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Winter Tales: SPARK.
(note for new readers: Lir are (modified) Eastern-style dragons; Logos are ravens. Ex: Krikon, Mujinn are Logos. Sunnol is a dragon)
Additional reference here
          Darkness. Silence. He hears nothing beyond his own breathing- and that grows ever slower. Thule… you were right.
     “…….. es’c…………… atho…………. KANTA-”
    “What?’ Krikon’s eye shot open. When had they closed?
    Sound all about him, movement: the rustling of feathers. He looked up-
:iconkajm:Kajm 3 1
3400MW installed - Only ONE PERCENT being produced by Kajm 3400MW installed - Only ONE PERCENT being produced :iconkajm:Kajm 5 7 Climate-air-travel-hypocrisy by Kajm Climate-air-travel-hypocrisy :iconkajm:Kajm 11 8
'Tales of the Lir' Gallery may be found here…

More stories are in the works. There is a great deal to cover- I started at the Beginning of Time, after all!


The Window
I didn't like my job.
The pay was horrible.  The hours too few and far between.  My co-workers’ most common conversation topic was when they could quit and get a job they liked more.  And that wasn't taking the problem customers into account, who were frequent.  Those who those who were angry and bitter and found me a good target, those who expected me to do their shopping for them, and those who tried to steal what they wanted.
Nevertheless, I was pretty sure I did my job as well as I could.  I, sometimes religiously, followed the employee handbook for dealing with customers.  I volunteered for the odd jobs everyone hated to do, then, through trial and error, found the best and most efficient ways to complete them.  I even made a point to be the sounding board for my co-workers when they were frustrated, angry, or just had to talk to another human being for once.  Someone had to be that person, right?
I still didn't like my job.
During one
:iconsci-fifan95:Sci-Fifan95 1 3
Fair by Frans Mensink by BaronKastigrOBeefdip
Mature content
Fair by Frans Mensink :iconbaronkastigrobeefdip:BaronKastigrOBeefdip 140 35
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6 Tips for Writing Erotica
6 Tips for Writing Erotica
Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0

Chapter 2 “Genres” – Section 14 “Erotica”
(Previous Tutorial)             (Next Tutorial)

"There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don't need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain." 
-Audrey Hepburn

With the mainstream public
:iconjosephblakeparker:JosephBlakeParker 118 46
COMMISSION for Kirinhybrid by phation COMMISSION for Kirinhybrid :iconphation:phation 322 6
I'm bored

First five people.
Rules are simple:
 1. Requests I do are free, I don't ask for money, points or art trade, but if you fell you want to recompense my work somehow I won't stop you
 2. YOU have to be owner of OC YOU are requesting
 3. If you want to request your OC send me a note with:
      -  OC name and gender
      -  proper OC reference sheet
      -   for OC with custom clothes costume reference with and without it
 4.  Since requests are free, and I don't have exact schedule of work requested
 5.  Can you please let your friends know in a journal
 6.  Please be a watcher
 7.  I can draw most things, species, etc.  Humans are a bit of a challenge still, I will try.
 8.  I can only draw one request at a time, so if you have several pick the one you want the most and then request that one first, if there i
:iconthermidorresistance:ThermidorResistance 2 16
Needle Felted Anthro Coyote by YuliaLeonovich Needle Felted Anthro Coyote :iconyulialeonovich:YuliaLeonovich 1,607 116 Salty Yard by YarkarioLu Salty Yard :iconyarkariolu:YarkarioLu 4 0 Renault Finch Reference Chart by Gralegio Renault Finch Reference Chart :icongralegio:Gralegio 6 5 A Friendly Face by Gralegio A Friendly Face :icongralegio:Gralegio 8 13



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And he'd like me to let you know…
Solar Was How Much?
I was very recently accosted with the claim that Solar provided a Large amount of Great Britain's energy usage for the last week of June of this year. This was quoted to me from a guardian article…

The above chart displays most of the period of time in question. On any given day in that week, solar provided 11.6% of energy needs.

I note that the day the Guardian most touts is June 30th- A Saturday, when energy usage was MASSIVELY LESS than during most of the days of the prior week - a drop from the weekdays of a full 30%

I also note that solar power production very often peaks a good hour after Peak Energy requirements for the day have already been falling. Peak solar energy each day only actually occurs for 2-3 hours, NOT FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET.

