed through me.
Oh what a sight, the car’s bathed in light,
Dad turned his head, looked at me and said (I love you son),
As he turned the wheel, the tires did squeal,
One moment that night put out my life’s light.
Trapped in this darkness I’ll never see the brightest day
Or be able to shed it forever and find a reason to stay in this world.
Wrapped up in this torment, my loneliness blocks my view,
If only I could find a way to open myself to you…
All our dreams will come to an end
Until I open myself again.
Looking through the darkness at the light outside,
I see my friends and love them despite the emotion’s tide
Even though I seek them I keep myself tucked away
Waiting for someone to reach me, once again teach me
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I want to come and get you;
To hold you in my arms,
Get you walking down your life's path,
And help you to move on,
But the passion of my longing
Has been dowsed by tears I've cried,
The waiting's brought me problems;
It's as if my chance has died...  
So I'm sitting here and thinking
That I've got to move along,
To a slightly stronger shelter,
Find a place that I belong.
And I'd love to take you with me,
But I do not know the way,
So I'll stumble, often blindly
Into terrors every day.  
I think you'd bring me comfort,
And I think you'd help me out,
But the way that you've been acting
Has  made these thoughts fall out
As if the droplets of deception,
Became puddles in my mind
That  dissolved my joyful feelings;
With them vanished; just sublimed.
So I'm loathe to share my shelter
Till I know you're on my side
For I'm lost out here, I'm fighting,
Wondering if you'll aid me or just hide.
I've given you some armor,
I've helped you wield your sword,
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Lucky's World
Lucky wanders slowly
Through this world so numb from
All the pains and pleasures
That keep assaulting his mind.
And he stares at the world,
Wonders why he's still here,
As he lights up a joint
And runs a hand through his hair…
He smokes away his pleasures,
Smokes away all his pain,
Smokes away his memories,
He didn't need them any way.
And he's keep up each night
Trapped between his two fears;
Dieing while he's asleep,
Or waking up again here…
Lucky crawls out of bed
Puts his hands on his head
He then cries out in mourning
For the dreams that he had,
As He jumps in the shower,
Tosses on cleanish clothes
Even makes some breakfast;
Just one piece of burnt toast.
-He thinks life's not worth it
He wonders why he even tries
But he wipes off his tears
His fear displayed in his eyes
He then jumps in his car
And he heads off to work
Sitting on the freeway
His last nerve starts to jerk.
When he finally makes it
Just a few minutes late
He decides it's not worth it
But goes in anyways…
His boss m
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Carnival of Faith
I sat down holding your picture today; destruction was my goal
And the tears in my eyes start falling on your face
And when I saw you smear it made me want to cry some more...
This world is just a dream
And somehow it all has been
Another set up stage
In this carnival of faith
As I cried over you
I cried for all the things you do
But in the end...
The tent will fall down.
When I met up with you, when we had nothing left to do
We held eachother's hand, helping each of us to stand
Despite the raging wind the world kept blowing
trying to knock us down...
And then the strangest thoughs headed straight into my head
That I would always have you, I'd never again be sad
But then you turned away, you broke the mold that shaped your clay
And I fell back into the beating... prison of my heart
The circus packed its bags, tossed my cage onto a flat
And pulled away as fast as the tent post became the mast
The fabric fades away as the ship sets sail to the west
We go away... Till another day...
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Walking life's path can be hard day to day,
Sometimes he tires of making his way,
Giving in to the troubles
Brought on by the world,
He falls and he lingers,
He moves on no more,
Unaware that by lingering
There's much more pain in store.
Breathing the air of defeat and despair,
Confusion surrounds him,
Enticing his fears,
Bringing him memories
He's had now for years,
He falls into slumber,
As he lets out his tears...
His flood of tears falling
Washes out the road,
He looks back at the hatred
He thinks he wasn't owed.
He starts to feel pity,
But feels no remorse,
Despair has left him naked,
As he'll see within due course.
He finds his heart is heavy,
When he sees his path is gone,
The river now before him,
Full of tears he had to cry,
He looks to find the meaning
Or the future, tries to scry.
With no pathway revealed,
He lies down upon the bank,
Reeking as only a troubled soul can,
We see how much his life stank.
Drifting off on the embankment,
He rolls into the waves,
Drown now by hi
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Love Defined
A life of love, a love of life,
A desire for passion,
The concept of happiness.
We wander through our lives,
Looking with hope towards others;
Thinking one day we'll find someone we can hold.
At birth we are given people
With whom we may share our life,
Yet sometimes the bonds are broken,
Through anger, pain, and strife.
A mother holds her child
With such great care,
Yet when danger threatens,
For their protection she can kill a lion,
And not care about the blood
Dripping from her hands.
Safety of the child is all important,
She feeds them and they grow,
Yet as life goes on, the child strives
To find their own seeds to sow.
The bitter battles that cause such pain
To the mother, through her eyes,
You can see her looks begin to wither,
As with each tear, a piece of her dies.
School begins; the child reaches out to the world,
Tears are shed, as the child is led off,
The first time on their own.
The sacred bond between mother and son
Is stretched so thin it nearly br
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20 more days.
That's it.

Till the end.
Of course, it's just another beginning, but it's not quite that... it's just more of the same - as all things are, with different palates chosen for each scene.

The textures underneath remain the same - worn, but rough and cruel.
The world remains beneath our feet, our minds lifted high despite gravity's pull.
And where does it get us - these heads in the clouds?
But a Utopian vision we can never achieve - as the rocks remain rocks, the sand remains sand, and all is shifting, always, regardless of our personal whims?

The concrete and the theories are all one and the same...  Perceptions of a fiction that none of us agree is true, but we've come to believe in it anyway.
There are those with physical prowess, or weapons and numbers at their disposal, that seek to control the rest of what is malleable in this world...
And there are those that may be molded, and those that will resist...

I may finally be at the point that I break.  
And in 20 days, we'll find out what kind of clay I am...  That which can be molded, that which will stand up to the abuses posed to it, or that which will break.
Despite already feeling broken.  Despite my world view laying in scattered shards.
Despite the ending of the world I thought I knew, and the birth of a world I wish to have never known.

And that's just how it is...
Another day, another hour... another moment to live... to thrive.
Or to attempt to thrive and be oppressed by those that tell me I am free.
But what is freedom when one must answer to another - seek permission to do all things?
The mixed signals boggle me, and all I can do is try to stand despite the turbulence...
Rise above this shaky ground and find somewhere solid to build a place to live...

But that's not practical.  Not realistic.  And in the end, stability comes with a higher cost than the things I've lost to the shifting sands...
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  • Reading: The works of Lysander Spooner
  • Watching: Milkdrop visuals
  • Playing: With the loose threads of the world


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Born in 1982 (because I don't update this enough to put a numberical age) in Ohio, I've... lived.
Unlike a lot of people - I've actually lived my life. I've been to a lot of places, experienced a lot of things, and I've profited (emotionally and spiritually - though not always financially) from all of it.
I write poetry. Or I did. An I REALLY want to start (continue? Pick up again) writing music.
Soon. Really.


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