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William J. Hernandez
United States
Page One

Panel One

Close up shot of The Joker drinking out of a bottle (long neck) of beer. His arm is raised and he's tilting It back. Eye's closed.

Panel Two

Pull back. We can now see The Joker in a broken window. Full view. He has his arms raised in a manner of a bird flapping It's wings. He is dancing. The ajacent building has Batman on It. Dark as night with his cape flapping in the wind. He is hunched on the ledge. His back is facing us.

The Joker: da de de do do dah.
Batman Caption: Wether or not The Joker is drunk he could piss on a frog and make It burn.
Batman: What's The Joker up to now?

Panel Three

The Joker plops down on an old scruffed up easy chair. Dust makes It's way into the air. Bottle in hand. The Joker is laughing.

The Joker: Wuh Haaaaaa Hah ha ha ha.

Panel Four

Closer in on The Joker as he throws his long neck like a fast ball. He's pist off and It shows.

Panel Five

Very small panel. The long neck beer bottle smashes in half against the wall spraying off little bits of glass.


Panel Six

Batman now standing, cape blowing away because of the wind is now operating his batarang device. He's looking down upon It almost like he's pondering what to do next.

Batman Caption: In the end...No matter where he is. He'll always be a clown.
Batman: I'll send him a love note.

Panel Seven

The shoe of The Joker which rests at the bottom of the easy chair is hit by a grenade looking object that has bounced It's way up to his shoe.

Batman Caption: Laughing gas.

The End


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Mastersith40 Featured By Owner May 17, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a ton dude
sic drawings you got