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-this is a series that will involve many different situations involving many different countries who will eventually end up with you, the beloved reader. 
Please forgive the long description of your belongings, they all are important for the continuation of this story.  Thank you!

Read happily and read on my young padawon -//Star Wars reference = shot//-

It was a long day from work/school. You were both mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing that kept your body moving was the motivation that your bed was eagerly waiting for you with its soft covers and fluffy pillows. Oh! And don’t forget that poster with all your Hetalia characters on it! Yes, you were a megafan of Hetalia, almost to the point of obsession; but there was one character you greatly admired. Who am I kidding? You were absolutely IN LOVE with Mr. Sexy (fav Hetalia character)!!!

As you walked to the front door of your house, and took out your keys. But sadly as you took them out of your pants pocket, you accidentally dropped them.

Staring at the keys on the ground, you desperately wished that you had telekinetic powers to make the keys fly magically into your hand.

However, life is cruel, so grumbling along with slight pain in your back, you reached to pick them up but once you stood up and looked through the window of your house to the full length mirror in your living room, you saw the ghostly reflection of your favorite Hetalia character right beside your own reflection.

Shocked you took a step back, but as life would have it, you tripped on your own two feet and landed on your derriere. “Ow”, you proceeded to rub your bruised rump as you suddenly remembered that your favorite character from Hetalia was in your mirror.

Ignoring your body’s pleas to not move so quickly, you unlocked the door to your house, slammed the door behind you, rushed into your living room, and stared at the mirror. Half expecting to see the ghostly reflection to come back, you stood staring at it for a long time until you gave up. “Ugh. It was probably just my overexhausted mind making me see things again. Why can’t something awesome in my life happen to me?” You and your tired reflection put a hand to your/hers face and gave a long sigh. Little did _____ know that once she took off her eyes off the mirror for a moment, the ghostly image of the said man appeared next to her own reflected one and gave a small smile before disappearing once again as ______ looked up again.

You decided that what you saw from the mirror was a hallucination from your overworked mind. You dragged yourself upstairs to your room and began undressing yourself. You put on a semi-loose [f/c] tank top that your father gave you that one Christmas a long time ago; it kind of reminded you of him since it used to be one of his old shirts. He only gave it to you because when you were really tiny, you always wanted to look cool like your dad, so this one particular shirt he had looked so awesome and breathtaking, it made your tiny child heart set on having it. Then one Christmas, your dad decided to give you that old shirt that you seemed to love so much to make you happy,,, that and the tanktop shrunk in the dryer.

Smiling at the memory, you grabbed a pair of soft cotton black shorts and put them on. Feeling comfortable, you looked down at your tank top and then blushed. You forgot that the tanktop you wore revealed the sides of your [cup sized] breasts; imagine if any of the neighbors saw you wearing your tanktop this way!  You quickly searched for a bra and luckily you found a nice clean grey one. You hastily put it on. “Why did I forget to put on such a vital piece of underwear? Oh right, it was because of that memory” Swaying your head side to side and smiling at that memory, you walked into the bathroom that was jointly connected to your bedroom and looked the mirror.

You looked down to all the makeup and hair accessories in front of you, glinting happily at you, as if to say ‘hurry up and put me on!’ You gave another sigh and you grabbed a random ponytail band; it was obvious that you had no plans or work to do tonight.

In other words, tonight was just you, yourself, and moo~. (yeah I say that when I am bored XD )

So you put your [h/l] [h/c] into a ponytail, leaving two locks of hair on either side of your [h/s] face. Before you turned around to go to bed, a glint from the ponytail band caught your eye. You turned around confused, “That’s weird; I don’t have any sparkles on any my pony- OH!”

You remembered that the ‘random’ ponytail band you wrapped around your hair was a gift from your mom. You went through a stage when you were younger to be exactly like your mother. Your mom is one of those fashionista slash shopaholic types, who loves anything fashionable… or sparkly.

