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About Me

Mon Apr 27, 2009, 10:49 AM
I'm not a professional artist.

My name is Teresa, and I'm a master's student in statistics and stochastic modeling at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  My money comes from being a teaching assistant to undergraduate classes there; I usually have anywhere between 60 and 80 undergraduates a quarter who are "mine". :mwahaha:

I don't do art for money.  I'm delighted if folks want to buy prints, but that's not why I make art.  I make art because I want to make things I think are beautiful.  

Probably the closest I've ever come to being a professional artist was in 2006-2007, when I was the semi-official photographer for the Department of Mathematics & Statistics and for Phi Kappa Phi at CSU Chico.  Photography is perhaps my "best" medium in general, in that I come closest to producing the kind of things I want to produce in that medium.

The fact that I don't make money off my art doesn't keep me from trying to improve.  I regularly attend live painting tutorials with le-mec, I hang out in #DigitalMedia and #DigiBrush and listen to the wisdom there, and I take technical criticism on my work very seriously.  

It's just not my primary or even secondary activity in life.  During a busy quarter, I may produce absolutely no paintings.  I may not even pick up a pencil for any purpose other than statistical derivations.  So sometimes it feels like my art creeps ahead at a snail's pace.  That's okay---I've accepted that.

One result of being completely aprofessional in my art is that I don't really have any need to do "saleable" things.  I can produce fanart and fanfiction without feeling at all bad about it---because I have no desire to ever use those skills professionally.  As a result, a lot of my art and writing is in at least some way connected to a fandom or a game or something similar---especially my writing.

Yup.  Especially my writing.  What probably most of my watchers here on deviantART don't know is that I have three epic-length fanfics in progress, each from a different fandom.  As of last count, I think I've written over 400,000 words in the last two years, the vast majority by hand.  I have no intention of posting those on deviantART, mostly because I dislike the format for writing here; I prefer to only post short stories/poems on here.  Feel free to drop me a comment if you're curious and want the link(s), though :lol:

There's a lot of other things I could write about---I'm Lutheran, I'm a vegetarian, I like cats, I dislike snails---but I think that's enough for now.

May the Force be with you---always. :D


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Help stop cruelty

Thu Feb 19, 2009, 1:58 PM
One of the amazing photographers I watch just posted this journal.…

The short version is, people are holding a coyote killing contest, with prizes for youngest killed, oldest killed, et cetera.  I'm astonished and appalled that things like this exist.

This community is dependent on tourism dollars.  Please help tell them how much the rest of the world objects to this kind of cruelty to wild animals.  There's an email address there in the journal that you can write to.

Thank you.


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Twilight, the Movie (light spoilers)

Sun Nov 23, 2008, 8:41 PM
So, me and my friend went to see Twilight at the Sunday morning showing today.

We had loads of fun, although it's a bit of a story.

You see, I'd seen on the news that there were insane lines for the Friday showings, and I knew a bunch of younger folk who were planning to see it Sunday morning as well.  I'd bought tickets for us online, so I wasn't too worried about that part... but I distinctly remember queueing for two hours for a showing of The Phantom Menace, like, a week after it opened.  Also, the last time I bought tickets online, I actually had to wait in the same line as the people who were buying tickets at the door (grr).  So I thought we'd best get there early.

This being me, I went a little overboard on what "early" meant.  This is partially because I have a history of getting lost in San Jose (ask my friend Teddy how often we've driven by the county jail...) and partially because I'm just paranoid like that.

So I got up at 6am, showed up at Teddy's house at 7:45 am, and we pulled into the movie theatre parking lot at about 8:25am.  Went in, saw there were automated ticket-pick-up kiosks, got our tickets.  Went back out, checked the door, and saw that the mall (in which the theatre was located)... didn't open until 11.  At which point we were like "uhm... wtfbbq?"

So anyway, we left, and got McDonalds for breakfast.  Then we read the tickets and realized "Uh.  Wait.  The movie starts at 10:45.  They must be planning to open at least the area around the theatre before 11am."  So we drove back over, went and stuck our heads in the door (still unlocked) and discovered that there were some other people sitting around, so we went ahead and got our stuff and went in.

