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Kakashi x Mina. Wedding Day by Pungpp
Happy birthday 2020, Hatake Kakashi by Pungpp
Kakashi's Ninken - COLORS by TonLima19
Gift : Nayumi Uzumaki and Mina Hatake Friends by Sarah927Artworks
Kakashi x Mina
Happy Birthday! Hatake Kakashi by Pungpp
Kakashi x Mina. Wedding Day by Pungpp
Kakashi x Mina by ReinaTheHedgehog
Naruto Hight school AU - Kakashi x Mina by Pungpp
Kakashi only
Kakashi Sensei by KPC-usagi-san
Morning Commute AU by Quill-q
Hatake Kakashi #1 [Naruto] by Dppzenron
Kakashi Redraw by SmudgedPixelsArt
Mina only
Mina Naruto OC- halloween gift by tch2036
Mina a little witch for halloween by Hatake-Mina
Mina fanart - kakashi naruto OC by tch2036
Christmas Gift Mina Hatake by Sarah927Artworks
Hatake Ken Only
Ken high school AU, in love with Heavy metal songs by Pungpp
Ken by Pungpp
Ken and Ninken by Pungpp
Hatake clan. Kakashi s son by Hatake-Mina
Story Manga Comic Anime
parallel universe by Pungpp
Kitten short comic collab with Hatake Ken by Liiiviii
Ken, Boruto, Himawari by Pungpp
Forgive me by Pungpp
Ken, Kakashi by Pungpp
Hatake clan by Pungpp
Narutaugust_Day3 by wernwern
Team Minato rkgk by wernwern
Next Generations
Kakashi Ken cards by Pungpp
Fireworks festival by Pungpp
Hatake by Pungpp

Mature Content

having a snack by Liiiviii
Friends - Add your here
Mina and Himari by UenoMei014
64 Ninja Prank for naya123Gilda by SailorEnergy
Gift for Sailorenergy - Akosmia and Miyabi by naya123gilda
Boruto Idol Katsudo- Kai Hyuuga (part 7/29) by naya123gilda
Animation 3D Gif Icon
High School AU, Modern Modest Outfit by RueSoul

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can u feel the love tonight lyrics by panicpuppy can u feel the love tonight lyrics :iconpanicpuppy:panicpuppy 1,534 180 Kakashi by smokeypurple Kakashi :iconsmokeypurple:smokeypurple 32 2 kakashi-raikiri by kalichan88 kakashi-raikiri :iconkalichan88:kalichan88 340 14 kakanaru by smallshouts kakanaru :iconsmallshouts:smallshouts 304 13 library by smallshouts library :iconsmallshouts:smallshouts 298 11 kakashi by smallshouts kakashi :iconsmallshouts:smallshouts 324 8 Sensei and sensei 2 by medli Sensei and sensei 2 :iconmedli:medli 199 16 Hatake Kakashi by khayeceee Hatake Kakashi :iconkhayeceee:khayeceee 257 40 Kakashi by kivi1230 Kakashi :iconkivi1230:kivi1230 4,759 258 Naruto: Kakashi Hatake by HYUUGACLAN1 Naruto: Kakashi Hatake :iconhyuugaclan1:HYUUGACLAN1 578 144 Hatake Kakashi by gtako Hatake Kakashi :icongtako:gtako 3,337 217 Kakashi - Anbu by Kendralalala Kakashi - Anbu :iconkendralalala:Kendralalala 83 73 Kakashi by Marise567 Kakashi :iconmarise567:Marise567 1,595 119 Sasuke Uchiwa by Ruby--Art Sasuke Uchiwa :iconruby--art:Ruby--Art 126 2 Younger Kakashi by sakimichan Younger Kakashi :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 19,799 952

Story of Mina and Hatake Kakashi (Anime Naruto)

Pungpp gift 1/3 Mina Logo by NIGHTSANDSONIC
Mina - Timeline [Naruto OC] by Pungpp

About Mina wiki…
- she have no family and don't know about her past.
- She falls in love with Kakashi, And do everything for him.
- She lives with Kakashi (But not as a lover)
- She is 4 years younger than Kakashi.
- She is not a ninja (she can't use Chakra), But she good at uses ninja weapons.
- She has a weird habit, clumsy, goofy, playful, be yourself, Sometimes is very shy.
- She is not perfect and suck at many things too.
- She is an ordinary girl on trying to do everything for Kakashi.
- She doesnt cares about others but only Kakashi, She tried not to binding with anyone.

