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Get your game on by kakashi-copycat-kun Get your game on :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 2 0 Large Katen Kyokotsu cosplay preview by kakashi-copycat-kun Large Katen Kyokotsu cosplay preview :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 0 0 Ruri'iro Kujaku Cosplay Preview by kakashi-copycat-kun Ruri'iro Kujaku Cosplay Preview :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 2 1 The Azure Peacock by kakashi-copycat-kun The Azure Peacock :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 0 Tecna~ Fairy of Technology by kakashi-copycat-kun Tecna~ Fairy of Technology :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 0 Kisara Yugioh custom doll by kakashi-copycat-kun Kisara Yugioh custom doll :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 0 3 Super Idol Kaiju High by kakashi-copycat-kun Super Idol Kaiju High :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 0 3 Sassy Dolphin by kakashi-copycat-kun Sassy Dolphin :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 1 Todoroki Shouto by kakashi-copycat-kun Todoroki Shouto :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 3 1 Ashido Mina by kakashi-copycat-kun Ashido Mina :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 3 0 Just a normal day by kakashi-copycat-kun Just a normal day :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 1 Hyoga and Shun by kakashi-copycat-kun Hyoga and Shun :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 1 Grimmjow Cosplay by kakashi-copycat-kun Grimmjow Cosplay :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 4 2 Kuribohrn Plush Commission by kakashi-copycat-kun Kuribohrn Plush Commission :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 1 1 Blizzard Prince Fubuki by kakashi-copycat-kun Blizzard Prince Fubuki :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 2 1 Kuribandit plush commission by kakashi-copycat-kun Kuribandit plush commission :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:kakashi-copycat-kun 0 1

Random Favourites

Your Screaming Inner-Child by Demachic Your Screaming Inner-Child :icondemachic:Demachic 3,871 363
Paradise by the Toilet Light
Of all the places she anticipates finding it, it's not on the toilet. Technically she muses, it isn't on the toilet though. She is. It's in the roof. It makes sense, she supposes, that you'd hide it somewhere that people wouldn't look for it. But still, it's a little unexpected.
She's just noticed that Heaven is in the skylight in her bathroom.
She's not sure how long it's been there, but she counts herself lucky that she decided not to hose it out recently. Typical, though, that she let Steven borrow her ladder. She flicks the light switch on and off, checking to see if it's a trick of the light, but it makes no difference. She waves timidly up at the foot-square hole. Sorry.
She closes the toilet lid and sits heavily, looking up. It's kind of pearly, she thinks. It sure had the white light, and the swirling mist. It seeps out of the far left corner and fades to nothing in front of her nose. Maybe she's having a Xanadu flashback. That would explain the fluff on the toilet seat, and th
:iconfryn:Fryn 207 38
Shikamaru and Lawliet by umayrr Shikamaru and Lawliet :iconumayrr:umayrr 423 125 Johnny by doubleleaf Johnny :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 11,197 2,043 Bakuman by GaaraJamiE88 Bakuman :icongaarajamie88:GaaraJamiE88 135 17 TMoHS: Yet Another Hallway by isadorathegreat TMoHS: Yet Another Hallway :iconisadorathegreat:isadorathegreat 12 17 --+Akatsuki Halloween+-- by Marre-Chan95 --+Akatsuki Halloween+-- :iconmarre-chan95:Marre-Chan95 2,792 1,526
I am an Otaku
Hey, I'm not a Japanophite, or a Furry...
I don't live in my mom's basement or watch hentai, or creat hentai...
And I don't talk about Simpsons, Spongebob, or any other cartoon character, although I'm sure their nice.
I buy fanart, I do not buy fan figurines.
I can speak japanese, I do not speak "leet".
And I pronounce it manga, not "mainga".
I can proudly create my cosplay costume by hand.
I believe in the magical, not the gathering,
creativity, not mass marketing,
and that Pikachu is a truly proud and noble animal.
Cat ears are hats, a box lunch is a meal,
and it's pronouced Sakura, not "Sakoora".
Anime shipping started in Canada!
As well as english mangas!
And a hell of a lot of merchandize!
My name's Alex!
And I am an Otaku!
:iconalexkun:AlexKun 4 10
13 Ways of Looking at An Otaku
Among four overstuffed bookshelves
The only living thing
Was the single otaku.
I was of two minds
Like a store
In which there are two manga (that I want)
The otaku danced on the DDR pad.
It was a small part of the convention.
An anime and a manga
Are one.
An anime and a manga and an otaku
Are one.
I can’t possibly know which to prefer,
The joy of subbed
Or the joy of dubbed,
The otaku raging
Or just happy.
Fanfictions filled the many tabs
With a range of quality.
The attention of the otaku
Switched between them, back and forth.
Her happiness
Elevated and depressed
The night ticked away.
O sane men of America,
Why do you read muscle comics?
Do you not see how the otaku
Spreads the word of Japan
To the girls around you?
I know graceful kanji
And flowing, simple hiragana;
But I know, too,
That the otaku are involved
In learning Japanese.
When the otaku flew to Japan,
It marked the end
Of one o
:iconwildfire13:Wildfire13 2 10
You Know You're A Fangirl....
You know you're a total Yaoi fangirl when:
'UKE' follows half your guy friend's names (eg: Matt-Uke) 'SEME' follows the other half (eg: Sean-Seme), even though they'd kill you if they knew what it meant, and you've secretly paired them all off. (Points for having more than two people in a 'pair' ;) or Semuke!)
'Fights' between male characters automatically become 'Lovers Spats'
Is Yaoi code for:
You giggle to yourself hearing a name that has 'Yuri', 'Uke' or 'Seme' in it (Eg: Sasuke, when he's SO obviously Seme! Irony)
You have a whole new view on twincest
You know what twincest is without having to ask a senpai
Your mother/father/sibling/carer have yelled at you for 'SQUEE'ing
You've practiced your 'SQUEE' on a microphone, and are thinking of writing a 'SQUEE SONG'
DeviantArt has become your second home
You're guilty of using Japanese words in everyday
:iconcleargreencrystal:ClearGreenCrystal 247 346
Otaku Christmas Carols
The first anime
(la premiere noel or the first noel)
The first anime
The creators did say
Was about a young boy
Who dressed really gay
This small Astro boy
With his poncy red boots
God get him some pants
And then some hair mouse
Anime anime anime anime
Anime anime anime anime
This small space lad
Was a robot at heart
And he was the one who
Made anime start
So otaku ignore
All of his gay
And we love him for
He started our love of this day
Anime anime anime anime
Anime anime anime anime

