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strawberrycake's Cat Girl v2.0

My first art without MS Paint. Quite difficult at first, but it's a lot easier now.

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:bulletblue: Lineart - Cat Girl by ~strawberrycake

v1.0 [ GIMP 2.6 ■ Optical mouse ■ 3 weeks ] v2.0 [ Photoshop CS4 ■ Pavilion tx2520au Penabled ]
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This is so adorable
Hi. Sorry about drawing a neko with reference to your original. I didn't know it was yours as I just found it on the net while randomly searching for nekos. I am terribly sorry for using it without permission.
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Rather than just apologize, do this:
  1. Go back to your piece and click Edit.
  2. In your art's description, give credit to strawberrycake and mention where you found your reference: Lineart - Cat Girl.
  3. Click Update.
I didn't know it was yours
It's not 100% my work (see strawberrycake in my submission). Please always, always read the description. It's there for a reason.
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can you please offer some advice on how to draw/shade? I really admire your work and im just starting out as an artist so id really appreciate it if you could give me some tips!
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Unfortunately, for that, I'm not your man. Sorry.

Perhaps, the best I can tell you is to practice drawing and shading basic shapes: boxes, spheres, cones, triangles, in any angle, in any lighting. Practice this as often as you can. It helps you make good pictures faster in the long run. As for lifelike figures, that depends on what body shapes and proportions you wish to try; there are many styles out there. Choose one and go with it.
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alright, thanks anyways!
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Ur cute xD What Does The Fox Say What Does The Fox Say Hiromoticon Hiromoticon What Does The Fox Say What Does The Fox Say Hiromoticon 
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Wow, this looks so awesome :iconwhutplz:
I realy love the shading ^^
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~strawberrycake and I worked really well on it.
Be sure to give her your compliments, too. =)
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