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[SoW] Bato Saves the Day
:iconwarpugs: as Clara, :iconKalahariMeerkatfan: as Bato!
It was mid-afternoon as Clara made her way down the streets of Nome, her skirts rustling beneath her dark winter coat. The sky was cloudy and gray and she pulled the fur lining of her coat’s collar closer to her skin before she tucked her gloved hands back into the fur muff she had with her. She had just left one of the shops, a bit disappointed in their lack of selection. Nome was certainly no New York. She furrowed her brows and squinted her eyes as the wind began to pick up, whipping at her face and making the cold Alaskan temperatures seem even colder.
She let out an annoyed huff and pushed on but the wind seemed to only pick up even more. Before she could do anything about it, the wind had pulled her hat straight off of her head! ”Oh!” She gasped, whipping around as she threw a gloved hand to her head where the hat once sat pinned neatly and properly in place. Clearly those pins were no
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The Lion King - All Hail the King
Phew...finally got the bastard done and I think I did a mostly decent job. It is kind of hard to pin down the colors of a real-life lion since they are a tawny - buff color and it constantly lightens/ darkens depending on lighting. 
Name: Sekekama

Meaning: either "Gods gift" or "lion"

Language: African

Gender: Male

Kingdom: The Pride Lands

Generation: 1

Relatives: Son of Kamunyak and Askari, Brother to Jafari, Mate to Matsumi, Semi-mate to Satau, Father of Zaketi, Mufasa, Scar, Kuanguka, Kilema, Tau, Zira, Mariatu, Asali, Kaharabu, and Mara. 

Voice Actor Suggestion:

Appearances: Savage Kingdom:…

Fan-fiction: Before the Lion King

A lion of humble beginnings, Sekekama would be well known for his ferocious temper. Not even his own offspring were safe when his anger was ignited. Once he had killed one of his oldest sons, a young adolescent male who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, the prince had died from his wounds. Another time he had injured one of his Northern bastards, later killing and eating the cub while his mothers and siblings looked on in horror.

This only adds to his list of enemies, but Sekekama fears nothing. The only thing that does concern him is when a severe drought strikes the land, forcing the pride to look elsewhere for food and water. This requires every lion to pull his or her weight, and his three oldest sons must now earn their keep. Zaketi and his brothers pass each test with flying colors, but this now makes them more of a threat to their sire. The day that Sekekama exiles his three eldest sons, it is the day the lions of the Outlands have waited for. Now Sekekama is weak and he is getting older with each passing season. His current princes are of smaller and weaker stock, Satau and her sons are strong and inherited their father’s large, muscular build. There is three of them and only one Sekekama.

The day of reckoning is coming.
Well I had this guy done for a while...but I may tweak his colors a bit more. Real lions have a simple color, tawny to buff, but the quality of color really changes depending on lighting. In low light they can look more grayish, in direct sunlight more golden. But they are like a creamy-tawny. Actually, he kind of looks like he could be the brother of Shida, the father of Wolf-Chalk's character Hondo. VERY different personalities. You want a nasty lion? Sekekama fits the bill. A perfect role model for Scar's darkness.

As with Satau and Matsumi's bios, everything listed in this bio is actually true. Sekekama did indeed violently attack an adolescent male to the point that he died of his wounds. All because that male happened to be around Matsumi who was in heat (I don't think he was even old enough to be a threat). He also attacked Satau and her sisters and killed (and ate) one of their cubs...that he had sired himself actually. 

I may try Mufasa or Nala's father next. 


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And thank you ReddRedPanda for making me realize "Why the hell am I working so hard to include cats from a source that I no longer consider valid?" That sounds kind of funky if you ask me. So as of today, December 13, 2018 I will no longer use any of the canon least for ThunderClan. 

I may keep the RiverClan and ShadowClan kits, or just scrap them because I am doing a lot of reworking. There is also SkyClan + The Tribe = blended into one group. So the original Stoneteller from Moonrise is now named Stonestar. Both groups were not seen for long periods of time, so why leave them alone? Lump them together and call it a day. 

Besides I got some new pairings to parade around and some of them have kits, but not in the unusual way. Behold! Hollyleaf x Cinderheart, Dovewing x Briarlight, and Blossomfall x Ivypool. Just because I don't ship Tallstar x Jake doesn't mean I don't have same sex couples that I actually do ship. 

Special thanks to ScarletsWarriorsWiki for all the kits that I got from the Breedable Results. 

Hmm...I need to seriously work on my RiverClan bios. I only got a handful of them done. I decided to spare Feathertail's life and paired her with Reedwhisker. He was an apprentice...when Leafpool was one. But Mistystar had her kits in Forest of Secrets...two separate litters? Nah, I am going to have it be that Reedwhisker was a young warrior who Leafpaw helped. He is a few moons older than Silverstream's kits, but not too much.

One of their kits is special...he will be named in honor of great-grandma Bluestar. 


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