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An Invitation To Seduction

Meet Angel Komnenos, Constance Bianca's best friend; an all around nice guy with a penchant for madness. He is about 7 feet tall, hence him dwarfing the fireplace like nobody's business and about 900 years old. Charismatic, intelligent, a gentleman, with a rumbling voice as deep as the sea that belongs in the phone sex business ( really, please have a listen: ) and a kind heart, he is the perfect date for a Christmas gala. Don't worry, he doesn't bite; unless you want him to.Vampire Hug - Revamp
Happy holidays everyone!

Angel belongs to :iconwamphiry: and this is his surprise Christmas present. I tried to depict him as realistically as I could, which translates to many hours of frustration and empty cola cans.
This is... as realistic as I can get.. And the face still looks awkward. I think it's the shade of the hair. :iconotlplz: I loved working with the fabric though. If Constance's shirt's and this suit's success is anything to go by, I will be depicting everyone with black formal clothes from now on. :p Seriously, it even textures itself when I smudge it for the final color blending stages.

QUESTIONS FOR THE VIEWER: I am trying to figure out how dark or light my monitor is compared to other people, so please help me out. Are the folds on his upper right (your left) thigh clearly visible or maybe with a bluish hint? Barely discernible? How about the ones where the belt usually goes? Can you tell any other colours at all in his trousers under his knees or does it look solid black? Thank you very much in advance. :)

CREDITS : Many thanks to :iconlendrick:, :iconcfrevoir: and :iconncrow: for the carpet, brick and wood textures respectively, to :iconredheadstock:, :iconjonasdero: , :iconscully7491: for the brushes and :iconwamphiry: for the reference.

Mixed media because I used personal stock for the fire and the painting, although I did paint the logs - which I am not looking forward to doing again.
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my insane love for suits bows down to this piece.
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Bre is right, it really is nice to see him like this x3 makes him so real!
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Thank you! :) I tried! :hug:
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Ahhhh its nice to  see him drawn out by you !!! I remember drawing him and doing no justice ahahah. 
You did such a great job!
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I didn't do him as much justice as I'd have liked either! XD But thank you. :hug:
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oh wow he is very tall.   and I can see folds on his right thigh,  it almost looks solid black under his knees though.  But you know what I have noticed with my own work that when there is a light colour surrounding it, it appears darker. If I looked at this picture with black surroundings instead of da's light green surroundings I would probably see the things you mentioned.  Nice render too.   :D and he looks very smart in his tux.
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Hehe thank you! He is insanely tall but at least he can reach the high shelves (unlike me for example >>). The surrounding color definitely plays a part, if I had drawn him against a dark background they would probably stand out more. (The funny thing is, he doesn't really wear tuxes..But I squeezed him in one for our sake, because they are so neat. <3)
Thank you helping me out with the color thing too. :hug:
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it is funny how good guys look in a tux.   And no probs buddy.  I hope it helped lol
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A man's got to look good for dinner.
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