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Queer Inside: Count Me Out by kalany Queer Inside: Count Me Out :iconkalany:kalany 6 1
Doctor. Just Doctor. by kalany Doctor. Just Doctor. :iconkalany:kalany 2 3
A New Life
I should feel more, June thought to herself.
The pastor dragged on and on.  She'd stopped paying attention to what he had to say a long time ago, and just stared at the ground.
That was all right.  She was allowed to look like she was in shock.
I should feel something.  Anything.
The turned-over ground was a different color from the topsoil.  They'd tried to cover it with a mat of fake green grass, but it only sort of worked, and she could see the reddish earth peeking through the gaps and around the edges.  It reminded her of Sam, actually, these last few years, right up to the way it seemed to spread like it had half a mind to take over the audience as well.
He'd been good at taking things over, Sam.
She'd called him her Sam, once, a very long time ago, and he'd called her his June.  Only one of those had turned out to be true.
Her daughter prodded her with a bony elbow, and she started. 
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Life cycle of Dungeness Crab by kalany Life cycle of Dungeness Crab :iconkalany:kalany 2 1 First lace: socks for baby by kalany First lace: socks for baby :iconkalany:kalany 2 2
I'm not good at poetry
I'm not any good at poetry.
When I speak of you, the words don't come
Measured in stanzas and sonnets.
When I look at you, I don't think
Of lilies or daffodils in spring.
Your voice, while mellifluous,
Doesn't make me think of song.
When I look at you, you're all I see,
My world encompassed in a face.
My universe is bounded by your skin,
Which bewitches me with a touch,
That I cannot think of does.
I can't explain the way I feel
When your eyes look up at me
With perfect rhyming similes.
I have no golden metaphors
To express the way your laughter sounds,
For when you laugh, it's all I hear.
No, I'm no good at poetry---
I love you far too much for that.
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The slow entanglement
I believe in love at first sight.
I was prepared for it,
  the strong swift strike,
    the sharp barb to the heart.
I saw the danger,
  Locked it out,
    Denied it entrance.
And when I wasn't looking,
  when the lights were out,
    and the moon was dark,
It stole around the garden wall
  And crept
Like the slow vine that climbs and binds,
It encircled me,
  entangled me,
    enticed me.
And when I wasn't looking,
    Then it struck.
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First Impressions Matter
They say that first impressions matter.  Well---
Mine was homosexuality.
Only gay men are so beautiful,
Correct? The second was when you so frightfully
Glared at me---such penetrating hate
For such little cause!  Had I done
Some grievous wrong unknowing?  It was fate,
I think, for from any other one
So fair I would have disbelieved your troth
When you came to make it---but having viewed
The change to love from terrifying wroth
How could my heart deny you?  I won you
Over, and by winning I am lost.
Never have I so little cared the cost.
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