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Pelvic Thrust

By kakarotcakes
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Kari what are you insinuating

Them eyebrows 

Idk why I thought to do this haha for some reason "Pelvic Thrust" came into my mind
And I decided to do Kari and Trunks haha
I did it super quickly so it's kinda crappy oops

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this lol
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Dude...... Kari... she looks just about EXACTLY like my Saiyan OC that's paired with Future/Xeno Trunks.

Here:  Elery: Conton City's Heroine!!!! by ChrisBennettSonic

Besides the eye color, THEY HAVE THE SAME HAIRSTYLE!! :omg:

First I found a player in XV2 that had the same name as Elery, and now this!! THIS!! X___X

Lol sorry. First comment on here and I'm literally freaking out.... ^^;

Seriously though, they DO look so much alike... 030

-Chris, one half of ChrisBennettSonic 
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They probably look so much alike because I created her in DBXV haha 
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Haha! So you also play Xenoverse as well. Nice! ^_^
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Yep! I love xenoverse haha haven't had the chance to get XV2 tho 
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Yea, it was good for sure. But yea, XV2 is awesome as well. I strongly suggest it. :meow:
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what comes in my mind that Kari told Trunks a joke and trying to make him laugh but he doesn't get it but still giggles for her xD
idk :v
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Kari! can I be your Hip thrusting Buddy? pelvic thrust 
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Lol I love both their facial expressions XD
Will they be a couple? :3
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Maaaaaaaaybe Touya sly icon 
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