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winding streets

By kalambo
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Long awaited commission for Nestly :love:
This painted pushed me a long way out of my comfort zones but i got there ahahaha
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Ah, would love to see your process work on this!
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that looks lovely. I'm surprised that that's what happens when you get pushed out of your comport zone, good job! o:
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Thank you!!! : D
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why are your backgrounds so good ;;~;;
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GOSH Kalambo, the lighting is absolutely beautiful?? :love:
I get a beautiful medieval feeling, but it is different and mesmerising because of the amazing atmosphere you've created. That is because I am used to seeing medieval places in muted colors, but this piece takes it to a whole new level because of the light! The colors are AMAZING, I am loving them a little bit too much haha :heart:

I remember watching recently a Hayao Miyazaki documentary. One of the background artists there in the Ghibli studio talked about making atmospheres, and that lighting is extremely important to them, not for the realism, but to suggest time and emotion. I can definitely get such a calming afternoon feeling from this, nice and warm ;; AHH sorry for rambling, I just thought I had to point it out because I really like this artwork <3 PLEASE DO MORE ARCHITECTURE, you are so good at this ;O; <3
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ASfjlasljSkd thank you so much. :love:
I kind of based it on all the little medieval villages i have seen in France and i always visit in summer so i probably subconciously captured that haha.

Yeah, it's super cool! i need to do some simple light studies to practice that more. O:
I will try, i find it v hard still because it's something i do so rarely ;w; :heart:
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i can definitely see it in your works! it is workingggg!!
you always do such great atmospheres :heart:
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i always look at this and asking me... this can't be that difficult!!! and then i try it myself and.... fail XD 
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I find architecture difficult too haha. I guess it's just practice then it'll get easier :meow: <3
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thank you C: that motivates me ^^
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Fantastic, fantastic. <333 It's everything I could have hoped for and more.
Thank you so much for bring my vision to life, and being an inspiration! :D

I can't wait to add this to the website.
Might it be okay to reu-pload this to our Wyngrew resource account with credit back to you and comments closed?
It would just be nice to have it there for all our other members to see and add a bit of lore to the description. <3
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Thank you! So glad it came out how you wanted! :heart:

Yeah that's fine, so long as there's some credit somewhere :)
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This is amazing! The atmosphere is perfect
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You're welcome!
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So beautiful! I wish I could paint like you! I love the lighting and colors!
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Thank you so much :heart:
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This looks like concept art straight from the Blizzard team :omfg:
SUPER nice work! Its amazing!
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