Anime Bells
(Jingle bells)
Dashing through the snow
In a solar powered mecha
Over fields we go
Laughing all the way
Ha ha ha ha
Bells on senpai rings
Making kouhai bright
Oh what fun it is
To ride and watch
An anime tonight
Oh Anime, anime,  
We love you all the way
You so much fun to watch and so
Otakus all say hey!
Oh anime anime
We hope you save the day
And manga is real cool too
All other shows are gay!

We three
:iconvauny-vaun:vauny-vaun 62 21


:iconfujoshi-empire: :iconshuhei-x-izuru-club: :iconmmpppcosplay: :iconsjygofanartcontest:


Large Katen Kyokotsu cosplay preview
My moms costume for AI!! A lot if firsts for this costume, first twin drill wig, first large constructed piece etc etc. I can't wait to wear them this weekend!!
Ruri'iro Kujaku Cosplay Preview
Tried this boy on today for the first time, he still needs some minor modifications, but he should be ready for Anime Iowa 2018! I can't wait to take pics with my friend as Yumichika <3
The Azure Peacock
Oh my god I haven't drawn this beautiful bird since 2012!! A whole six years, its pretty incredible!

Why the sudden resurgence you may ask, the answer is simple! Let's just say a recent "sewing" project got me re-inspired!! Keep an eye out for pictures regarding that in about 2 weeks!!!

Anyway this was done completely with colored pencils aside from the peacock feather which was chalk pastels. I wanted to try a minimal line look and I'm so pleased with how the colors look!!
Tecna~ Fairy of Technology
This has literally been sitting unfinished in my sketchbook for nearly a year. I originally wanted to do the whole thing in markers, but I didnt have a good green or purple 😓 .... In the end I finished it off by mixing layers of colored pencil and chalk pastels. I think it turned out pretty good! Tecna has always been my sister's favorite Winx girl and is even one of her nicknames, so this fairy is very close to my heart.
Part 1 ( Hey guys! Long time no see... STORY TIME PART 1So, after nearly 3 years of it, I put in my advanced notice...I quit working at :iconsubwayplz:. I was beyond miserable for the most part of last year, and after this past Sunday's events...I was just sick of it. I was done. So, to explain....It's story time. Now those of you who have worked fast food before will most likely be un-surprised, but customers can be assholes... and anyone who's sat and listened to me rant about work before also knows that coworkers can be unreliable. This time it's a combination of the two, though the blame is more with a customer and my dwindling patience than my coworker. Sunday, I was scheduled to work 4-9, a nice easy shift compared to my normal closing hours, and I was pumped for it, I'd get out early, wouldn't have to sweep and mop or clean things up, yay me, right? Well it all started when I woke up that morning. Lately my lower backs been hurting...a lot, it's just some muscle pain, proof I need to relax more, but when I woke up, it was killing me.)
So any way, I sat there and did my work, and got to thinking after BFF left that I really shouldn't have to take this's like the 5th time in 3 years that something like this has happened and I just mean the bathroom thing, getting my shifts somewhat forcibly changed on me to the point where I don't even make plans has been a constant the whole time and I just sat there and wrote a note to Manager saying I was done....That was it, the last straw...and that night I still didn't get out of there until about 1 AM. 
My back still hurts but I'm looking forward to my last day of working there on the 13th as well as a cosplay meet-up with friends on the 18th. I'm going to be having a lot more free time soon and it makes me really happy...For those of you who read all this...sorry to rant, and thank you for being with me...for those of you who ignored it, yay! I can rant without making you feel bad. Anyway Until next time :heart: :iconkakashi-copycat-kun:
  • Reading: Otaku USA
  • Watching: Ace Attorney Anime
  • Playing: Undertale
  • Drinking: Dt. Coke


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I cannot draw by prosaix It's An Artist Thing -- Stamp by InsaneRoman Eternal Posion Stamp by Oh-Desire PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler :iconrikichi-fans: Princess Luna Stamp by jewlecho Luxord Stamp by NoXIVTwilightNinja
I love anime. I've been to Anime Nebraskon, and love to cosplay. I have a lot of freinds I met at cons, and love writing. My favorite series to draw is currently Bleach, but I also draw a lot of others series like sailor moon and Pichi Pichi. I have a twin sister :iconnaruwinx: and twin brothers,:icondemonoffire522: and :iconaskgalliant: my family is pretty crazy at times...My big goal in life is to be a professional artist! Thats all I can think of
Here's my Manga Projects page :iconkeki-to-suteki:

:icondeidaraplz: :iconkakashiplz:
:icondiscoplz: :icondiscoplz: :iconboomboomplz::iconkyoheiplz:
its a disco inferno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:iconnowakiplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconhirokiplz:
:iconbyakuyaplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconrenjiplz:
:iconichigoplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconuryuplz:
:iconshuheiplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconizuruplz:
:iconpervyikkakuplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconpervyyumichikaplz:
:icontamakiplz: :iconemoloveplz: :iconkyoyaplz:


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