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The Desert Fox

After 4 and 1/2 years as a red fox, Kalahari is making a long-deliberated change to the cape fox, South Africa's only true fox. A character sheet may not be far off if I think the species suits me :)
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friendly, and good luck for the rest...
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Why is he wearing an open shirt? To invite others to give him a stomach poke as is he were the Pillsbury Dough-boy?
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Awesome artwork! I love all the different colors and all the little details
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Sweet! The cape fox is my favorite animal, and my fursona is one too! :)
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Me in pixel gun (LOL)
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yip yip     cute..................grate  fox
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Nice one! I love the Browning Hi Power,  and you did a great job on the eyes ^^
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i love this picture my mate is a Fennec fox it reminds me alot of him :)
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he just realize he dose not got boobs so he killed people
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Now that's a sexy fox lol XD

Phenomenal work here!
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Beautiful design! His anatomy is great!
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You really got the porportions down. It looks gr8t!
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fennec foxes are my favorite kind of foxes. i just cant resist their large ears. ^^
you know there was an old german officer down that was stationed in africa that was nicknamed "the desert fox" during world war II. i think the only way the allies were able to beat him was by cutting off his supply lines and forcing them to surrender.
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During WWII, the Nazi general Elwin Rommel was nicknamed "the Desert Fox" for his skill at commanding tanks in North Africa. Hitler's Afrika Korps did well against Britain's Bernard Montgomery, but when the U.S. sent Gen. George S. Patton to command a unit, the Allies began to drive him back. The final blow came when Hitler diverted fuel, munitions, tanks, soldiers, and other supplies for his assault on Russia, leaving Rommel depleted and vulnerable.
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hey thanks for the history reminder! :D
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w00tw00t, The gun looks...familiar to me....Not sure if it's based of anything, but I wonder still..
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Love this pic I've been looking for it for a while.
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I like. Well done :)

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This is great! I gotta do a pen and ink drawing and was wondering if I could use this to practice with? I want to do my own anthro but I fail at it lol. My art teacher said we have to use a picture and it has to have a lot of detail. Wow that is a great piece of work.
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