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NO, the Press was NOT All Over It

The Democrats and the MSM (but I Repeat Repeat Repeat myself) have been shrieking for weeks that they were 'all over' the Wuhan Virus; that they were hyperventilating warning about it since early January, and Trump was ignoring it.

They are liars. And anyone paying attention Knows this.

Trump activated the CDC on January 7th, one week after China Finally admitted they had a virus problem, nearly TWO MONTHS after it broke out.  What were the Democrats and the MSM doing? The FAUX 'impeachment.'

Trump correctly banned flights from China on January 31st- same day as Italy btw- while the Democrats and the MSM shrieked about impeachment.

Trump spoke briefly about taking action against the virus during his February 5th SOTU- while Democrats and the MSM shrieked about impeachement.

I could go on at length, but Intelligent people already know what I am laying out here. And the small minds here on DA, don't give a fuck.

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Come on, we all know the media is a bunch of "truth"-benders. They will flip-flop whenever a stance is more convenient to them than their current one.
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Very True.
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Want my two-cents?

I remember my sister's boyfriend talking about how the Coronavirus was killing less then it was doing now two months ago. My father did believe in the worst case scenario, though I believed that it was someonewhat exagerrated but believed that it was going to go away in a couple of monts. As I live in the countryside I thought I was most safe from the Virus. I knew a football friend who believed the sooner the lockdown the better and I was definately agreeing on the grounds that mortality rates were increasing. Now my boss has sent me home and claimed it was for two weeks, which I knew deep down was going to be longer then this. Thank goodness I'm still being given my wages. My football games are also cancelled, which means I can't do any litterpicking.

As for the articles, reading the headlines is easy, the dates are difficult but they claim to date from January to February. I'm trying to find some of these articles without any success. Instead, I find some articles that showcase the virus taking lives on some of these dates and others declaring the Coronavirus a national emergency. Which comes to two conclusions, either they were deleted, hoping the readers won't notice or they weren't even written by these news sources. If it's the former, it would be helpful if there was a physical newpaper containing these articles. You can't hack a newspaper.

Daily Beast is the only one who's article does exist.…

I have found this from Medscape but I can't read beyond the first paragraph without subscribing:…

World Econominc forum:…

I did find an article from The Bulwark, though its clear they're not in favour of Trump:…

There was an article from Buisness Insider saying that Snopes has been overwhelmed by multiple stories in regards to Coronavirus in terms of whats fact and whats fiction.…

As for my country, Boris Johnson claimed that we could contain the pandemic in three months. Now he's been tested positive for the virus. I guess Irony likes a bit of black comedy. One of the Royal family members Prince Charles has been tested positive a well and I also know that we are demanding that we stay indoors.

What's especially aggrivating is I'm seeing on Youtube various videos proclaiming the Virus as a hoax and ploy to strip people of their rights. I'm not exagerting when I say anti-vaccine advocates are trying to downplay the virus by portraying it as a media hoax implying Big Pharma are interested is stealing our money. This is especially infuriating because its clear they're putting lives at risk. I won't link unless you ask.

Not only that, I'm very annoyed about how Jair Bolsonaro is treating the Coronavirus, he called it a "media trick", no worse then "the flu".…

Mind you my sources are from the Guardian, so I decided to check on the other side I checked Newsmax and I'm still convinced he's not taking it seriously.…

I can't find anything American Thinker

Redstate? My first result speaks for itself:…

As for anything recent?:…


So while articles like the Guardian, Financial Times, Reuters are all screaming at Jair Bolsonaro about what is clearly a flippent response on the virus, these conservative news articles are being quiet about it. I wonder why?

As for Iran. I remember hearing they've lost three military advisers to the coronavirus. I can't find the article right now but they're definitely not handling it well:…

They seem to be think it's a biological weapon:…
Snopes? They could never tell fact from fiction in the climate wars. Why trust them on this?
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I picked one at random and typed the entire headline into google.…

that might be the only way to find them- word for word.
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It seems to have worked. Remember however to read beyond the headlines.
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I've done that as well, I'm still not finding them. I did find the Dailybeast as I commented first.
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Good morning!

I spent the last little bit since seeing your comment, trying to find things myself. I have to say even a cursory effort to track things down is going to take a substantial amount of time.

I plan to come back to this as I am working at my writing, but:

I think the route I am going to take on it, is to look up when the Trump administration did various things- and then check headlines from major news networks, for that same day, or perhaps the day after.

I would not be at all surprised if the various news groups have been removing those articles from the internet. Might have to try the Wayback Machine for some of it.

Thanks! you posted a lot of interesting things here.
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Thanks for the reply.
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Here's another…

You have to go headline by headline, word for word. Still will not be surprised if some cannot be found.
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It will take time to find them. Let me know of any progress. I'll come back another time.
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Interestingly enough read the article. The article is saying caution to be advised and that we should not dismiss it..

This article came out a couple weeks later:…
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Which news sources can I REALLY trust in the midst of this pandemic?
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Well, some people will claim they are biased also, but:







Powerline and Hotair also link to those whom we don't trust, just a few links at the top.

OH and The Federalist
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Thanks for the advice.
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I agree there are many who DON'T want to HOLD Journalists and wannabe Journalists to reporting the TRUTH -- But I think most of those people WOULD rather AVOID being infected by the Coronavirus -- Unfortunately, their chances of avoiding the Coronavirus would have been increased if the media had disseminated reliable intelligence to them :(
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I love this world
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This is why the media is DYING as layoffs keep coming:…
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“The Democrats and the MSM (but I Repeat Repeat Repeat myself) have been”

They’ve become indistinguishable, haven’t they?  Even though there are supposed to be half a dozen - literally six - separate and competing media corporations, they all use the same talking points ... and all of the turning on a dime at exactly the same time.  Can’t tell them apart, from each other and from the Demo party.

Makes one wonder who Orwell meant when he said “the Party”:  “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

And yet the sheeplike masses keep believing that there isn’t a connection and that they are just a constant of coincidences.  They just keep believing the illusion of choice.
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What is it- 35 thousand world-wide? (if you believe China) have died of Wuhan flu since the first of the year. In the process, 3.5 million babies have been butchered by abortion.
The MSM (and, yes, some of the conservative media are just as responsible) have willingly shut down the economy of the entire world, just to torpedo Trump and help an alzheimers-afflicted old man serve his first 3 months of his presidency, and turn the reins over to his puppetmasters.
Tried to buy toilet paper or spaghetti-O's lately? That dearth is caused by total panic, motivated by abject fear.
Get a grip, people.
We have become an irredeemably sick, foolish society, in desperate need of God.
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They just want clicks and money. They don't care if it's actually true or not. 
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The Press are dickhead.
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