So enough solar power capacity has been installed in the UK to generate about 35-40% of energy needs, and they are getting less than a third of that.

Someone is lying to you, :iconryu238:

You can check for yourself here…

Or you can continue to listen to a rag which backs expensive, Unreliable 'renewables.'

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The guardian touted a 'cloudless' period. Now, add clouds. What happens to solar?
Once again, politics has become Unsatisfying, if it ever were.
Right now, it just feels useless to try, when the other side is committed to hatred and destroying anything that is truly good- and then puts it all upon the rest of us.

I have been working at my writing. Never let my political postings cause you to believe otherwise. I am some 300 pages past where my last Lir tale ends, which I had posted here. And, finally, I am working on the true opening chapter, which will replace Genesis According to the Lir.

I keep saying I am going to be less of a presence here, because my writing. Well, I've Got to be. The only things I plan to do here for the next little while, is catch up anyone I am dealing with when it comes to writing.
Our neighbor up the street likes his bonfires, has half a dozen of them every year.

The edge of his property- about where the bonfire pile would sit- is about 150 yards away. I can see it right now from our living-room window.

He lit one last night. I FELT the shockwave from it, inside out house as I sat at the computer. Flames shot up about 40 feet. How much gasoline did this guy use?
What progressives refer to as 'pets and showdogs'
'Nuff said.

No, wait: I challenge :iconkessy-athena: - the liberal who refers to these good men as 'pets and showdogs'… -  to provide the progressive version** of these gentleman, complete with quotes. Let's compare notes!

** - And I DO mean current leadership / thinkers.

Annnnnd she has proved she can't…
And he'd like me to let you know…

I have been considering posting sub-chapters from 'Spring,' the next part of my Tales of the Lir. Would you like to see them? 

7 deviants said Sure, why not.
5 deviants said Yes!
3 deviants said I'll take a glance.
No deviants said I was wondering when you were going to get around to it.
No deviants said I might.
No deviants said busy writing my own books, but perhaps.
No deviants said well....... no


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Hey, Kajm, if you have the time can you read this and tell me what you think? It's hard getting feed back. 
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon RaiserThis is the first of several legends about a sword smith who defies Death and vexes the Heavens, all in the name of love. Our story begins with Yuuto, the sword smith and his engagement to Hana, the shrine maiden of Yamamoto village.
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser 
Dusk sifts through the autumn leaves, illuminating their skeletons, dying his hands in shades of gold as Yuuto’s fingers deftly knit and pile together, wrapping the hilt of the katana. Licking his lips, he stares out anxiously at the sun, already beginning to thin behind the mountains surrounding the village. The trees in his yard rattle in the breeze, the wind causing the parched thatch on his roof to gently sigh.
 Capping the sword’s hilt, he runs a bandaged hand, spotted red and burnt, over the gleaming lacquer; he frowns absently as his fingertips interrogate the finish, careful of any imperfections. Satisfied, he unsheathes the katana, lowering its flashing steel into the sha
  The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser PART TWO
The Legend of Yuuto: The Moon Raiser


“You look gorgeous, Hana-sama.”
“Yeah, I got eyes, too.” Hana ignores his hand as it drifts from his side to link fingertips; she folds her arms. “You wanted to talk, so talk. For all the good it’ll do you.”
“Will you at least let me explain?’
“Oh, can you repeat that, sir? I think I had a jackass in my ear.”
“I’m not goin’ through this again, an’ I aint’ leavin this time, Hana: not until you hear me out.”
 Hana stamps to a halt and leans on her hip. “Alright, jackass. Let’s hear you bray.”
Yuuto slowly inhales. “He was off to fight in a war, the farmer I met…”
At a crossroad, the man, his too-big armor rusted through, awkwardly lowered his hand from his face, and, with both hands cupped over his mouth, shouted:
 “Hey!” Yuuto bli
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Don't I hear that!

The only major feedback I get is from joining the critique group :iconreadthine-readmine: - you might want to try them.

I shall take a look... soon. *lol* Let's just say you are on my list and it will be a few days.
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It's about ten pages long in Word format. It's just the inciting incident of a much grander series of legends. 
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Thanks for the favs on Star Wars is about the fans not the poltics 😀 Spread the word friend we need to save Star Wars
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