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A Town with a View

Painting done as a gift for my bf. Have been studying the organisms of the deep ocean at uni atm and they have some amazing evolutionary adaptations. :love:
Inspired by a flight to Switzerland before christmas at night and the fog was lit up over the mountains by the lights of the cities below. :)

PROCESS--> A Town with a View - PROCESS by kalambo
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I'm REALLY afraid of those kind of creatures, like things that are huge like that, especially fish, but I feel like if I saw this in the sky I would love it <3 (also idk if you've seen the game Night in the Woods but this reminds me of the dream sequence fish) 
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Luckily, most creepy deep sea fish are disappointingly small! :)
I haven't played that game, i'l give it a go one day! :heart:
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Ahhh this is so cool~! I don't have enough words.
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But of course~!
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Wow, I simply cannot stop looking at this masterpiece. I feel like endlessly drawned towards it. Excellent ! I adore how you are able to lay things out at the very beginning, I'm really bad at this. And the lighting, I wish you could teach me how to make such breathtaking atmoshpere with light alone. :D
Really great, cant wait for more !
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Thank you so much!! Means a lot :love:
I really want to get round to making tutorials again at some point on similar things!! <3
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In that case I can't wait to see them :D
Teach me senpai!
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Omg I'd love to take a class about deep ocean organisms. Nice glow on the moon and the creature, and the sky and landscape are painted very well, beautiful colors!
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Thank you!! Yes, deep ocean creatures are awesome! <3
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Wow amazing work on this! Clap The details and colors are impressiveLove 
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Thanks so much!! :love:
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Is he by any chance Filipino?
Because that looks like a local monster called the bakunawa (it's a giant-ass serpent that swallows the moon, hence lunar eclipses).
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Not that i know of but that sounds like an awesome creature! O: !!
Maybe that's what he really is and i just didn't know it haha
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Excellent use of color and composition. Well done.
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Nice art Digital,you can paint in physical paper like this?
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I can, but i can only do proper colour with backgrounds in oil paints haha. I really love using traditional media when i have the space/time but my style adapts to different media so it is always slightly different in real paint! :)
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It is absolutely beautiful! I remember when we were talking you said you were working on it, man, i could not imagine how big and beautiful it could be!!! So much depth!! :love: Beautiful colors and composition ;O; <333
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Thank you so much ;w; <3 <3
Yes, i worked on it on and off for quite a while uwu
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Oh my! Wonderful!


Year, it sounds like a very short comment, but that's because it astonishes me !

The concept is well imagined, and you realized it perfectly ! That lighting from the town is awesome and making it a [damn I don't know the technical word for that?] background thing that lights up the foreground making that foreground shadow-like gives a very great sense of field depth ! And all these little light dots and details achieve to make it a perfect painting ! :dummy:
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