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Piranha Plant Revisited Head

My Piranha Plant sculpture's head.

In creating it, I based my design on this question: Had it been based on a real living plant, what would it look like?

I used clay, a strengthened wire skeleton and a special mix of acrylics to get the right appearance of flesh (particularly the inside of the mouth).

To see a making-of vid, click here: [link]

For a full photo set, click here: [link]
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Sep 5, 2009, 12:08:18 PM
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spyinglunatic's avatar
That is freaky how the textures match up as well and everything. Like it looks terrifying in my opinion. Well done!
Saddust's avatar
Awesome. You don't sell them ?
Sparrow9612's avatar
Kalapusa, if they make a new live-action Mario movie, they need to hire you for the creature shop. You would definitely get at least a nomination for special effects. You've made the piranha plant quite scary here.
Kalapusa's avatar
Thanks, Darth-Silas! :)
Sparrow9612's avatar
You are very welcome.
II-edison-II's avatar

It looks so real with all the wetness in it's mouth and stuff.

You really need to get into designing... this would look great in some sort of Alton Towers Mario ride lol (if they make one...)

hoppytoad79's avatar
Fabulous! SO glad I will never meet one of these in reality!
Indigo-'s avatar
Wow... How tall is it?
LuisFerrari's avatar
OMG THIS IS AMAZING :D I loved it :D That seems to be SO hard XD
SpyralEyed's avatar
Absolutely amazing surfacing and texture!!!
UVERwolf's avatar
Really Awesome!!!!
I love it!
MY GOD!!! this is crazy!
Amazing job!
ADiN4Brawl's avatar
lol this was in nintendo power!! ^-^
SkellingtonGhost's avatar
you know if you want to make more scary plants i got an idea try the deku baba from legend of zelda the one from twilite prinses is scarer =D
BD-666's avatar
I was just on NG and saw the vid for this. Freaking awesome! I really like the life-like look to it.
foxhound421's avatar
this is incredible! scary as hell!!
Virtual-Blue's avatar
Just Wow!

A few of these in the garden: no need to worry about burglars!
stokerbramwell's avatar
I found this through your Youtube video Just wow. This is awe-inspiring work.
tainted-dark's avatar
Awesome O.O hey i want to suggest it as a DD where would i send it ?
Kalapusa's avatar
Here ya go: [link]

Thanks! ;)
FrodoBacchi's avatar
That is a great job!
AlanEsunPirataArghh's avatar
MotherPeace's avatar
Wow... were u sober when you did this? lol. its awesome. if sumone was jus randomly walkin around trippin and stumbled across it i bet theyd fuckin freak the hell out! lol.
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