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It's been a whole year since I last posted a journal but this whole AI thing is incredibly maddening. To be brutally honest, I'm sick and tired of seeing AI generated "art" all over the place. No matter the filters and blocked keywords I use, that stuff is EVERYWHERE. And now this new AI tool... of course it would make sense from a business standpoint to want to jump into the latest trends, but it's infuriating to see no consideration given toward their long-time artists/members. Not sure how someone could think this was morally acceptable to put everyone's art available by default to be used in their AI tool without any warning or consent. After the (not so surprising) incredibly negative response and a ton of artists leaving, of course they disabled it. But this is still a huge betrayal of respect and trust (if at this point you had any left for this site) and I couldn't blame anyone who already left (or is planning to) and not wanting to look back. I'm torn because for the
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After much consideration, I will be stepping down from my Scarfox species owner role. I still want to be around and design characters and see how the species develop, I still love Scarfoxes dearly, but it would be best for everyone if someone more present and caring took the lead and was given the opportunity to expend the species. This is not the end of Scarfox, but an opportunity for the Species to thrive and keep growing. Closed species and the communities around them became much more complex than it used to be, which is wonderful, but I do not feel I have what it takes to keep adapting to those changes. I love designing and coming up with new ideas, but when it comes to managing moderation and an entire community and making important decisions, I do not have the communication nor social skills to meet the expectations. After the years I spent as the species owner, it came clear that I am too distant and reserved for such an important role. The species would be best left in
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An Apology

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A year ago I made a mistake regarding Scarfoxes, that is still having bad repercussions to this day. For those who don't know, last year I allowed someone to to keep a Scarfox they made, without a MYO. This caused a huge stir in the community. I've learned from this mistake and strengthened the rules toward bribery and MYOs since so such even would not happen again. The thing was, no one was aware, however... no bribery happened in this situation. I allowed them to keep the Scarfox, in exchange of... nothing. With the circumstances... it would of felt wrong for me to refuse. But it was my fault for listening to my emotion rather than reason. This is something I shouldn't have done, and I still regret to this day. It was very unfair, and it was MY fault for not being able to say no and not stick to my own rules. But it is not fair for this person to keep being harassed because of a mistake I made. I wanted it to be kept a secret, I didn't want people to believe they could simply
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Hello! I am a digital artist and I mostly enjoy designing characters/species and also making patterns! I like to draw personal art and fanarts when I get the time! I hope you enjoy my content <3

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love yournwork

its so pretty and colorful

You are like, one of the most high-quality pattern creators I have seen. Keep up the amazing work!

Guy pretending to be u scamming people https://www.deviantart.com/koraijora

Hello! I love your patterns and it's a shame that you had to close your Etsy shop, I think a good alt would be to open a shop at Ko-Fi but this is just a suggestion, I'd love to get more of your patterns!

Are you going to post more patterns/papers? I saw some on your Etsy that aren’t available here

Loving the new username. It suits you :D