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The Greening

By kalambo
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May is here and the land grows greener!
A painting inspired by going to the Jack-in-the-Green festival in Hastings with my aunties almost every May I can remember. It’s an old English tradition the town revived in the 80s and is an excuse for much merriment, leaves and dancing and, for me at least, seeing family who live far away. :heart: Today’s festival is of course cancelled so here is my take on the Jack who is ‘slain’ at the end of the day to release the spirit of summer!
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you can feeeeeeel the aiiiiiiiiiiir in thisssss!! I can almost smell the sea & the flowers, it's incredible!!!!! <3

I want to live in your worlds! <3

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Is this mythical creature from folklore?

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Sorry this reply is so slow! It's a creature I made up but it was inspired by the 'Jack' of the UK festival 'Jack in the Green' which is based on the Green Man. The idea of the Green Man appears in some form across various parts of Europe and the world. :)

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You're very welcome!❤️😊, how are you?.

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would i ever want to see this creature up close and personal? no

would i gladly admire him from a distance and mentally salute him for his gorgeous crown? Absolutely.

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Haha thank you!

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reminds me of those old Japanese movies with eerie, but cool animal and human hybrid creatures. awesome

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Good morning, So Amazing!!!!!!!!!. 
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Really, this is stunning. Especially those ribbons!

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I adore this! A tad unsettling but so serene and gentle!
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Thanks so much!

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Wow absolutely magnificent!
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this is fantastic! That stare is so potent I mean HOT DAMN it just cracked my screen
so is that thing called jack? interesting
wonderful piece buddy, packed with charm and quality art
have a lovely day and remember to drink your water ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Haha thank you! :heart:

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