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Just Married Coloured

The coloured version of the Just Married pic of Goku and 'Chi. Yes, it's a re-do of Mamoru and Bunny from the first manga... I thought it would be cute, because I love the couple. ;P

My third attempt at Photoshop. It still came out all wrong. And yup, Goku and 'Chi are more tanned than in the anime (I think I used Sailor Merkur's skin tone) for the tan and it turned out a lot darker than expected. Oh well, they still look good in my opinion.
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Wow that's Chi-Chi? I thought it was older Pan O_o
SaiyanPrince541's avatar
Where's Chi-Chi's other leg? :?
That's pretty well done! They look so young!
IvoryPlume's avatar
I like that you did a rendition from an anime than ran along side of this one for so long. :)
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I like how Chi Chi looks. Hey Goku's not wearing a ring. If he did have one, he probably broke it in a fight. :XD: Or maybe he didn't get one for that reason. :XD:
kalamitykat's avatar
Thank you for your lovely comment. Yeah, Goku's not wearing a ring because Mamoru on the original pic didn't wear one. Besides, like you said, it would just melt away or get broken off of him in a fight/when he went SSJ. ^^;
vegetasgirl's avatar cute! ^_^
SSrebel54's avatar
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Aww, thank you so much. :hug:
XxChiChixX's avatar
-= Stares at Goku. =- :drool: ..... I'm so happy to be a ChiChi right now. :XD:
kalamitykat's avatar
:D You and me both. ;P
Dragonheart287's avatar
Hey, I just noticed, where's Goku's ring? I dun see it *giggles*
kalamitykat's avatar
Blimey, you're right. ^^; I'm such an idiot, I forgot his ring. Thanks for pointing it out. I think you're the first one that noticed. :giggle:
Goten-N-Paresu-4-Eva's avatar
This is cute! ^^ For a moment though I thought it was Pan... But it's still cute! ^^
kalamitykat's avatar
Thank you so much! :blush:

Oh, and the part that Chi looks like Pan... Eww. You're right, of course, but still... :giggle:

Thank you so much. :hug:
goheh's avatar
Yo yo you're not the only one with all the SM manga >D Aside from that, GokuxChichi!!!! You don't see many fanworks of this pairing! I love it! And I'm utterly shocked why no one has favorited it. Well, into my favorites it goes!
kalamitykat's avatar
Thank you so much for the :+fav: on this piece. It's one of my favourites, although it's one of my earliest attempts at colouring. :glomp:
COOKEcakes's avatar
Oow, sexy. :giggle: But what do you mean, "first mangag" thingy, whatever?...:confused:...
kalamitykat's avatar
Oh my! Did I really write first manga??? I was wrong, it's from the 16th manga. The only SM manga I own at all. Blimey. :( Thanks for pointing it out. Anyway, the pose is taken from a manga where Usagi and Mamoru are in exact same position. That's what I meant. Hopefully I made more sense just now. ^^;

And thank you. I'm glad you like the pic.
COOKEcakes's avatar
OH! you ment from a different manga. :D I thought you ment from a dbz manga thingy. ^^; IT WAS JUST A BIT OF A SURPRIZE TO ME CAUSE YOU KNOW THEY LIKE NEVER SHOW THE DBZ PEEPS REALLY IN ANY LOVE LIKE WAYS. :GIGGLE: yA KNOW? Ug, stupid caps! :crash: Sorry. :blushes:
kalamitykat's avatar
Oh yeah, from a different manga, definitely. And yea, that's one thing that's always bothered me about DBZ - we never get to see any romance (except Videl/Gohan, but we never see anything *happening* there, if you know what I mean). I mean, the only kiss we ever see is 18 kissing Krilin. :sniff: So I have to make up for that. ;P

And no problem. :)
COOKEcakes's avatar
:giggle: And don't forget when Goku was all better and leaving to go to the time chamber with Gohan! :D Chi-Chi and Goku kissed then. :giggle: :flirty:
kalamitykat's avatar
:heart: I know!!! I *love* that scene!!! Although we never got to SEE that kiss, though. :rage: That was when I became a die-hard G/CC fan. I mean, I loved Chi-Chi in DB, but she annoyed me at the beginning of DBZ... But THOSE scenes, where she took care of Goku and when they kissed... :heart: I was in love with the pairing! :aww:
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