Now, I'd planned ahead for possibly having this sort of wait, so I brought my laptop, and DVDs.  So we got to curl up on some surprisingly-comfy benches in the foot court and watch Torchwood.  Mmm, Jack.  Mmm, Ianto.

Anyway, eventually it got to be nearly time for the movie (where by nearly I mean, like, 10:10), so we put the stuff away and went into the movie theatre.  Got really good seats.  Bought some popcorn.  Sat around and made snarky remarks about the ads---which didn't have sound, so it wasn't like we were really competing with anything by adding our own soundtrack.

Anyway, eventually the movie started, and it was... special.  The dialogue was bad enough in the book (if you've read it, you know what I mean) and they made a really good attempt to make it better for the screen.  But... still fail.  Also, there were clearly some points where Robert (Edward) wasn't... er... thinking with the head on his shoulders, if you catch my drift.

Charlie stole the show, in my opinion.  He was absolutely spot-on as the dad who is just a little lost by what to do with this daughter who's suddenly showed up.  I was a little unhappy with how Bella's actor played out the scene where she storms out of Forks, but... he was there, man.  And the actor who played Bella's mum was great, too, for the few bits of her we saw.  Jacob was also good, as was Billy.  The folks playing the rest of the high school students were... painfully high school.  Which I guess is a good thing.

And now, the vampires.

First off, I have to say, if I was a vampire (at least, Meyer's kind of vampires) I would totally drift every curve.  At least, when there weren't cops around.  I mean, seriously, nearly-invincible, super-strong, super-fast reflexes.  Dude.

One problem they had with the vampires was that Meyer... clearly must have failed physics, or something, because her characters all act (at least when the vampires around) like they have no mass, or at least no inertia (Dear Ms Meyer: If Edward actually did that with Bella, she'd have more broken bones than just a leg.  Kthxbai) and of course they're trying to film this with actors who have real mass.  So a lot of the special-effects scenes were a little bit of fail.  Although, the early scenes with the three bad vamps were really really cool.  I thought the early hunting scene with one of the Cullens was a little over the top, though.  Or possibly just way too long for my tastes.

Anyway, we made the whole thing better by providing our own commentary, MST3K style.  It was hilarious.  Now I want to see it again just to laugh at it all over again.

In that vein, I have two comments.

1.  Edward's makeup.  Oh, my god.  I understand the whiteface (vamps = pale) but DEAR GOD THE EYELINER.  AND THE LIPSTICK.  Please, someone put GothEmoBoy out of his misery now.  (I suppose Carlisle tried.  Props to him.)

2.  The sparkly.  The first scene where Edward sparkles was handled quite well, I thought.  Of course, we made snarky comments, but what do you expect?  HE'S BLINKING SPARKLING AT US.  But.  Then.

He went back in the sun.


My friend and I just about died laughing.  Seriously.

Also, James is hawt.


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Grad school is tiring. Also, rainy.

Sat Nov 1, 2008, 6:30 PM
Graduate school is turning out to be very tiring.  There isn't all that much work, but it's all so inconveniently scheduled, and none of it is very interesting (yet.  I keep hoping it improves).

Santa Cruz is wet and rainy.  Luckily it hasn't been rainy during the day very much yet, but today it poured all day.  I stayed indoors.

The bright point of my week, though, was having the Doctor run in front of my car on Friday.  I think she was on her way to class.

I think possibly this says something about my life that that was the high point of my week.

:boogie: Kiriban at 15,000! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:


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So, about a month ago, I went looking at the presidential candidates' policy proposals.  As I expected, I preferred Obama's over McCain's.

But there was a bit of a hole in Obama's education proposals.  I found the link to send in a suggestion, spent some time to write something up neatly, and sent it in.  I tried to explain why it would be beneficial to society and to the economy in the long run.  A few days later, I got a response saying basically "thank you for your time, we appreciate your suggestion and are considering it".  Didn't think much about it, figuring it was standard boilerplate.

Tonight I was watching the debate, chatting with a friend on Skype, when they started talking about education.  Sat back to listen.

and then I jump out of my chair, because HOLY FUCKING CRAP, OBAMA'S PROPOSING (a version of) MY IDEA.

I am now totally stoked.  Maybe I wasn't the only one who sent in a similar suggestion, but HOLY CRAP.  A candidate for the President of the United States actually listened to me (and possibly others) and then used my/our ideas.

