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Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial - Realistic Grapes

Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial - How To Draw Realistic Grapes with Kostas
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 wow. Very useful!
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Wow!This is really amazing!
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This looks delicious!!
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Your talent and skill fills me with determination.

And envy; but mostly determination to improve. Thank you for the tutorial.
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it's perfect, thanks
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thanks for the tutorial!
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thanks for the tutorial! 
kakosuranosx's avatar
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I tryed it but..
I missed..
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Don't give up! Keep trying! :)
Cancel this 
not what I wanted
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Thanks for the tutorial, i'm going to try this later :D
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I wanted to eat my screen.
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This is pretty helpful! Especially since I work with Colored Pencils most of the time! On a another note, those grapes you did look great!
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Sweet, I'm learning to draw with prismacolor pencils, this tut will be a great way to explore for me abit further.
awesome, keep up the sweet work
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I'm so glad you liked it! :)
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You know, in school, I always thought that it was impossible to get a colored pencil to do much more than ruin my drawings. Now, I stand here in awe and correction. This is extremely cool and quite as much helpful. Thanks!
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wow. what a great tutorial and piece of art. cheers.
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Wow. that's so Great
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