Blogger Icon by poserfan Read Manga Kakashi x Mina story >> My blog


EP.1 Naruto Manga 1: Mina Childhood. by Hatake-Mina EP.2 Kakashi Mina Gaiden 2: Is he a Shinobi? by Hatake-Mina
EP.3 Naruto Manga 3: Kakashi x Mina Gaiden [Cover] by Pungpp EP.4 Naruto Manga 4: Kakashi x Mina Gaiden [Page 1/16] by Pungpp
EP.5-6 : Kakashi x Mina Gaiden ch5 - 6 by Pungpp EP.7: Hatake Kakashi, manga cover ch.7 by Pungpp
EP.8-9 : (soon...)

Spotlight Special [One Shot]Spotlight 

Special 3 I didn't mean it by Pungpp Mina x Kakashi Take it easy by Pungpp

Spotlight Naruto ShippudenSpotlight 

11.  Naruto Shippuden EP. 191 (4 page)
From Naruto Shippuden ep. 191, When Mina was there.

From Naruto Shippuden EP. 191 [Page 1/4] by Pungpp From Naruto Shippuden EP. 191 [Page 2/4] by Pungpp From Naruto Shippuden EP. 191 [Page 3/4] by Pungpp From Naruto Shippuden EP. 191 [Page 4/4] by Pungpp

10. Testing (4 page)
When Mina testing skills with Kakashi.

Testing [Page 1/4] by Pungpp   Testing [Page 2/4] by Pungpp   Testing [Page 3/4] by Pungpp   Testing [Page 4/4] by Pungpp

Spotlight Naruto Part ISpotlight 

9. I remember! (1 page)
Mina and Team 8

I remember! by Pungpp

8. The Answer (2 page)
Is the story in Naruto part I
song of this >> [Thousand Foot Krutch: Be Somebody]

The Answer  [Page 1/2] by Pungpp   The Answer  [Page 2/2] by Pungpp

7. Nine-Tails (Soon..)

6. Onee-chan (Soon..)

5. Who is she?
Who is she [Page 1/3] by Pungpp Who is she [Page 2/3] by Pungpp Who is she [Page 3/3] by Pungpp

4. Take it (Soon..)

Spotlight Kakashi Gaiden Spotlight 
3. Take care (3 page)
She begged to live with him because she wants to take care of him closely.

<da:thumb id="700583532"/>  <da:thumb id="700583543"/>  <da:thumb id="700583554"/>

2. Forever (3 page)
After 2 years (Mina is 9 years old now) and when Kakashi was 13 years old, he lost 2 of his best friend (Obito and Rin) he is suffering alot from this.
song of this >> [Breaking Benjamin - Angels Fall]

Forever [Page 1/3] by Pungpp   Forever [Page 2/3] by Pungpp   Forever [Page 3/3] by Pungpp

1. Kakashi and Mina First Meeting (4 page)
Mina is 7 years old, she is an orphan and don't know about her past, she is hanging around with Konoha only, And never mess with anyone else.
she secretly train her Ninjutsu alone (but she can't use Chakra) that's why genin always bullied or mock her
even she can't use Ninjutsu and her Taijutsu quite not so good, but she never give up or surrender when fight with anyone.
Mina fell in love with Kakashi a long time ago. He is the reason she wanted to train to become a Ninja and Kakashi have never met her before.

Kakashi and Mina First Meeting [Page 1] by Pungpp  Kakashi and Mina First Meeting [Page 2] by Pungpp   Kakashi and Mina First Meeting [Page 3] by Pungpp  Kakashi and Mina First Meeting [Page 4] by Pungpp

And >> Boruto Naruto Next Generation: Ken Story. (The son of Kakashi with Mina)…

Ken Gaiden EP. 1: Hatake Ken, the cunning Ninja.
Ken Gaiden EP. 2: Ken Academy. / The son of Hokage.
Ken Gaiden EP. 3: Team 7 The bell test.
Ken Gaiden EP. 4: The Arrest Mission.
Ken Gaiden EP. 5: The reason Ken often solo mission.
Ken Gaiden EP. 6: The Cunning boy.

Hatake Ken Special 1: Mission rank S Protecting 6th Hokage.
Hatake Ken Special 2: I'm not a playboy!
Hatake Ken Special 3:
Hatake Ken Special 4: Ken and his friends. / Bad habit.
Hatake Ken Special 5: Hatake moments.
Hatake Ken Special 6: Valentine's Day
Hatake Ken Special 7: Only you.
Hatake Ken Special 8: I care only about you.


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