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Not much to say about this pic, except that I'm not too pleased with it (am I ever?). It was done a few months ago and this is how I imagine Pan would look like as a teenager. Now, I ignored the bandana and changed it into a hair-tie... Also, bear in mind that I've never seen DBGT, so... This Pan can either be a more grown-up version of the Pan you (may) know from there, but she's more likely to be my own version of Pan. And I happen to love the little Pan from the end of DBZ. :aww:

Comments, as always, greatly appreciated.

Pan (c) Akira Toriyama
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Looks more like Note than Pan, but still good work. ^_^
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That's a hot look for her :lovely: 
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I think Gohan will be crying at this momment as his baby girl grows up.
It suits Pan's style.
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Looks alot like Videl. Great work.
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Very nice! I think she looks excellent!
Mecha-Wok7's avatar
Need some boobs, but otherwise pretty cool :)
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XD I think you're right. Thanks for the comment. :D
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She Realy Looks Like Teen Chichi ^^ I realy Like That
GOod JOb!!
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Thank you. Yeah, I think she should look a lot like ChiChi, because the 14-year-old Pan from GT doesn't look cute/mature enough for her age, at least IMO.

Thank you for your comment. :hug:
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You hate this?! I think that its a job of perfection! Now that is future Pan...
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You hate this?! I think that its a job of perfection! Now that is future Pan...
VampireNataliee's avatar
I like DBZ Pan, but I hate DBGT Pan... So, she looks cool on this picture!
kalamitykat's avatar
Same here. Thank you, someone finally understands how I feel. I just don't think GT Pan is pretty enough for a daughter of Gohan/Videl... If that makes any sense. ^^;
VampireNataliee's avatar
I think the same! She is anoying either - I don't now why - Videl and Gohan are cool (and preety), but she is..geez...
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Yeah, I've been told. I haven't watched a single ep of GT and I don't plan to either... I just like to imagine Pan as a sort of young Chi-Chi. Pretty and funny and cool. There's no other way of putting it. ^^;
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Or young Videl :D But she wasn't cool and preety in GT. I like your version;)
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Oh yeah, young Videl. Oops, how could I have forgotten her. ^^;

Thanks. Yeah, I like my version better, too. ;P
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Can you draw Bra-chan too? I like her, but..;)
VampireNataliee's avatar
Don't worry:) Thanks :hug:
kalamitykat's avatar
Okay, I'll try. But it may take a while, since I have a few fanarts I promised to draw for people first. Sorry about that. ^^;
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very cool! she looks better this way!
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