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the rice grows

By kalambo
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In Kagoshima, Japan the rice was planted in May/June and i loved how those long bright green stripes look when you drive past the paddies in spring. Inspired by a day trip to the Ōsumi penninsula to the southernmost point of the Japanese mainland.

Sorry i'm not great at keeping my dA up to date these days ): !
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Wow, love the outworldly look

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Beautiful work!

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Wonderful, magical and beautiful~
The creature is so adorable and unique, I wish I could hug him <3
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Thank you so much! <3

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Guess I have a new wallpaper now :3

I love your art so so so much!

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Thank you so much! :heart:

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Amazing work. I'm actually using this picture of yours for one of my games. It fits just perfectly.

Keep up with good work.

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This is so impressive
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yeah if i saw that thing, id soil my pants, both ways
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You're very welcome!❤️😊.

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this is really stunning :")
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Is the creature on the roof based off of one of those fuzzy catterpillers?
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Yeah, a tussock moth caterpillar i found while exploring the Osumi peninsula of Japan this summer :)
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Cool! For some reason, I keep finding them in the backyard here in the US.
I wonder if their an invasive species here.
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It oddly reminds me of a kitsune. They are said to guard rice from mice.
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That is one big fellow!
But it seems like he's a friendly fellow, as that farmer doesn't seem disturbed by it.
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Neat creature there :)
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