That... just totally sold me on voting for him.  I'm sorry, but someone who(se campaign) actually listens when some nobody grad student writes in a comment....


Totally stoked.

Also, having flashbacks to that West Wing episode where Josh and Toby meet the dude in the bar who has the daughter visiting Notre Dame.  Because, I really thought candidates who actually listened to real people were , y'know, fictional.

Still totally stoked.

:boogie: Kiriban at 15,000! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:


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Painting WIP: Hold My Hand

Tue Aug 19, 2008, 5:01 PM
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:boogie: Kiriban at 15,000! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:

Well, I have this painting.  It's Doctor Who fanart.  I admit it, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Ten/Rose shipper.   I originally started for the 8 Days A Week contest.  It didn't get done for it.  Oh well.

But I've been uploading WIP versions of it every few hours of work-time, so I thought I'd make a journal where (a) I can find them all easily, and (b) you can get an idea of my workflow and stuff.

Hold My Hand: WIP1 by kalany  Spent a while on the sketch, trying to get a good sense of their faces.
Hold My Hand: WIP2 by kalany Basic background.
Hold My Hand: WIP3 by kalany Greyscale Rose.
Hold My Hand: WIP 4 by kalany Starting to color Rose.
Hold My Hand: WIP 5 by kalany Softened the face a little on recommendation from some #DigitalMedia folks.
Hold My Hand: WIP 6 by kalany Starting to greyscale in the Doctor.
Hold My Hand: WIP 7 by kalany Starting to color the Doctor.
Hold My Hand: WIP 8 by kalany Fixing the Doctor's face: round 1
Hold My Hand: WIP 9 by kalany Face fixing: Round 2.  Managed to make Rose worse.
Hold My Hand: WIP 10 by kalany Fine detail for the Doctor's clothes.  The Doctor looks reasonable; Rose still looks... wrong.


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Thu May 15, 2008, 8:10 AM
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:boogie: Kiriban at 15,000! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:

I think we've been watching too many Netflix DVDs.  I've been having really vivid dreams, all of them a little... special.

Here's the one from last night.

I got hired by the Democratic National Committee/President Bartlet to write computer simulations to figure out who voters would vote for given certain variables, so that the Bartlet administration could manipulate the economy to get a decent democrat elected.

We've just determined that, given the current state of the economy, we cannot have a clear electoral college winner, and Bartlet's going a bit mad, when aliens decide to take over Earth by hacking into the internet and turning all flash applications (esp. games) into some sort of mind-sucking device.  Turns out all of Bartlet's speechwriters plus CJ Craigg and Josh are all members of the American version of Torchwood, and I sort of get dragged along with them by virtue of being in the room at the time and making an intelligent suggestion.   They decide someone with my skills (in the dream they needed me to build a Charlie-style simulation so they could find its point of origin) and drag me along.  Oh, and there's a film crew running around filming for some sort of documentary, just to make it all more surreal.

So anyway, we've gone to the White House slash their version of the Hub so Josh can brief the President (who has conniptions) and the rest of us can start doing something about the alien incursion when who should show up but the 9th Doctor and Rose.  The Doctor starts running around the White House irritating Leo and Donna (Bartlet's rather fascinated but also kinda pissed), but Rose manages to get sucked in by the alien mind-sucking thing when she tries to check her email.   This rather pisses the Doctor off, and then while under control of the alien mind-sucking thing she wanders into our Hub.

Well, you see, we sort of stole the Cyberman conversion unit from Torchwood Three, and we've been trying to modify it so that we can convert the severely physically disabled without modifying their brains, and give them a useful life.  Instead of giving them mental bodies, and transplanting their brains, we transplant the whole body into like big huge machines and stuff.  And who should manage to wander in and trip the conversion cycle, but Rose.

So anyway, Rose gets turned into a giant anthropomorphic walking low-income housing unit.  Yes, you read that right.  And of course the Doctor has a fit about this.  But Rose is quite happily wandering the countryside providing low-income housing and fighting for civil rights, and is arguing with the Doctor that she can't just get deconverted because then there'd be a whole bunch of people without housing.  The Doctor was not best-pleased, and was running around yelling at the rest of us to do something, and rather mad at us for doing something to her brain, which really the conversion shouldn't've, unless it was some weird side-effect of being converted while under the alien mind-sucking device's control.  And Rose is yelling that she's just fine thanks and perfectly sane but we can't just go de-converting her, and will we please listen, and there's a film crew trying to document this all for a PBS special and getting everyone even more irritated.

