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Downy Falls May Day Twister by KalahariMeerkatfan Downy Falls May Day Twister :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 0
She is Mine
The darkness of sky had fallen upon Downy Falls as humans, horses, and other creatures settled in for the night. In one of far pastures, a large mare was resting under a tree with her orbs hovering in the air above. Though she was a creature of the night, sometimes a Disturbed Nightmare just preferred the chance to take a snooze under the full moon, especially after a good day's hunt. But Crochet knew that peace and quiet was not to last, and soon she was proven right. A small, strange bleat sounded and the DN's ears twitched. Slowly she opened her eyes, and looked upon a strange sight with a mild expression. A Harlequine mare was leading the way, the moonlight illuminating the white parts of her body so that she look ghoulish. But not so much as the horse that followed close behind. 
With her head held high, Calendula looked as if she could pierce the sky with her four horns. Her silver eyes were intact and no mist was being exhaled from her mouth. Crochet watched her two friends
:iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0
Lord Winterfell|Glenmore|Colt|Royal by KalahariMeerkatfan Lord Winterfell|Glenmore|Colt|Royal :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 4 0 Asileni by KalahariMeerkatfan Asileni :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 2
Fawnlings - The White Rabbit
Lolita saw him the first day of life, a rabbit who bore a coat of pure white. In the land of Blackwood she would have thought he was a ghost, but no...this was an animal who was living and breathing, with lungs to draw in air and a heart pushing through tiny veins.
Poor soul, was the silent thought in her head. For though she was young, the filly understood the gamble that this rabbit was taking. The rabbit was one of the Mother’s children, but it was at the mercy of others. The white coat was a thing of beauty, especially when paired with reddish-pink eyes, but it stood out like a sore thumb.
Go away, Mr. Rabbit, Lolita silently urged. For you are playing in a world that is not kind to the weak and different. The rabbit rose upon his hind legs, turned his head slowly, and looked directly at the young fawn who rested as her mother's feet. They stared at each other...then a sound made the rabbit jerk around. It was gone in a flash of blurred white, almost like
:iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 6 0
CP - Heir of Akielos and Vere by KalahariMeerkatfan CP - Heir of Akielos and Vere :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0 Lady Hazel Eyes and Katrix of The Nile by KalahariMeerkatfan Lady Hazel Eyes and Katrix of The Nile :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0
Kala's Warriors Verse - Mentors and Paws
Because Bluestar, Firestar, and Bramblestar proved incapable of giving out apprentices to cats who have yet to prove their skill…really there is only one or two good deputy/ future leader candidates. Ivystar for president! If I forgot a cat then please tell me. I tried to recall the birth order of litters.
And for good measure, have a look at my ThunderClan line of succession. 
Bramblestar - > Squirrelstar - > Hollystar - > Ivystar - > Dandelionstar
Power of Three:
Ashfur = Cinderheart (It was poor taste of Firestar to give Lionblaze to a person who had an unhealthy obsession with his daughter)
Sorreltail = Hollyleaf 
Cloudtail = Jayfeather* (No medicine cat role for him and he is a lot less grouchy as a result…still is a snark master though)
Brightheart = Lionblaze 
Ferncloud = Honeyfern
:iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0
Intuneric - Dream Male by KalahariMeerkatfan Intuneric - Dream Male :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 0 Okami Merit 2.0 by KalahariMeerkatfan Okami Merit 2.0 :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0 Fawnlings Breeding - Locks of Love by KalahariMeerkatfan Fawnlings Breeding - Locks of Love :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 6 1 Freya| Glenmore Doe| Entertainer by KalahariMeerkatfan Freya| Glenmore Doe| Entertainer :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 10 10
Kala's Warriors-verse Families Part 1
Given that this is something I work on when I get the feel, I might as well share the parts that I am confident of without a shadow of a doubt. This is non-canon, or Kala-verse yes, a lot of things are different due to my personal tastes. Don't like it, then just move along ~
Important note: SkyClan, BloodClan, and the Tribe of Rushing Water has been combined into one Clan unit. Why waste pages and space on cats you only see once in a while? I will sort them via Clan and may include notes to further explain my decisions. This expands to include cats outside the Clans too. 
Apple: a short, plump dark ginger tabby she-cat with apple-green eyes
Mate(s): Henry (formerly), Jake (formerly)
Kits: Pumpkin, Pepper, Tinystar, Sock, Ruby. 
Pumpkin: A pretty, pumpkin-colored ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes and wears a yellow collar
Mate: Jake
Kits: Firestar, Princess, Spice, Bob, Filou.
*Apple and Pumpkin's story is based off an episode
:iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 5
Marxel by KalahariMeerkatfan Marxel :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 0 Dusty Kinneas by KalahariMeerkatfan Dusty Kinneas :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 1 0 Hathor WIP by KalahariMeerkatfan Hathor WIP :iconkalaharimeerkatfan:KalahariMeerkatfan 2 0


Fading Light by TigressDesign Fading Light :icontigressdesign:TigressDesign 91 80 Sigyn 20 by Savu0211 Sigyn 20 :iconsavu0211:Savu0211 75 11 TWI || Will You Be My Little Daisy? ~ Betrothal by KiaFyre TWI || Will You Be My Little Daisy? ~ Betrothal :iconkiafyre:KiaFyre 14 5 Viking Warrior by TyrannoNinja Viking Warrior :icontyrannoninja:TyrannoNinja 47 4 Lord Thiassi page 16 by theperfectbromance Lord Thiassi page 16 :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 76 32 Lord Thiassi page 18 by theperfectbromance Lord Thiassi page 18 :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 72 49 When you were a child... by Nachan When you were a child... :iconnachan:Nachan 179 23 Norse Goddess Sif by OkuniSensei Norse Goddess Sif :iconokunisensei:OkuniSensei 45 14 Norse Goddess Freya 02 by OkuniSensei Norse Goddess Freya 02 :iconokunisensei:OkuniSensei 14 9 Norse Goddess Hel by OkuniSensei Norse Goddess Hel :iconokunisensei:OkuniSensei 185 40 Skrymir p.08 by theperfectbromance Skrymir p.08 :icontheperfectbromance:theperfectbromance 42 10 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 4 by Savu0211 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 4 :iconsavu0211:Savu0211 98 31 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 3 by Savu0211 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 3 :iconsavu0211:Savu0211 77 3 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 2 by Savu0211 Sigyn prolog-comic Page 2 :iconsavu0211:Savu0211 77 9 Loki Fam 1 by chikajin Loki Fam 1 :iconchikajin:chikajin 2 1 Birth in the Family by chikajin Birth in the Family :iconchikajin:chikajin 5 0



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I finally got through some of my other library books and decided to read The Glass Cafe (I'll get back to Interview with a Vampire later) by Gary Paulsen. It is a short book, and I am finding it quite enjoyable. It is not like his other nature books, my favorite being Tracker (which was how I made my Warrior cat leader, Trackerstar).


It is about a young boy named Tony whose mother is an exotic dancer (a stripper if you must). Her name is Alice, but she is called Al. I know there are many other stories who paint such moms as either abusive or neglectful (and maybe they can be), but Al is not that at all. She is a lady who clearly loves her son and wants the best for him. 

That is just one awesome woman. 

*Still, I wonder who the hell put lipstick stains on the front of the book, some people Roll Eyes
  • Reading: The Glass Cafe


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