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Rainbow Nostalgia Pattern Pack

I've been wanting to make a very colourful Lisa Frank inspired pattern pack for a while, here it is finally done!

This pattern pack can be purchased for 400:points:
or in my

Etsy Shop  ! 

This pack contains 12 Digital Patterns
each are 3600x3600px
.PNG files
These patterns are seamless / tileable!

After purchasing, you will be able to instantly download the .ZIP file!

• Usage •

For personal and small commercial use

Can be used for:
Digital Art, Adoptables, Backgrounds, Web Design, Banners, Buttons, etc.

You are free to edit/change the colours of these patterns in any way you like!

- DO NOT distribute or sell images as is.
- DO NOT use with print-on-demand services such as RedBubble, Zazzle, Spreadshirt, etc.
- Credits no necessary but always appreciated!

Feel free to ask if you have questions!
© 2019 - 2021 Kakiwa
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HEY kakiwa! I bought these, but only 3 of them showed up? Is there something I could do or get help from you on finding out how to fix it? I know you're busy as fuck so just lemme know :"3, I don't want to distract you from work and such!

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HEYO! I bought this pack... and it like... broke? I only got 3 or 4 of the images! Is there any way to help this? I love your assets well beyond most posters and I would love to fix the mishap! Oddly my favorite ones are the ones missing :"D


hello! i was wondering, are these still open to buy(with points)? if so, id love to buy them! they look amazing

This is very Lisa Frank inspired. I love it.

This is stunning <3

this is seamless?

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Yes, these will tile seamlessly!
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PURCHASED!! I'm gonna love these sm <3
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Purchased on etsy!!!  ♥♥♥
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Did you make them in raster? I would be interested in a vector version.
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Purchased, thank you!
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Thank you! <3
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I used your awesome pack to design a custom character for someone. c:
Hippogriff - Custom by Daggerstale-Adopts
I just love the colors/patterns so much! I'm sure I'll be using them again. And I'll be back for that fun shapes pack too! c:
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just a question if were using this to make adopts what would you say would be a fair price? i used one of the patterns in your previous set for some winter themed ones (put credit for  you as well for the pattern) but i dont wanna break any sort of rule ect
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Sorry for the slow answer! There is no price limit to be set on adoptables/commissions when the patterns are used, so no need to worry about it!
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god this must be my favorite pattern pack from you!
i swear someday i will be able to get one
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Lisa Frank vibes... <3
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Eep purchased and the Christmas ones! <3
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Thank you!! <3
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Can the patterns be used for web design?

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Sure, this would be fine!
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Like on Google Sites?

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