So naturally when she came home wearing that one sparkly ponytail band, you automatically wanted it. Excited that you were finally getting over the want for your dad’s clothes (or so she thought), she gave you the ponytail for your birthday. As your tiny hands opened the gift from your mom, you were exploding with happiness that you had the sparkly [second f/c] ponytail in your hand; but once you turned it over in your hand, you saw that on the other side, it had a tiny crystal shaped heart that glittered everytime light hit it.

Coming back from that flashback, you finally realized that you were staring at the mirror for quite some time. “Jesus! I better get my head out of the clouds and go to sleep!” Not any sooner after you said that, your stomach gave a little rumble. Trying to ignore it, you were about to lie on your bed when your stomach gave another LOUD growl. Giving a little snicker you said, “Alright! Let’s eat a little snack before bed!” In a response your stomach gave a smaller growl.

You walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen to prepare and eat your snack. After you were done eating your snack, you went to lie on your couch that was coincidentally in front of the full-length mirror.

You remembered getting that mirror at an antique shop. In all honesty it was a very pretty mirror, with its elegant design and gold metal plating. You naturally were attracted to it and paid a handsome price for it. The only thing that struck you as odd though was when the 70ish year old saleswoman told you was “That mirror is both a gift and a curse. It can make your dreams come true. But remember that there is always a cost”. You shrugged off her warning, logically thinking ‘Really? Does this woman think I am stupid? A wish granting mirror? Why give me that charming sales pitch if I already purchased the mirror?’

After you recalled that memory, you smirked. “She must have a screw loose or something. Pfft! Wish granting mirror my a-“ As you were talking and observing your form in front of the mirror, you saw something move inside it.

You shut your mouth, stood up from the couch, eyes widening as big as saucers and thought ‘D-did I just see something MOVE INSIDE the mirror?!’

You walked closer to the huge mirror then stopped a few feet away. Your eyes peered into the mirror, searching for anything that might have moved inside it. As you turned your head to the side, you thought back to what that old woman had said. “Wow. I must be as crazy as that lady if I am truly to believe that this mirror actually grants wishes” You felt compelled to look back at the mirror and saw your own lonely reflection. With a huff of breath, you rolled your eyes and said, “Well why not? I might as well give that wishing thing a try”

You set your jaw, stood up straight, closed your eyes and with all your might in your mind, you wished that you can be with your favorite Hetalia nation.

As that strong thought-wish left your mind, a warm gust of wind blew across your face.

Surprised you opened your eyes. And what you saw that right in front of you was the not the reflection of you in the mirror but of the said Hetalia man. Awed by the sight, you went to put your fingers on the glass but was once again shocked to find that the glass was not there; your hands were grasping into nothingness and the man’s reflection seemed to be stepping back away from your hand further into the darkness behind him. Confused you put more of your hand and then arm into the mirror, trying to at least touch him so you can know whether or not if he was real. Little did you know that you were leaning dangerously forward into the mirror.

“What the hell? It’s like I am touching nothing?! And why does he keep backing away from me? Maybe if I go in a little bit more…” You stuck your head and whole upper body into the mirror, until it left you no chance of grabbing something in case you fell. Once figuring that you will fall into the mirror easily, the said nation-reflection smiled and disappeared.

Startled, your feet accidentally tripped on the feet of the glass leg, thus thrusting your body forward.

“What the!? AHHHhhhhhhhhhh!

You gave a blood-curdling scream before you fell into the darkness and unconsciousness.

Woot woot! Guys I am back! :D

And here making Hetalia for the win!

I just wanted to thank my watchers and the new ones I just got! I love you all!
Also, thanks for bearing with me and my lateness. Stupid school and computers... *grumble grumble*

Also, the requesting for 2p Hetalia characters is now CLOSED! But don't worry, you can still request for more Hetalia nations! 

Anyway, enjoy! And don't forget to leave a comment and/or fav!

The countries I have so far...