And that's when my alarm went off.


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Cool contest

Wed Apr 16, 2008, 8:23 PM
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:boogie: Kiriban at 15,000! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:

I wanted to pimp this out:…

Basically, the idea is to draw obscure characters that don't get a lot of play.  As a fan of some weird stuff, I think this is a really cool idea.


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Kiriban: 12345

Fri Mar 21, 2008, 11:51 AM
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:boogie: Kiriban at 12,345! Send me a screen-cap if you get it! :boogie:

I think I'm going to offer a kiriban for whoever gets my 12,345th pageview.  Because I can.

If you get it, you get any one(1) of the following:
:bulletpurple: A pencil sketch of the character of your choice
:bulletred: A short Harry Potter fanfic scene of your choice
:bulletblue: Fresh bread, if you happen to live in Chico (or are willing to drive here to pick it up! lol)

So. ...have at it! :D


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UCSC here I come!!

Thu Feb 21, 2008, 9:54 AM
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I just got an acceptance email from UCSC.  They're offering me a 3/4 fellowship.  I'm so excited: they're my top choice of graduate school.  So next year I will be a PhD student in Santa Cruz!

I can't wait!

Of course, I have to graduate first... :faint:


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Cool petition! + otherstuff

Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:30 AM
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aunjuli has a neat petition out that's asking dA to start developing a way for artists to use the dA interface to sell their art.  Not just their prints!  This would be a way to sell the actual paintings and things!

I think this is an awesome idea.  I suggest you go sign the petition over at the ipetition site---put your dA username in the comments.  After you sign it, they'll beg for money, but you don't have to give them anything for your signature to be recorded.

My semester has been going quite slowly.  We're on the 3rd week of classes, now, and so far all of my classes are boring as watching oil paint dry (watching watercolors dry is actually kind of interesting, if you have a long attention span, but this is far worse than that).  I can't really blame the professors---they have to review stuff for students who had the prereqs a long time ago---but it means I have trouble saying awake.  I have some hope that it'll get better after a while, but I wish it'd hurry up.

Why so much fanart recently?  For those of you who don't know, I'm a member of the #PotterShare chat here on dA---that's Potter as in Harry Potter, not as in baked clay---where I'm a Ravenclaw.  Every week, PotterShare has several events for artists, but the one I like to participate in is ACN, Artist Critique Night.  Every week we have (optional) "homework", where we have assignments to do things like capture an emotion, or paint/write/draw using another artist's style.  Because it's PotterShare, I amuse myself by trying to make my homework fanart as often as I can (or as often as I feel like).  I think it's good practice in doing things like keeping characters consistent and recognizable.

You should totally come check out PotterShare and our ACN and our other artist stuff.  ACN is thursday nights at 4pm Pacific (California) time.  It's great fun!


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Tue Feb 5, 2008, 12:45 AM

stolen from MsLauraOlivia!

1) Answer the questions below.
2) Take each answer and type it into dA search. (If no results come up, make the damn answer more simple.)
3) Take the first picture and put its thumbnail under the answer.

1. Age on your next birthday

2. A place you'd like to visit:
Glacier National Park
glacier. by DreamsLostAtSea

3.Your favorite object:
My laptop
New Laptop Owner by JohnSu

4. Your favorite food:
Enchiladas by rhaynes37

5. Your favorite animal:
Naruto Team 7 - kitties by cheenot

6. Your favorite color:
Deep blue
deep blue --finished version by jiuge

7. The place you were born:
seattle by claytes

8. Town you live in:
Chico, CA
Christmas in Chico by kalany <--That's my photo! :giggle:

9. What kind of pet do you have?
Stray cat

10. Name of your love:

11. Your nickname:

12. Your middle name:
Anne Dieu-Le-Veut by GENZOMAN


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Thu Nov 29, 2007, 12:13 AM

On Sunday, November 25, in the evening sometime around 7 or 7:30, I was involved in a serious car accident.  A van forced my vehicle off the road and into a ravine.  My car rolled several times and came to a stop with me pinned under the car, the car's weight on my right hand and my head out the broken driver's side window.  Luckily someone (thank you, whoever you are) saw the accident, stopped, and (I assume) called 911.  They had to shut down the freeway in order to airlift me to the nearest trauma center.  The van did not stop.  Last time I heard, they were still looking for it.

