Global warming: Australia is Sinking!

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Sydney and Melbourne tide gauges show downward trend!

The taxpayer funded left wing rag The Conversation ran this picture with a story raising the question of future court-cases  against those who failed to act to prevent "climate change" citing climate-related coastal flooding caused by rising tides.

 Horrified, as I live on the coast I thought I would check the BOM tide gauges at Sydney's Botany Bay and Melbourne's Port Lonsdale to see how the alarmist predictions were faring at Australia's two largest cities.
Botany Bay had a broken record so I used the last 12 years with a contiguous set of readings and found the mean tide levels had actually fallen over the period . This is good news for Tim Flannery who has a waterfront home in the area.

Checking Melbourne's Port Lonsdale surprisingly a similar result emerged over a 50 years time period with the tide gauge recording a drop in mean sea level.

As usual we find that the climate catastrophe predicted is not happening when we revert to real-world measurements.


Original article (This gentleman is based in Australia) here…

I would not be surprised if it were found that some tidal gauges around Australia, did show a bit of rising. It is a Continent, after all, and its' coastlines are subject to a whole series of ocean currents and water temperatures.


That be it. Going out to enjoy the day, and get in a good 6-7 miles of walking. Finally remembering to take the camera with me....
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I bet the receding coastline will be the argument for Global Warming if information falls into the wrong libtard.