America: BTLG - My Hero found Me - America x Reader

Australia: BTLG - Love in the Outback - Australia x Reader

Austria: BTLG - I don't Remember - Austria x Reader

Male! Belarus: BTLG - More Than Obsession - Male! Belarus x Reader 

Male! Belgium: BTLG - Straight Into The Fire - Male! Belgium x Reader 

NEW! Bulgaria: BTLG - Breaking Through Worlds - Bulgaria x Reader 

Canada: BTLG - Where am I - Canada x Reader 

China: BTLG - Compassionate Male Nurse - China x Reader

Cuba: BTLG - The Noble Ice Cream Man - Cuba x Reader

Cyprus:  BTLG - To Agitate and Fluster - Cyprus x Reader 

Denmark: BTLG - Clueless but Lovable Man - Denmark x Reader

Egypt: BTLG - Burn of the Third Eye - Egypt x Reader 

England: BTLG -A Mystified Gentleman - England x Reader

Estonia: BTLG - A Nerd's Attraction - Estonia x Reader

Finland: BTLG - Shot and Burned - Finland x Reader

France: BTLG - To Muddle a Frenchman - France x Reader

Germany: BTLG - In An Unknown Place - Germany x Reader

Germania, Ancient German Empire, Ancient Germany: 
BTLG - Wolfish Desire - Germania x Reader

Greece: BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader

Adult! Holy Rome, HRE, Holy Roman Empire: BTLG - Colliding Hearts - Adult! Holy Rome x Reader

Hong Kong: BTLG - From Darkness to Light - Hong Kong x Reader 

Male! Hungary: BTLG - Easily Flustered - Male! Hungary x Reader 

Hutt River: BTLG - Sure He's a 'Gentleman' - Hutt River x Reader

Iceland: BTLG - Auroras + Mr. Puffin - Iceland x Reader

India: BTLG - My Lavish and Kind Prince - India x Reader

Ireland: BTLG - Finding the Lucky Shamrock - Ireland x Reader

Japan: BTLG - Hot Bath Confusion - Japan x Reader

Adult! Kugelmugel: BTLG - Personal Painter - Adult! Kugelmugel x Reader

Adult! Ladonia: BTLG - Pixelated Love - Adult! Ladonia x Reader

Adult! Latvia: BTLG - Stronger for You - Adult! Latvia x Reader

Adult! Male! Liechtenstein:  BTLG - Crush - Adult! Male! Liechtenstein x Reader 

Lithuania: BTLG - Kidnapping My Love - Lithuania x Reader


Macau: BTLG - His Invitation - Macau x Reader 

NEW! Adult! Moldova: BTLG - Breath of Life - Adult! Moldova x Reader 

Molossia: BTLG - Tsundere American Lover - Molossia x Reader

Adult! Male! Monaco: BTLG - Charming - Adult! Male! Monaco x Reader 


New Zealand: 

Norway: BTLG - From the Sky - Norway x Reader

North Italy, Italy: BTLG - Confusion and Hugs - North Italy x Reader

Poland: BTLG - That's My Darling Man - Poland x Reader

Portugal: BTLG - A Longing Love - Portugal x Reader 

Prussia: BTLG - A Puzzled Pervert - Prussia x Reader

Rome, Ancient Roman Empire, Ancient Rome: BTLG - Flirtatious Gladiator - Rome x Reader

Romania: BTLG - Mischievous Bites - Romania x Reader

Russia: BTLG - A Towering Protector - Russia x Reader

Adult! Sealand: 
BTLG - Hyper and Lovable - Adult! Sealand x Reader  

Scotland: BTLG - Marked Destiny - Scotland x Reader 

Seborga: BTLG - That's My Italian Flirt - Seborga x Reader

Adult! Male! Seychelles: BTLG - Sincere - Adult! Male! Seychelles x Reader 

South Italy, Romano: BTLG - Jealous Latin Lover - South Italy x Reader

Adult! South Korea: 
BTLG - Closest to The Heart - Adult! South Korea  

Spain: BTLG - Crashing Into You - Spain x Reader 

Sweden:  BTLG - My Silent Gentle Giant - Sweden x Reader 

Switzerland: BTLG - He's a Sweet Recluse - Switzerland x Reader 

Male! Taiwan: BTLG - Soulmate Birthmark - Male! Taiwan x Reader 

Thailand: BTLG - Close Proximity - Thailand x Reader 

Turkey: BTLG - Teasing a Turk - Turkey x Reader

Adult! TRNC, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Northern Cyprus: BTLG - Nervous Attraction - Adult! TRNC x Reader 