I have a cervical fracture (that's a broken neck vertebra), a fracture in one of my sinuses, 19 stitches and 7 staples in my forehead and hairline, two huge black eyes, swelling and numbness in my right hand, some very unhappy back tendons and muscles, cuts all over my head, face, and forearms, and numerous other bruises, scrapes, and whatnot.  Most of my hair had to be cut off to get me out of the car.

Almost all my things were either thrown from the car or torn and battered out of recognition.  My camera is recognizable but doesn't work anymore.  So far the net sum of the things that survived are me, my purse, my engagement ring, my tripod, my laptop, and a few books, my new keyboard, one change of dirty clothes, two dress shirts and a pair of dress pants, and a few other small items.  I don't know if my lenses survived but most of them make suspicious tinkling noises when they're moved.

I am in a cervical collar, and will be for the near future.  I can't see much between the black eyes and the lack of glasses.  I may not be able to graduate this year because I will have to take incompletes in all my classes.

My fiance is coming out to visit me and help take care of me.  My mom has been trying to take as much time off work as she can, but they're showing at CES this January and they're exceedingly busy.  I may have to Fed-Ex one of my friends a key to my apartment so she can do things like submit my gradebook and take out any rotten food from my fridge.  I don't know when I'll be able to resume my normal life.

Still, I count myself lucky that I'm breathing, typing, and have all ten fingers and toes.  It could have been a lot worse.


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NaFFWriMo update

Tue Nov 13, 2007, 12:51 PM
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Starting word count: 57184
Current word count: 60762
3578 words written to date.

In my defense, I write longhand before I type, so I've actually written quite a bit more.  But I have the feeling I'm not going to get as much done this November as I'd like.  Oh well.


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Free rice, Na...FFWriMo?

Sun Nov 4, 2007, 10:49 PM
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  • Watching: Babylon 5: Signs and Portents
  • Drinking: Pepsi

This is a really, really, REALLY cool game:
:pointr: Free Rice :pointl:
Learn new vocabulary!  Do well on your SATs (or other standardized tests)!  Donate rice to hungry people!  Everybody wins!

There's even a really cool stamp for it!!

I've decided I'm going to try to add 50k words to my fanfic for NaNoWriMo.  For purposes of this, "words" is equivalent to the output of wc. I know that's not the best counter of words, but since the formatting stuff I use (I write in LaTeX, which a document formatting language) causes the word count to be off no matter what I do, I figure I might as well start with the basics.

Of course, the fact that I write longhand before I type---and frequently revise two or three times---means that in actual fact I'll have written a lot more words.  But hey, it's a goal.

So here we go.  Since this is the baseline, the counts will be the same...
Starting word count: 57184
Current word count: 57184

We'll see how I do.


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Uploads, Fanfic,

Fri Oct 26, 2007, 11:19 AM
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I finally started seriously uploading the pictures from my Nevada trip.  I have 1200 pictures from that trip plus several hundred from later local trips that I haven't even started going through.  So there's going to be a lot of photography.  However, I've also started drawing again, so my gallery should start moving again.

If you like Harry Potter, and you like fanfiction, and you like my writing, I'd love it if you could check out my fanfiction story and leave me a comment on this journal telling me what you thought of it.

I'm considering putting together a calendar, and maybe also a specifically-Nevada calendar.  Would anyone like such a thing?  I might even price it way down.  Oh, and if anyone wants prints but can't afford them, I'm willing to discount them---it's just when I'm uploading tens of photos at a time, I always forget to edit the prices.  I need to poke around and see if they have a mass price update tool somewhere.

