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Published: July 19, 2014
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Five million trees cut down in Scotland to make way for wind farms www.scotsman.com/news/environm…

Clear-cutting forest in Denmark to make way for new turbines www.aweo.org/problemwithwind.h…

Offshore wind installations kill whales, dolphins www.wnd.com/2013/03/green-ener…

The list goes on. And on. AND ON.......

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PerfectBlue97Hobbyist Digital Artist
On the other hand, personal wind turbines are allowing many small town republican voters to become become increasingly self sufficient, so that they are no longer dependent on liberal municipal authorities for their power.

No more having to pay maintenance tax for the upkeep of high voltage wires, which goes straight into the pockets of Democrat politicians.
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thormemesonHobbyist Digital Artist
lets kill nature to save it! my god not even W Bush was that dumb
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kyrtuckHobbyist General Artist
Not really seeing the merits of posting an artwork that you yourself didn't make, as much as I may like said artwork.....
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Microscopics-UNTDStudent Interface Designer
I'm against deforestation, no matter what the reason is for! 
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Always remember, liberalism isn't about facts, or logic, it's all about FEELING good.

And controlling your lessers, of course.

boshthehedgehog's avatar
The irony is that all of this is done in the name of saving the environment.
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KajmHobbyist Writer
And it does wonders!

.... so long as one doesn't know a single thing about it ;)
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AmericaTheHero1337Hobbyist Artist
I prefer clean, friendly oil wells
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KajmHobbyist Writer
Interesting choice of names.... Hetalia?
AmericaTheHero1337's avatar
AmericaTheHero1337Hobbyist Artist
Yes, actually 
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tboltHobbyist Artist
How to walk in the sand without leaving footprints... ^^;
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"Five million trees cut down in Scotland to make way for wind farms."

:iconscottyplz: :iconsays3plz: AH, GET STUFFED!

UNRELENT's avatar
Yeah, that's the funny thing about "clean" energy like wind farms and solar installations...they require lots of space out in the middle of nature. :p
stephdumas's avatar
And speaking of solar installations, from which materials they are made? I guess some of them have to be extracted from earth just like...fossil fuels and others minerals.
UNRELENT's avatar
Oh I know. I get a kick out of pointing that out.
I once told a greenie about how his Macbook was made of toxic metals, plastics made of oil, and strip-mined rare earth metals. He got all upset at me and told me "well, we can't start thinking like THAT".
You mean...at all? :p
stephdumas's avatar
Good point. I guess saying an inconvienent truth hurts.
UNRELENT's avatar
Just not the inconvenient truth Al Gore was looking for. :p
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