Male! Ukraine: BTLG - Kind-Hearted Intimacy - Male! Ukraine x Reader  

Male! Vietnam: BTLG - Learning to Smile - Male! Vietnam x Reader 

Wales: BTLG - Chance Occurance - Wales x Reader

Adult! Male! Wy: BTLG - Monochrome World - Adult! Male! Wy x Reader

2p America:  BTLG - An Unlikely Savior - 2p America x Reader 

2p Canada: BTLG - My Manly Defender - 2p Canada x Reader 

2p China: 
BTLG - Poison Kiss - 2p China x Reader 

2p England: BTLG - A Pschopath's Love - 2p England x Reader 

2p France:  BTLG - Because He Cares - 2p France x Reader 

2p Germany: BTLG - Corpse Clutch - 2p Germany x Reader 

2p Italy (North Italy): BTLG - Cut and Scar - 2p Italy x Reader 

2p Japan: BTLG - Bloodlust Tattoo - 2p Japan x Reader

2p Prussia: BTLG - Dark Knight - 2p Prussia x Reader

2p Romano (South Italy): BTLG - Fashion Mayhem - 2p Romano x Reader 

2p Russia: BTLG - Needed Warmth - 2p Russia x Reader 

2p Spain: BTLG - Wanton Desire - 2p Spain x Reader 

Want more? Request!


Hetalia: BTLG - Golden Proposal - Hetalia x Reader

2p Hetalia: BTLG - 2014 Marks New Beginnings - 2p! Hetalia x Reader 


** PART 2's!! **

NEW! Canada: BTLG - Where Am I - Canada x Reader [Part 2] 



EDIT 12/10: Also, the requesting for 2P HETALIA characters IS now CLOSED! But don't worry, you can still request for more Hetalia nations! Especially Genderbend!Hetalia

I only own the storyline! and whoever made that picture is awesome! :3

Bye bye! :iconwinkingplz:

EDIT: If I forgot to add your nation you want PLEASE, PLEASE tell me! Its not that I am ignoring you, its just that I am always busy whether its writing an essay or studying.


12/2 Edit: Micronation Week from December 2-7! Seven full days of stories with all your fav micronations!

12/31 Edit: 2p Hetalia bonus chapter

1/07 Edit: Kirkland Brothers Week from January 13 to 19! 

2/19 Edit:  2p Week from Febuary 19 to March 5  

4/12 Edit: Nordics Week from March 27 to April 12

9/11 Edit : Ancient Nations Week from July 30 to 9/11

Happy First Anniversary of The Hetalia BTLG Series!

12/2 Edit: Baltics Week from 11/19 to 12/2

9/30 Edit: Genderbend Month from July 7/1 to 9/30

1/30 Edit: Hispanic/Latino Week from 1/22 to 1/30

3/14 Edit: Asian Nations Weeks from 2/21 to 3/14

4/21 Edit: Middle Eastern Nations Weeks from 4/3 to 4/21

8/24 Edit: Dorky Trio Weeks (Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania) from 8/5 to 8/24


*may be subject to change


 Bunny Emoji-35 (Eating) [V2] 

EDIT: You guys keep asking what each scenario means! Guys... These stories are both LITERAL and METAPHORICAL. I wrote them with the purpose to be open to interpretation!! Again I repeat, I wrote this series purposefully to make the reader more involved depending on her (and his) experiences they went through life. Please stop asking what they mean. The question you should be asking to yourselves is "What doesn't this mean to ME?" Thank you for reading.

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