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New Year's Resolutions for Climate Alarmists
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Published: December 30, 2017
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there is help for climate alarmists. They can join or start a chapter of Alarmists Anonymous. By following the Twelve Step Program, it is possible to recover and unite in service to the real world and humanity.

Step One: Fully concede (admit) to our innermost selves that we were addicted to climate fear mongering.

Step Two: Come to believe that a Power greater than ourselves causes weather and climate, restoring us to sanity.

Step Three: Make a decision to study and understand how the natural world works.

Step Four: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves, our need to frighten others and how we have personally benefited by expressing alarms about the climate.

Step Five: Admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our exaggerations and false claims.

Step Six: Become ready to set aside these notions and actions we now recognize as objectionable and groundless.

Step Seven: Seek help to remove every single defect of character that produced fear in us and led us to make others afraid.

Step Eight: Make a list of all persons we have harmed and called “deniers”, and become willing to make amends to them all.

Step Nine: Apologize to people we have frightened or denigrated and explain the errors of our ways.

Step Ten: Continue to take personal inventory and when new illusions creep into our thinking, promptly renounce them.

Step Eleven: Dedicate ourselves to gain knowledge of natural climate factors and to deepen our understanding of nature’s powers and ways of working.

Step Twelve: Having awakened to our delusion of climate alarm, we try to carry this message to other addicts, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


With a New Year close at hand, let us hope that many climate alarmists take the opportunity to turn the page by resolving a return to sanity. It is not too late to get right with reality before the cooling comes in earnest.

Full piece here rclutz.wordpress.com/2017/12/2…

I would say not only return to sanity, but back away (FAST!) from the smugly, arrogant, ignorant, demonizing, denigrating, self-serving, 'I-know-jack-shit-about-you-but-I-will-tell-YOU-why-you-don't-believe-and-you-are-morally-and-intellectually-WRONG-because-*I*-say-so' SJW / Brownshirt attitude.

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The human monkey species historically recorded is of no value beyond earth.
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I wonder what Jung would think of this. He is credited for creating the 12 Step Program.
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Then there is this - Even if there is no God/Creator, the Universe and even Earth is still too big to be impacted by humans like these alarmists claim.
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And yet I froze my arse off this Winter. . .AGAIN!
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InmyarmsinmyarmsStudent Writer
And people died in fires all over the world. Your point is?
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The point is that a lot of people who live in cold areas don't think much of 'climate change/global warming/whatever' because they're too busy trying not to freeze.
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KajmHobbyist Writer
Correct. The more I read (and the further the science progresses), the more feedback mechanisms that seem to be appearing. CO2 is a very tiny 'control knob' on a panel of thousands.
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mikesmom37Student General Artist
Do they pay the dues for this club with EBT cards or is the bill footed by the American taxpayer?
Or is it open only to the elite?
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InmyarmsinmyarmsStudent Writer
I love how conservatives always find way to be sociopaths. Also: www.theguardian.com/environmen…
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KajmHobbyist Writer
*lol* I think my mind is too tired tonight to come up with a proper response :P
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mikesmom37Student General Artist
Either way, I love the post.
I know many poor slobs who desperately need this kind of help.
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As soon as they hit Step Twelve, they will be destroyed for apostasy.
One cannot be allowed to leave The True Faith.
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Gee! I thought their New Year's resolution would be to propagate their false propaganda to the ignorant masses EVEN MORE. =P
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InmyarmsinmyarmsStudent Writer
Says the coward evading science: www.theguardian.com/environmen…
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"Morally, I'm not in a position to judge."

Well, thank the Cosmic Muffin, I am.

You advocate a return to an economic and technological level that
would result in the deaths of millions, primarily helpless children.
You have a cesspool where most people carry their hearts.
Your statements are vapid, childish, and your opinions come from a
desire to never admit that you are wrong, which leads you to
accept everything that you are told that agrees with your current
beliefs, rather than honestly inform yourself of facts which might
negate your world view. In other words, you would rather remain
ignorant than admit ignorance, even in the privacy of your own
mind (what little of it still functions).
That is the evil of the ego, and you are it's slave.
Just having "Athena" as part of your name is evidence of not only
your ego, but your pride... And your lack of honesty.
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InmyarmsinmyarmsStudent Writer
This is quite the hilarious self important rant.

Alas: www.deviantart.com/users/outgo…
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KajmHobbyist Writer
In case you wonder about the comment which I spammed below, she said this: 'There simply aren't tens of thousands of "dissenters."  It's a flat out lie.'

I can't begin to understand such a closed, miniscule mind. The inability to work out a simple piece of logic is appalling.  The above line is just another reason I refuse to engage with this idiot.
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KajmHobbyist Writer
She barely 'admitted' she was wrong, just changed the subject. And as you can see in the end of the last paragraph, she asks specious questions. As per usual all they are designed to do is change the direction of the discussion, so she can avoid anything which might cause her to think.

You have already seen the example in this piece  The Survey Sez....! by Kajm

51% of the membership have concluded that the current shift in climate is at least partially natural to mostly natural. And this is one of the groups which :iconkessy-athena: cheerfully touts as supporting the 'consensus.'

And this is just one of several of those groups in which a large minority to a small majority fall into the same category. And I will also note right here that when I presented her a link to a piece I had put together detailing those other groups and the numbers of scientists within them who disagree with the 'consensus' - SHE NEVER LOOKED AT IT. She made her 'rebuttal' without so much as clicking on the link, after earlier claiming that I do not provide backup / links. When I looked at the page, there had been NO visitors. She's not interested in any information which might crack her wall of ignorance.

Just taking those groups alone, that means there are thousands, possibly tens of thousands of scientists WHO DISAGREE WITH THE 'CONSENSUS' WORLD-WIDE.

And as that is just a very small sampling of the groups, that by any common-sense thinking ought to mean that TENS OF THOUSANDS is a MINIMUM. Which could easily be settled by each organization on the list holding and making public a poll of every single member.

Which means there is NO '97%' consensus.

She is desperately trying to avoid understanding that.

I have told her that I will SPAM anything she has to say. But since she's attempting to deflect the course of the conversation with you, I figure I'll leave those comments up for you to work with *g*
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Thank you. I'm having fun.
Every man needs a hobby.
Wait, was that sexist?
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kessy-athenaHobbyist Digital Artist
ROFLMAO  Damn, you project more than this guy:
Eiki SL-0 16mm Projector web by kessy-athena
For your information I readily admit it when I'm wrong - in fact I just did so... was it in this thread or another one?  I forget.  Kjam hid it in a huff anyway.  Kjam had brought up some exotic fission technology and I had sarcastically said that I'm sure that climate denier websites talk about nuclear power all the time since it's so in line with their agenda.  Kjam told me that actually they do talk about nuclear quite a lot.  So I was wrong, and said so.  So what?  I'm not afraid of being wrong and when I find out I am I correct myself.

And I advocate the fall of civilization?  Seriously?  Where do you get this stuff?  That's completely delusional.  You seriously think that a carbon tax or cap and trade or emission limits on powerplants is going to kill millions?  That's beyond ridiculous.  Do you think that fossil fuel technology is the pinnacle of the possible advancement of civilization?  Or do you think that America has fallen so far from the promise of our ancestors that we're not capable of solving technological challenges anymore?
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Heh-heh, you're funny.
And not very observant, except of what you want to see.
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