Moonbeam13 currently has a lovely plan where she'll devwatch people if you comment.  I suggest checking it out. :)

Finally, this is midterm season for me---I've had a midterm every Friday for the last four weeks and I think I'm going to have one every Friday for the next few weeks. :faint: so if I'm slow and update sporadically, that's why.  I realize I'm way behind in replying to your comments---please don't hate me!  I just don't have time to do that, and art, and school! Sorry :(


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Tue Jun 12, 2007, 3:42 PM
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  • Drinking: OrganiMilk


Also, I found a new cool chatroom!  It's specifically for photographers to show off their stuff, and it is low on rules.  I like chatrooms that don't have a lot of stupid rules.


A few updates on me.

First, I chose not to graduate this spring; instead, I'm staying an extra year and picking up the 7 classes I need to get an extra major in pure math and a minor in economics (emphasis on econometrics and forecasting).  Mom found out they were teaching econometrics and forecasting next year and told me I Was Not Graduating :giggle:.

I will be driving and camping from Sacramento to Salt Lake City this July via I-80, US 50, and I-15 (I think--or is it 25?) so I'll be gone for a good portion of late July.  After that, there should be an absolutely humongous update.

Also, I'm still experiencing the bug with the missing messages; if you comment and I don't reply for ages and ages I may not be ignoring you, I may just not be seeing messages this month.  Right now I see them about one day out of seven.

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone who has devwatched me and/or added my deviations to your favorites.


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Eww, bugs.

Mon Mar 12, 2007, 1:19 AM
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Thank you to welfareleech for the subscription!

If I'm not replying to your comments, it's because first I didn't have a sub and was therefore avoiding my inbox like the plague, and now that I have one, the comments aren't showing up at all.  I'm told this is a known bug.

It's a damned irritating one, anyway.

I am still alive.  I am in my final year of college, which for those of you who have gone through this, means you know about how much free time I have.  Currently I also have a nasty head cold.

However, I did find the time to post a new sketch.  Wow.  I'll probably get around to coloring it eventually, so the sooner you post any "omg! his head's on backwards!" type of problems, the more likely I am to actually fix them. :)
Bahzell WIP by kalany

Also, if you need a shot of cute in your day, go check out wazabees's gallery.  OMG the cuteness!


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Happy Easter

Sun Apr 16, 2006, 2:17 PM
:bulletpurple: Now offering prints! :bulletpurple: Commissions no longer available due to sickness.

Christ is risen!
He is risen indeed, alleluia!

Happy Easter, everyone.  Church was fun -- there was a little kid being baptised who thought getting to splash in the font was the most fun thing ever.  He didn't want to get out and get dried!

Then, since I'm an idiot who totally forgot about things like, oh, stores being closed, I went to Taco Bell for lunch.  

The funeral for Leo McGarry (John Spencer) on the West Wing is tonight.  I'm sure I'm going to bawl my eyes out.  I should get my homework done first, but dammit, I wanna finish my book and bake breadsticks and paint and clean house and and and...



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It's not just Americans...

Sun Mar 26, 2006, 6:38 AM
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After talking to a fair number of international kids on dAmn, I've realized that it's not just Americans who are ignorant about the rest of the world.  It's just that Europeans are ignorant about different parts of the world.  Of course kids in Great Britain know where France is.  However:

Canada is not a small country, and it has more than one time zone.  For the love of God, folks.

Also, America has several time zones, and you can (within some amount of approximation) find out which time zone someone is in by looking to see what state they've put in their location, if they have put one.  If I can manage to look up what time zone Guangzhou is in, you can manage to look up what time zone California is in.

Plus!  Believe it or not, just because it's 2 pm in Great Britian doesn't mean it's 2pm all over the world!

Oh, and by the way, not all of California is on the ocean.  Believe it or not, I live in this thing called the "Central Valley", which is across a (small) mountain range from the ocean.  If you don't want me to assume that you wear a beret, live in Paris, and eat lots of cheese because you live in France, do me a favor, and get a clue about the rest of the world too.  Or at least have the sense to google first.



I have a lot more sympathy with people from non-EU countries, like Saudi Arabia or Indonesia or whatever.  I assume that they're just as egocentric as Americans, and their local area probably means a lot more to them than us freaks over here in the Western Hemisphere, who probably think of them in turn as ignorant (insert racial comment here).  However, when the EU folks seem to poke fun at Americans for being stupid and clueless about the world on a regular basis, it would be nice if they educated their own kids to the standards they expect out of Americans.

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